“money is usually the main challenge most students
have during their university years because it’s

not cheap to maintain a fun university life after
surviving a few months in the uk i have found a

few apps that help me save money hey everyone i’m
andrew currently a computer science ai student in

university of nottingham and on this channel
we find ways to improve our work our life and

ourselves in general today i’d like to share
the 10 apps i found that helped me save money

as a student in the uk so all these apps usually
help me to save money so i i’ll usually spend

less or like this discount something like that
and the first category of apps that i’d like to

talk about is some form of waste reduction app
so in this category we have two the first one

being oleo olio is actually a waste reduction
app focusing on giving away stuff or

requesting for stuff so using this app
you’re able to see a bunch of either food or

non-food items that people don’t want anymore
that you can actually just pick up from them

totally for free so this app doesn’t allow any
kinds of transaction on the item that is posted

there if in any case you do need anything you can
post there as well and if someone is nice enough

and they have this thing lying around that they
don’t actually want they might just give it to you

so using this app i’ve actually picked up a few
plates and cups as well and just i i mean even in

nottingham which is not such a huge city i was
able to find one just close to me so i believe

depending on your area you might be able
to find more useful stuff the second one is

actually too good to go so this app i actually
just i actually just knew about this app like

few days ago literally when i was in my in the
city with my friends and he just told me about

this app called too good to go where you can
literally just purchase food from restaurants

which are which they actually post there so how
it works is that it’s a waste reduction as well

because usually cafe will have like excess of food
like sandwiches pastries and all that so instead

of giving them out or like throwing them away
they can actually post on this app where they sell

things at a very discounted price so usually
like 33 of the original price so like at a 66

gram discount yeah but the thing is you usually
have to just book it early in the morning and

then there’s like a limited number so what you do
is on that app you just look for the shop which

is closest to you and if that’s available you can
reserve it and then at the specif specified time

just hit to the restaurant or cafe or even some
are supermarkets where you can pick up groceries

just hit there and then you can pick up a bunch
of stuff and i mean it’s not very very cheap but

i find it more worth it than the best deal that i
found which is meal deal in tesco so this is the

second app which actually helped me a lot now on
to the second category here now we have two apps

here as well so these apps are mainly just this
kind of like like kind of supermarket discounted

apps and all that so the first one being is little
plus so little i believe is famous for being the

cheapest the cheapest supermarket here in the
uk so like pretty much if you want very cheap

groceries and all that you can just go to little
and with the little plus app you actually get a

free membership which i think you can collect
points and the best part is that every every

thursday they will just give you four new vouchers
that you can you can use so these 4 new vouchers

basically let you save on their their home brand
stuff but the item depends so this is one way

you can save and second i believe it’s something
that most people have it’s just the tesco grocery

app so that’s a regressive app it allows you to
actually just buy groceries on that app but it

has club card built in as well and it’s totally
free you can even order a club card send to you

as well but i usually just use the app i haven’t
actually ordered the club card yet but it’s very

convenient and using using the tesco grocery club
club app you are able to get a lot of exclusive

club card prices and then you can actually collect
points as well and there’s even a membership which

allows you to save some money like it’s a
paid membership uh that i think it’s called

pause plus which you’ll you’ll be able to save
money on purchases above like 40 pounds but i’m

not so sure about that if i do find it i’ll just
like post it put it on the screen or something so

these are the two apps that saves money on any
grocery purchases now on to the third category

and we have three apps here so the three apps
here is actually online shopping discounts so

first being a very popular one this app is
honey usually there’s an app app as well but

usually it’s more popular as a browser extension
on chrome or on oprah or whatever you can just put

an extension there and then it will automatically
search for vouchers whenever you are doing a

purchase so with this i’ve saved a bunch of money
like on popular sites like samsung or even what

else sometimes on amazon all this they actually
find usable vouchers for you and in cases where

there is no voucher sometimes you can collect
honey gold as well honey gold rewards so using

honey gold reward you will be able to exchange
them into vouchers when you reach a certain amount

of point second we have quick so quick code is
a cashback reward app which you actually need to

download the app and then use the app to go to
different marketplace through the app yeah so

how it works is that you can’t let’s say okay for
an example let’s say if you want to buy on a ddos

you have the app or whatever you can’t really
purchase that if you want the cashback so what

you do is you head on to quick code you search
audit us click into it and it will redirect you to

the adidas web page and then you make a purchase
there by doing this quickco will be able to track

whatever you have bought and through that they
will provide you with a cashback after a certain

days and then you can redeem it in the quickco app
so this is how quickco works and you’ll be able to

get some cashback after your purchases third up
here we have ideal shopping so ideal shopping

is i mean it’s a website as well but yeah you can
use the app i just use the app so i do shopping

works by just searching the best prices on the
internet so whatever you want to buy you want to

buy a fan you want to buy a computer you want to
buy a hairdryer whatever search on it and then it

will compare different the same item on different
different websites and you’ll be able to see

which website has the best price so this
basically is just a work price comparison

website but it helps a lot when you’re trying to
find the best deals on the internet now finally

we have the last category so there’s three apps
in here and they are all student deals apps

so these three apps i believe i’m not sure but
some students might already know this it’s called

the three of them are totem student means
and uni days so these are the three populist

apps for students where you will need to be
a student it’s not like a general thing where

everyone can just apply unlike all the previous
apps so all these you need to verify your student

details your course your unit the university
you’re studying in and then you’ll be able to get

a membership for free and on all these apps they
have all kinds of vouchers all kinds of discounts

and sometimes some website just will redirect
you through these sites to verify that you have

a student status before giving you the discount
so these apps they have tons of discounts from

apple samsung acer whatever dell everything yeah
it’s just targeted to students and i mean like

some of the the discounts are overlapping through
all this all these apps or websites but sometimes

each of them do have their own exclusive deals so
before purchasing something do check do search it

up and see if there’s any exclusive promotion and
you’ll definitely be able to save money from that

so yes that’s it for this video i
hope that this has helped everyone and

i have all the links to all of this website
whether it’s that website or abs or even somewhere

it’s actually my referral links all down in the
description if you’re interested to check it out

and do comment if i do missed out any great great
web apps would you actually bring promotions to

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