i am so hungry oh my gosh i’m so hungry

so this video is about me doing and

taking my lumen results in a 24 hour

fast it is 10 19 a.m and i have been

fasting for 16 hours now obviously it’s

overnight so it’s not a big deal the

last time i ate was 6 p.m yesterday and

i’m about to do my lumen results if you

are interested in seeing what lumen

results are right after you eat and all

of that i will show you a little bit

later into the video and also you can

check out my lumen and keto video that

shows you the results that i took before

getting into ketosis and after i’m in

ketosis and the comparison of both and

how they work the mechanism behind them

but in this video i’m going to be doing

a 24 hour fast already 16 hours into it

and showing you what we are with the

results right now 16 hours into a fast i

should be in some sort of a keto state

and i’m gonna go ahead and open the

lumen app and start taking the results

to see where we are right now

okay analyzing breath and


i am burning mostly fat incredible work

mommy shirt you’re improving your

metabolic collectively by getting a

lumen level one or two in the morning

which means my body is becoming keto

adapted which i’m not surprised because

i’ve been on a keto-ish diet for a week

and a half now and i have some great

recipes to share with you guys

especially this great recipe i came up

with protein bread really low in

calories high in protein so you can

reach your protein target for the day so

i am actually really proud of myself i

am at a two

yay me let’s see how the day goes i’m

really curious if the lumen pan will go

from a two to a one by six pm when i’m

ready to eat and break my 24 hour fast

okay guys before i start feeling sick

i’m gonna go ahead and get my

electrolytes in with my minerals so i’ll

go ahead and take you with me


we’ll do that together and we’ll take

the lumen results again to make sure

that electrolytes which they shouldn’t

because i have a no sugar one are not

taking me out of ketosis


this is what i had to resist yesterday

when my kids were having a little duck

donut treat so yummy i had to resist

that guys i actually successfully

resisted that i used to be a newbie with

fasting and electrolytes and all that

fun stuff and


used to

used to

do ultima but ultima doesn’t have the

high sodium levels that are really good

for people on in ketosis or fasting so i

found this awesome new brand called



n t

and it actually has a thousand

milligrams of sodium in it and and this

is really just really good for the keto

flu and just making sure you don’t feel

really bad when you’re fasting or doing

keto i am not a doctor check with your

doctor because messing with your

electrolytes can do some really crazy

damaging things if you have pre-existing

conditions i’ve previously been to a

cardiologist i’ve checked everything out

i know what it can take and what i can’t

take so definitely check with your

doctor and i also do like a few drops of

these trace mineral drops to get me

through so let’s go ahead and do that

one for the electrolytes and minerals

and one to just keep drinking all day

i’m gonna drink a gallon so that’s four

of these to get me through the day so

it’s gonna be some exciting times i’ll

keep you guys updated i actually never

shared this with you guys

but i am a food addict and i found that

the only way i can have control over the

way i eat is to not eat carbs because

carbs are addictive and that is why i

started this lifestyle so far i’ve been

doing good i’ve been doing a lot of

mindsets reading books on mindset and

how to change your mindset because food

addiction starts and ends with mindset

and so i’m just trying to get myself to

i have control i’m a pretty disciplined

person the only thing i don’t have

control of is my diet so i’m trying to

gain control and i’m so glad that you

guys are here okay if you guys notice i

put a little apple cider vinegar it has

a lot of benefits if you’re curious

about any of the items i’m talking about

in this video today make sure to check

out the description box below including

the lumen mommy shark 50 code for you to

get your discount

almost did it with a wonderful sip but

cheers all right it’s 12 10

and it is about an hour after i took

electrolytes so i’m gonna go ahead and

do a lumen count here is right now

building me a plan based on the two that

i got earlier and it actually believe it

or not which is different from when

you’re actually in burning carb mode

it’s telling me that i can have 45 grams

of carbs which is very natural to allow

me to eat carbs now that i’m burning fat

so let’s go

all right so i’m still on a 2 which

means my electrolytes did not knock me

out of ketosis 2 22 p.m and i’m getting

really hungry so i decided i’m gonna

make a keto routine strawberry bundt

cake this stuff is amazing i’ve been

playing around with recipes definitely

stick around if you’re interested in low

calorie keto friendly high protein

snacks breads cakes desserts because i

have such a major sweet tooth so the

keto diet you would think it would be

crazy for me to want to do a keto diet

but believe it or not guys you know is a

ratio keto is not a specific food it’s

not a specific packaging or anything

like that basically to get into ketosis

your body needs to be either in a

calorie deficit or you eat very low

carbs what i’m doing is mostly calorie

deficit and no bad processed carbs so

yes i do eat a little bit higher in

protein because i’m also trying to put

on mussels so stick around i’m excited

to show you and four more hours to go i

cannot wait to get into this cake and

just for the purposes of documentation

we are

three o’clock we’re gonna lumen it up

again and relaxing

let’s go

if this comes back as a three i think i

have a confession to make yes so came

back is a three i have a little

confession to make and i was hoping you

won’t catch me but i do have a

confession to make


needed something to pick me up and i

drank a freaking

coke zero


all right guys

confession confession


time coke zero

i screwed up i screwed up i was

genuinely hoping it would not kick me

out of ketosis but it did but anyway i

have three hours to go technically i’m

not in full ketosis yet so i’ll probably

will not reach level one on lumen in

three more hours maybe i will maybe i

will not but let’s keep this 24 hour

food fast going i’ll see you in three

hours five nineteen

and this is the temptation that i have

to deal with

right here i’ll change let’s say no this

is the temptation i have to deal with

for the kiddos but

40 more minutes to go

all right guys so i have prepped some

egg roll in a bowl recipe keto recipe

here completely homemade really yummy

stuff topped with spicy mayo to break my


and this cake that i made earlier that i

showed you guys my strawberry pound cake

keto protein strawberry cake let me know

in the description box below if you’re

interested in these recipes all right

guys we’re at 5 41 we’re 20 minutes away

not that 20 minutes is gonna do much so

i’m gonna go ahead and do my final lumen

metabolism results let’s go


am i gonna be at a one or two one or two

ah the coke kept me in a three lesson

learned hope zero aspartame knocked you

out of ketosis and it does so for a long

time all right guys i’m gonna now eat my

very yummy yummy homemade keto dessert

first and then eat my main dish because

that’s just what i do i hope you guys

enjoyed this video let me know in the

comments below if you’d like to see

anything else or test anything else or

any food with the lumen metabolism

device or even with the keto device

thank you guys for watching you are

awesome and remember to be a shark