“hello everybody and welcome back to my

channel so today’s video is going to be

a little testing video I am trying out

the difference between two primers one

of them is 85 pounds and the other one

is 5 pounds there’s an 80 pound

difference between these two primers

which i think is crazy I will be doing

more kind of testing videos on my

channel in terms of makeup I’ve recently

done a testing collection foundation

makeup the new one

really really cheap really good I’ll

link that video down below if you want

to go and watch it but I’m going to be

doing kind of more like a specific

product testing videos so today is kind

of focused on this one in terms of is it

80 pounds better than this one sort of

thing so that’s what this video is it’s

going to be a half-and-half kind of

demonstration showing you kind of first

impressions of how they both apply how

my foundation and concealer go on after

it how it looks and mainly a wet test

throughout the day so I’ll be kind of

letting you know throughout the day kind

of a little like vlog style how my

makeup is looking and lasting so just to

kind of introduce you to both of these

products this is the I want this is the

Avant pro perfecting collagen primer to

ship lot so I’m not very good at

pronouncing things but there we go it

says apply to clean dry skin wear alone

or under foundation to create a smooth

even canvas so it’s there to kind of

smooth out your skin this is 85 pounds

this is its full size I’ve got this in

my glossy box for June if you want to go

and watch the video where I unbox this I

will link it down below it was a vlog

that I did and it’s kind of more towards

the end of that vlog but yeah and

basically they sent me this in that

glossy box and I’ve used it for about a

week and I do actually quite like it but

do I think it’s worth it if I found no

not one bit would I pay a tenner furnace

no not one bit I would rather kind of

spend my money on foundations than I

would on a primer because I don’t really

know if it works oh this video is kind

of going to be like a side-by-side

comparison with the both the primers see

which one works see if they’re both just

as good

because often if you’re comparing things

side by side you can see a difference

whereas if I tried this primer all over

my face one day and then I tried this

all over my face the next day I might

not be able to see that difference so

that’s why I’m doing kind of side by

side this other cheaper much cheaper

primer is from revolution it is the

Revolution primer ultra face based

primer and it’s a 24 hour makeup

protection so I really quite like this


it’s a pore filling primer but anyways

so rather than me kind of rambling on I

will link both of these down below in

the description if you want to go and

check either of them out so yeah I’ll

link them both down below for you to go

and purchase if you would like but other

than that let’s crack on straight into

the video okay so first of all I am now

barefaced I would like to apologize for

what the heck sorry my laptop is just

saying something to me I’m not entirely

sure but first of all I’m starting off

with my bare face basically I do have

some redness around my face and a little

bit of dry skin at the minute because I

don’t know it’s summer and when summer

hits for some reason at my skin starts

getting a little bit dry but you know

it’s not too bad that’s worse out there

so I’ve got the two primers in front of

me here the 85-pound primer and the

5-pound primer so I’m thinking which

side shall I do which let’s look in the

mirror and decide I think I’m gonna do

the expensive perm at this side and then

the non expensive on this side that’s

what I’m kind of thinking for no reason

at all I’m just randomly picking so I’m

gonna start off with the Avant

primer the expensive one so it says to

take a pea-sized amount onto kind of the

back of your hand and then put that on

your face so to me that’s a pea-sized

amount I’ll hang and I’ve just realized

it should be half the P because it’s

half the face nevermind we’ll just apply

a little bit more I tend to go quite

sparingly with this anyway just because

I don’t want to you know waste it it’s

quite hard to prime half you know

but anyway so I’m just gonna blend that

in it’s really really easily blendable

obviously I’ve used this for you know a

week and I do quite like it in terms of

how quickly it blends in and it doesn’t

feel like a silicon primer like the

other one that I’m gonna be using it

kind of feels I don’t know like a tacky

one so I’m not entirely sure what I’m on

about to be honest with you but it Wow

can you hear the amount of times that

that card just beeped Wow it’s not one

that feels in your pores it’s kind of

one that makes your phrase tackies that

makeup sticks onto it because my face

kind of feels a bit tacky I’m but yeah

this is it with the primer on and now

I’m gonna go and put the 5-pound

revolution up primer onto the other side

of my face I’ve used this a hell of a

lot more in the past so I do know this

one quite well this is more of a

silicone II kind of pore filling primer

it is a good point that because

otherwise I wouldn’t have used it so I’m

gonna pop it just kind of like obviously

half my face but yeah it’s quite

difficult to just get half your face

especially with a primer say instantly I

can feel the difference in terms of the

type of primer that it is it definitely

fills in your pores like you can

literally see your pores being filled in

and it makes your face look a lot

smoother and application on top a lot

smoother and my face does feel on this

side it feels smooth silky soft on this

side it feels tacky I personally do

prefer a tacky at primer because I just

prefer the way that foundation applies

on top of it but first impressions on

both of them this side feels more tacky

it feels like the primer is kind of set

in place whereas on this side it feels a

little bit more greasy a little bit more

oily it does actually feel quite greasy

and I’ve noticed that in the past when

I’ve used this one before but anyway

let’s see how it goes on for a primer

maybe this will not give you so much

oily skin because obviously I’ve got

oily skin and I think that this

Ellucian primer might kind of make my

skin a little bit oilier than the avant

primer but you know still don’t think

it’s worth the money but we’ll we’ll get

to that at the end of the video by the

way I also have a little bit of lip balm

on I have the bye-bye

plumper lip balm and I just put a little

bit of that on because I always do so

I’m going to show you putting my

foundation on and also my concealer and

how they apply on both sides kind of see

what they look like up close and then

I’ll do kind of check-ins throughout the

day seeing how long my makeups lasting

etc so the foundation that I’m gonna be

using today is one that I’ve talked

about quite a lot of my channel it’s the

collection lasting perfection a flawless

weightless coverage foundation it says

it’s 16 hour wear now I did a whole

video on this I will link it down below

in the description if you want to go and

check it out i did a full day wear test

and my first impressions i actually

liked it a lot more now than I did when

I filmed that video it’s actually one of

my favorite foundations that I’ve tried

and it’s only three pound 99 so I would

recommend giving this a go so because

it’s too dark for me it is in the shade

six core vanilla what I’m gonna do is

I’m gonna mix it with some lightening

drops I’ve just remembered I’ve got to

do half and half of my face my

lightening drops are just from a

revolution revolution Pro Foundation and

Mixter lightening drops and I just pop a

little bit of that on there I also find

that when you mix these two together it

kind of makes the foundation more melted

and therefore it goes on your face a lot

nicer I don’t know maybe I’m just making

that a little bit yeah okay so I’m now

gonna pop this around my face starting

on this side

and take that under my chin to blend it

down just so you don’t have that kind of

like harsh line and then I’m gonna take

my beauty sponge it’s a Real Techniques

Beauty sponge it’s got kind of mascara

on it cuz I put it in my bag and yeah

accidentally got on my mascara on this

so it isn’t it’s not dirty don’t worry

or moldy or whatever so I’m now going to

blend that in on this side so I’m going

to be doing the Avant primer side which

is this side and I’m going to be

blending back in with my sponge it’s wet

by the way so I’m just gonna start off

I’m using the mirror in front of me by

the way if you wondering just could have

lightly tapping that in

it’s really we’re just doing kind of

half my face rather than kind of I don’t

know it’s just weird okay blend it up

into my hairline oops I’ve got some on

my headband never mind

gotta blend it into your hairline so it

doesn’t look kind of false really blend

it in over the eye okay that’s looking

nice coverage is nice because primers

can affect the coverage that your

foundation gives it’s not looking too

oily or greasy so far I like it how it

applied yeah you can still see my pores

but yeah it’s looking nice so I’m gonna

do the other side and compare sorry if I

look or pull really weird faces it’s

just kind of hard

so again it’s applied nicely I can’t see

a difference with the sides right now

comparing side by side I can see a

massive difference which I’ll talk about

in a second but in terms of application

of the foundation both are very just the

same because I know that some primers

can actually make applying foundation on

top a lot easier they’re both very

similar okay so I don’t know if I can

get this across and I’m actually shocked

at this because I didn’t expect there to

be kind of too much difference between

the sides what I’m seeing is that on

this side with the Avant primer because

it’s more of kind of like a tacky sticky

primer is actually still showing through

my pores it probably is a primer that’s

there to make sure that your foundation

and everything like that sticks to your

face and stays on throughout the day

whereas on this side it’s a little bit

more greasy the revolution ones mmm the

revolution one is a little bit more

greasy but it’s actually filled in my

pores and therefore you cannot see my

pores on this side you can see my pores

on this side around here especially on

this side you can’t so it kind of makes

your makeup look a little bit kind of

smoother and more flawless so I’ll draw

you in a little bit closer and showing

you what I mean I’m not too sure if you

are gonna kind of understand what I’m on

about but this side you can see my pores

kind of like that a lot more than on

this side it’s really hard to show I do

have two really big pores there but

that’s just always been like that but

yeah on this side you can see the more

so I’m gonna apply some concealer onto

my face blend that in and then I’ll do

the check ins later on so the concealer

that I’m using is actually one I’ve

recently bought never tried it before

it’s the makeup obsession mega conceal

longwear concealer with caffeine very

interesting so what I’m gonna do is I’m

just gonna take these and put it in the

areas of my face that I would like to

highlight so for example under my eyes

this is actually a really nice coverage

and concealer by the way under my eyes

on my nose

and on my chin Aryan so what I do look

very strange right now

uh yeah on my chin forehead and then

blend that in I do this because it adds

more coverage but it also highlights my

face so I kind of like it so I’m just

going to blend this in and then I’ll get

back to you

okay so I’ve now done my concealer I

might be looking a little bit scary to

you but you know that’s life I’m gonna

finish off doing my face in just a

second and then do another check-in but

basically so far my impressions of it

are I’m trying to look at it both sides

look very similar at the minute now I’ve

concealed I would say that both sides

almost look identical those depressions

what am I thinking well the AB on primer

side I do prefer it when I’m applying

the product because it’s more tacky and

that’s the kind of primer that I like it

feels more matte on my skin as well and

it doesn’t feel greasy where is the one

from revolution it does feel a little

bit greasy and although it fills my

pores in and makes my skin look more

flawless at the end of the day the

lasting power is probably not going to

be the best and also it does still feel

greasy now this side does feel a lot

better whereas this side does feel a

little bit oily already so I think so

far that’s my first impressions but

overall this one is still a really good

primer so far obviously I have used it

you know from a few months so I do know

it very well but yet so far not much

difference price-wise because there’s an

80-pound difference I don’t think on my

face there’s an 80-pound difference but

anyway I’m going to do the rest of my

makeup and then I will get back to you

with how my makeups looking after I put

everything on okay so I have now

finished and done my makeup if you are

wondering what palette I used for my

eyeshadow I used this one here which is

from revolution the reloaded passion for

color palette it looks like this I’m

actually gonna do quite a few tutorials

using this palette because it is really

really good it’s got some great shades

in there and yeah did this whole look

using that palette I’m very happy with

it in terms of the primers both sides

are looking pretty similar I would say

that this side still is showing more

pores than this side having done all of

my makeup everything looks a kind of

very very similar this side of my face

does actually look a bit darker than the

side and

by my studio lights are kind of making

that look you know like it does it does

actually look like that in real life as

well so I don’t really understand that

like why would this private make it look

lighter and this prime or not I don’t

really understand that but so far so

good I think the real test today is

going to be kind of a wetter so how long

is my makeup gonna last for on each side

will this make my makeup look better for

a longer period of time than this side

we will have to see it so I will do some

check-ins throughout the day and yeah so

you know hello there I forgot to do it a

little check-in after lunch but

basically I had my lunch I actually had

my lunch at like two o’clock because I

was too busy filming and then I had a

nap and I accidentally slept on this

side so that’s kind of got the results

of this video slightly biased without

the word I had enough on this side so

this so it’s not gonna be bad this is

the this is the aside with the expensive

primer and this is the side with the

normal primer you can see here that’s

not where I like to answer let’s look at

these parts shiny

I’m very shiny personally I think I’m

equally as shiny on both sides Oh God

sorry no makeup no okay I’m equally as

shiny on both sides I don’t think

there’s any difference I’m not gonna lie

to you this hasn’t really stopped to oil

I’m not gonna lie I don’t think it’s

that good okay so this is gonna be the

final check-in because I feel like my

makeup has reached a stage of pure


I haven’t powdered or anything today

because I wanted to see how the primer

would do why the heck is it making my

face go pink hey sometimes my camera

does that like it makes me look really

pink there we go anyways so basically

we’ll just let the camera do what it

wants to do most of my makeup has

actually rubbed off kind of in the

middle I did blow my nose once obviously

like I said I had an app on this side I

actually personally think that the


primer sides the cheaper side was a

little bit oilier than the side with the

more expensive one but only a little bit

oilier I’m gonna conclude this video

very quickly I don’t really think

there’s too much to discuss because I

haven’t noticed too much difference

between both sides of my face I do

prefer the Avant primer because it feels

nicer when I’m applying it and it feels

like more of my kind of thing it’s tacky

it makes my makeup feel like it’s

sticking on and I like applying

foundation over the top of it it doesn’t

feel greasy but in terms of lasting

power and things like that they’re

pretty much the same my skin was still

really oily towards the end of the day

and my makeup still comes off if I you

know touch my face so it hasn’t really

made you know lasting power anything

magnificent the revolution one is a

little bit greasy I have obviously used

that you know for months and months and

I like the fact that it fills in my

pores and you know you can see your

pores a lot less than the errant one

because it is a pore filling primer and

makes your skin look more flawless but

then it also does make your skin look

and feel more greasy my skin has felt a

lot more greasy this side and it has

been slightly more oily but considering

this side is 5 pounds and this side is

85 pounds and yes I know this does look

worse but it’s only because I had a

matte remember and it’s wiped my makeup

off but considering there’s an 80 pound

difference between them there is not an

80 pound difference in terms of is it

good or not sort of thing I would say

this is only slightly better than this

side in terms of the primers and don’t

go and buy the product don’t waste your

money unless you have money to waste I

like I said I’ll you know going to link

them both down below if you want to go

and have a look if you’ve got any of the

two primers and let me know your

experiences with both but I’m going to

conclude this video by saying that it

isn’t worth the money to go for the more

expensive one find an alternative a

really good primer I would say is one

from ELF

it is the hydrating face primer it’s

like in a blue kind of packaging it’s

really really nice so I would say go for

one of those if you want a good quality

one because I know sometimes you know

you don’t want to go really really

really cheap but yeah conclusion and it

so that is the end of this video thank

you so much for watching this video if

you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs

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doing some more videos like this in the

future I think over all we’ve gathered

that it isn’t worth the money let’s be

real and you can go for kind of

alternatives although this one may be

slightly better it’s still not worth the

money the extra 80 pounds that you’re

paying for it and but if you’ve got 85

pounds to waste then why not so there we

go give the video a thumbs up subscribe

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video goodbye