hi friends welcome back to my channel

today i’m going to be doing my

am and pm skincare routine this is

something i’ve been telling you guys

i’ve been working on for a while behind

the scenes and i am so excited to bring

this to you

as you’re gonna see i believe for me


my skincare and self-care definitely go

hand in hand you’re gonna see how i

enjoy to do both things

while my coffee is brewing because i do

love a cup of coffee in the mornings

i come into the bathroom and i cleanse

my face i’m currently

using a neutrogena fresh foaming face

wash it definitely does not foam though

for the record

um mostly because we’re on the hunt for

a good

morning face wash um my husband’s a

little picky and it’s been really a

struggle to find a good one so if you do

have any recommendations please let a

girl know in the comments below

i also love just wiping down my face in

the mornings and night with that new

makeup remover washcloth that we got

from boxycharm i think it is amazing

then after i’ve done just washing my

face kind of getting all the impurities

off from the evening or maybe any

evening skincare that i did have on for


i then grab my coffee put a little

creamer in it and

head into my beauty room slash office

where i usually

start my day my morning lineup is


out on my desk but sometimes i mix it up

this video was filmed in the winter

months from february going into march

so i really get a little picky because

my skin is fickle so i try to find

things that will work best for my skin

and that does vary lip care is something

i do

all the time what i’m using here was the

bali balm sweet orange and coconut from

boxy boxycharm

and then i jump in with my og ride or


favorite skincare piece you will hear me

talk about forever and ever my peach and

lily glass refining serum

i will definitely be linking below

everything that i’m using in this video

but you’ll see some things are

repetitive and some things i

rotate simply because i do go off what

my skin

needs and i am very mindful when i am

doing my skincare to go in upwards


and go down my chest and my neck as well

because those skin pieces are just as


and definitely show age just as much as

our faces

so i take some time in between adding my

skincare and as you’ll see here next i

went into

my sunday riley a plus high-dose

retinoid serum

this is a thicker product that i really


um but i probably only use this on

rotation maybe two three times a week

simply because again

i go off what my skin needs and too much

retinols aren’t always the best for my

skin back to back so i do rotate

again in upwards motions to really get

that into my skin

and then i do rest in between things and

allow my skin to absorb

what i just placed onto my skin

i use firm motions but then i also go

padding motions all over my skin

next is the glow recipe banana souffle

moisture cream i got this from a

boxycharm pop-up

because i was concerned i wasn’t going

to get it in a box

and this is something i’m trying out so

i’m not too sure how i feel about it

just yet

but since it is rather thick and so is

the a plus high-dose retinoid

serum you’re going to see me mostly

putting this on my body on the

decolletage on the hands

and on the neck my hands are also a

place that i do

choose to put my skin care as well

because hands can start to age and look

dry and tired as much as the rest of our

sensitive skin can i also love

to use the pharmacy cheer up

brightening vitamin c under eye cream

from time to time especially in the

winter when my skin can look a little


and be a little tired i don’t generally

get too bad of

dark circles under my eyes but this

definitely helps when i am starting to

notice them

it brightens everything up

i also place it on my lids as well i’ll

just lightly press and pack with

gentle motions with my fingertips

because you do need to be very sensitive

with those areas

also drink your water ladies that is how

we’re going to stay young from the

inside out

that evening i washed my face in the

shower with that same neutrogena product

but then when i get out of the shower

about once a day i will use some mederma

if there’s some scars i’m working on i

got a burn

on the back of my hand during the

christmas time frame because your girl

does not belong in the kitchen i’ll tell


from the oven so i’ve been using that

just after a shower

then i’ll do a second cleanse with the


hyaluronic acid rejuvenating micellar


i’ll use a cotton round for this and

just kind of get into the crevices of my

face in the areas that you’re

a little bit harder to reach when you’re

in the shower or washing your face over

the sink

i’ve also been using the babe lash about

three times a week

mostly in the brows but then i will

still take it across the lids

for my eyelashes and i am finding i do

get some pretty good results being

consistent enough but i don’t do this

nightly for sure

i also love the glow recipe avocado melt

retinol sleeping mask but

it is a retinol and this morning i had

just used the high dose retinoid serum

so i switched it up to an avant 8 hour

night time sleeping mask

i use those about two times a week just

to really give my skin that extra love

in these winter months when it is drier

and i’m looking a little bit more rough

or textured

i just press it into my face chest

and neck and then i sleep in it

before bed i usually do still do some

type of lip product as well because i do

get very dry lips in the winter months

and in case you’re curious after a

shower my hair is naturally pretty wavy

curly so i’ll just

wrap it all up in a scrunchie in a bun

a very messy bun kind of see how my skin

is looking and

go to bed the next morning i’m using

that same

neutrogena face wash just to kind of

again get the nighttime

skincare off of my body and chest and

any oils that may have happened through

the night and i’m pretty happy to see

how well my face looks after using that

nighttime skin mask

taking my hair down the next day my hair

is pretty wavy curly naturally

so i don’t have to do too much with it

i’m back in with my ride or die peach

and lily glass refining serum that is

my og and you’ll see me using that

pretty consistently

even as i’m rotating in new skincare

that i’m trying from boxy charm

that’s the one that i know does great

things for the brightening of my skin

and texture

i’ll take it down my neck down my my


all the areas that i want to see those

results and then i wait

have a drink put some more lip product

on make sure that my lips aren’t chapped

the ceo sunday riley moisturizer is very

very thick and i have found

my face does not react well to it i

actually get small breakouts

so i’ve decided that it’s really much a

better product for

my chest and my neck and i like to do

that on the back of my hands as well


yes you’re going to wash your hands kind

of throughout the day but i like to set

myself up for success

and end my day that way as well the good


sunday riley all-in-one lactic acid

treatment is amazing it’s also a thick

product so i feel like it also

gives me enough that i don’t need to

always do a moisturizer after that as


even in these drier months i enjoy this

a lot and i already have a backup you’ll

see i’m pressing it again in upward


really delicately but firmly into my


and then i rest i let my skin absorb

what i just put into it maybe i’ll check

all my comments on my latest video

reach out to you guys on instagram any

of those things

and then again because it is still

winter i am popping in again to the

cheer up

under eye cream that i’m seeing really

good results with

and a fun pro tip while becca is still

in business

i love and i’m considering the skincare

in this video

the becca under eye brightening

corrector if you are a babe that has


under eyes or you get dark circles this

will brighten you up

immediately this works great under

makeup it looks great on no makeup days

it just brightens

everything directly under the eyes and i

love this stuff

at the end of the day after i have on

some worn makeup that looks tired i’m

going into a product i am reviewing for

boxycharm for my quarterly boxycharm


this is the ren skin clean skin care

perfect canvas clean jelly oil cleanser

this is something you apply dry and then

you get some water onto it

and it really does help get everything

off then i’m going into for a double

cleanse the tula skincare so poreless

deep exfoliating blackhead scrub this is

something i would probably only use

maybe two or three times a week just for

that little extra

deep cleanse of the skin

and then pat my face dry

the next morning i’m doing more face


which starts to be a little repetitive

but this is where i’m going to start

bringing in

some of my self-care this is where as

it’s starting to warm up here in florida

i take

all of my skin care and my coffee and i

take it out to my tiny house deck

this is where i start to give myself

some self-love with my skin

care so i take all of my skin care

products outside

and you’ll see i have my cell phone and

my air pods with me

because what i like to do while i’m

doing my skincare on my tiny house deck

is it’s nice outside is enjoy nature

but then also do a meditation or an

affirmation while

i’m listening to while doing all of my

skin care

i feel like this is a great opportunity

for me to really

take care of myself and set myself up

for success for the entire day

because as we all know work days can get

busy stressful

i’ll be filming throughout the week too

and sometimes

the day can get away from us so when we

start our day by carving out some time

just for us

that is super important it’s how we’re

going to actually do better throughout

our whole week

i’ll have some meditations that i

listened to and have for about the past


listed below

some of them are affirmations some of

them are meditations

some of them are a little bit more

spiritual it kind of depends on what my

mood is just like my skin

i go off what my needs are for the day

and when it is too cold because i know

some of you guys are in the

midwest where it is much chillier up

north it has been cold here in the first

half of the year so i will do the same

thing for myself but in my tiny beauty

space i’ll even put on some of the

meditations on my laptop so i can feel

like i’m having my own one-on-one

private seminar

while i’m doing my skincare and morning


then as the weather gets even nicer

something that is a real treat to take

care of myself is to

do my skincare usually in the mornings

before i go out but then what i’ll do is

i’ll pack up just a few little things

including my air pods and go out to the

beach for some morning self-care and


this is usually part of my spring

summer skincare routine because that’s

when you’d be adding an spf and if you’d

be interested in that in

the coming months definitely let me know

in the comments below

you definitely need some sunscreen with

all of this skincare for sure and i did

do that this morning before i went out

but this is how i do my morning

meditation for myself with my

self-care as the weather gets nicer i

have a little local beach that’s private

close by it’s about 20 minutes from my


and some days i really need to just take

care of me give myself that good 20 30

minutes in the morning

to meditate on the beach take some


deep breaths really take in nature and

realize that not everything has to be on

a to-do list not everything

will always get done and that is okay

it’s a nice way for me to ground myself

and have some perspective

and then usually i’ll go home and be

trying on

some new boxycharm makeup because you

guys know i have boxes coming all the

time and i’m always working on reviews

for you guys

so after a long day of trying new makeup

and some of it now has sparkles oh my


that’s hard to get out i double cleanse

i pull my hair back

i go back in with the clean jelly oil


do a little dance in my bathroom while i

am taking off my makeup

use that amazing makeup rag that gets


all of those extra pieces that are hard

to get like mascara in the nose in this

in the creases of your eyes it’s a super

soft cloth that i love

and then go into the avant hyaluronic

acid rejuvenating micellar water to

really get off those extras because the

stuff i am reviewing right now

has glitter in it so you really want to

be able to get out every little bit that

you can and this stuff

really works it can get out a lot of

things which is why i think double

cleansing is super helpful when you wear

makeup like i do

the tula skincare so poreless also i

took the opportunity to use that because

i had been trying a lot of layers

of makeup over the past few days and i

wanted to really give myself some extra


pat my skin dry don’t press too hard and

don’t pull

and then i had to use the glow recipe

avocado melt retinol

sleeping mask i’m about halfway through

this jar and i can’t rave about this


enough i had to include this in this


because it is one of my favorites to


to my face down the neck and a little on

the chest as well

to really see the benefits the next day

it does great

even a little bit on my hands even a

little bit on my hands it does a great

job of making everything look

young and fresh and bright i also jump

back into the babe lash

again i do this about two three times a

week and i am noticing pretty great

results some things that i didn’t get to

use in this video that i think are still

great are the pharmacy honey potion that

is a great mask i love

and if i have any breakouts the mario

badescu drying lotion

is great for any breakouts i didn’t have

any during this past few weeks

but you just take a q-tip down to that

pink section and pop it on your face

where you’re getting some breakouts

some other great things that i have

really loved that i have in my

collection are showcased here

and i will be linking some of the things

that i really love down below for you as


including some newbies that i just got

to my collection from

boxycharm and boxy luxe i am super

excited to review those for you guys in

the upcoming week

i really hope you guys enjoyed this


self-love self-care style of video

if you’d like to see more of these in

the future please let me know in the

comments below

this was a lot of fun to be able to do

for you and i’m still getting used to

this style of video but i hope you

really enjoy it

i thought i would exit this video with a

little bit of beach time for you

thank you so much for watching and if

you happen to be new i hope you take a

quick moment to hit that subscribe

button down

below thank you so much friends and i

will see you in the next one

love you