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user name today guys we’re gonna unbox

my august 2022 boxycharm

and i’m really excited because i love

new stuff i love new makeup new skincare

new hair products and the box is pretty

thick so i’m assuming we got quite a bit

of stuff here so let’s not waste our

time and let’s jump right into this so

the theme of this month is called dusk

teal dawn

and look at this card this is such a

cute card love the colors love the whole

wipe really cool and the first product i

want to show you made me so excited when

i just opened the box and i’m like wow

that looks so damn cute so i got here

laura’s beauty christine brush said that

retails for 50 dollars those babies are

vegan cruelty free synthetic and

hypoallergenic so what i like about this

brush set is that there is basically a

cup that you can use for holding your

brushes in let’s say you’re traveling

right and you want to hold your brushes

somewhere or even on your makeup table

you don’t have auto brushes but you have

those essentials you know that you use

every day isn’t it cute like look at

that this is so damn cute i mean for 50

bucks so what i’ve read guys is actually

this brush said they launched

specifically i’d say exclusively for

nordstrom and honestly imagine that

situation when you’re walking in like a

i don’t know christmas time or maybe

even like due to some kind of holiday

you’re walking in nordstrom and you see

all this limited edition deals like


some minis and stuff like that this is

one of those for fifty dollars you’re

getting five brushes


you know if you compare to sephora pro

brushes this is a really good deal you

know what i mean i want you to take a

look at those handles they are so nice

they did such a great job with those

brushes at least with the way they look

and feel the handle is so nice and it’s

so well made and over here you can see

their sign which i think is pretty cute

the brushes by themselves are so damn

soft so i feel like i’m going to enjoy

those brushes a lot we do have here

angled brush so this brush i would use

for contouring your face usually i do

use this either for my bronzer or

for blush we do have here this brush

that’s good for cream powders liquids

basically complexion products i don’t

think i’m going to use it i’m not a big

fan of brushes like that i do feel like

i could build a good coverage with this

brush but i just i don’t know i love my

beauty blender and there are three more

brushes one of them is beautiful

blending brush i’m gonna get good use of

this one i know this for sure we do have

concealer brush that’s pretty flat i

love this one too i usually use this for

my lower lash line to blend the shadows

and another one is a shadow brush to

build the color i definitely know that

those four babies i’m gonna use like on

a daily basis we’re gonna play today

with those brushes and i want to show

you the next product just because we’re

gonna utilize those brushes with this

next product together try to you know

create some kind of look because i do

have my complexion done but my eye look

isn’t ready i don’t have any bronzer i’m

super pale here so i need some color and

the next product i want to talk about is

garlactic metallic eye sparkle shadow in

the shade glam and this liquid shadow

retails for 20 dollars and i do remember

i got another shadows from this

collection in a shade cheek and i still

have this on my table i don’t know why

it wasn’t super impressive it did wear

all day long i did get some compliments

i don’t know why maybe because it gave

me kind of like that soft glam look type

of wipe just because it was glittery but

it was really soft and subtle so i could

understand why people loved it for me

honestly it wasn’t enough but on a daily

basis if you are more subtle with your

makeup that may be a good choice those

are paraben free sulfate free vegan

cruelty free and gluten free so i’m

gonna put my mirror back and let’s apply

some eyeshadow primer so we can create

some look using this liquid shadow that

we just got i do like to blend it with

my finger just because my finger helps


basically spread it evenly i do have

hair palette from while it was it’s a

sunkee summer palette okay guys so i

don’t know how did it happen but when i

went on vacation i just came back from

mini vacation

um i grabbed this palette it’s not like

i didn’t mean to grab this but it just

was the only one palette i grabbed and i

grabbed this one and also my shallow

tubery pillow talk

but this one is a cream formula so i

needed to create looks using these

colors and honestly guys for those

couple of days that i’ve been there this

color story gave me a lot of ideas so

you know it was so easy for me to blend

i love the formula honestly i was

impressed by this palette even when i

was reviewing this a while ago i do feel

like while it was maybe hit or miss but

most of the times with nude colors and

those pro series palettes i do feel like

she’s just nailing the quality so yeah i

want to mention this palette in this

video and i want to actually use it

today and i’m thinking that since we

have this kind of like a bronzy color

i’m probably going to start from this

color that’s called 10 lines and i’m

going to create a really really easy

look just because i have a lot of stuff

to do today and everything is really

serious so i can’t have really bold eyes

and i’m going to use this blending brush

so the number is

lr120 and by using this brush i’m gonna

apply this color all over my eyelid

basically to give that soft blend so for

my preference i already feel this is way

too fluffy it does blend really really

nicely i’m not gonna lie but

it’s pretty fluffy i’ll take another

brush that’s a little bit less fluffy

and i’m creating that almond shape on my

eye just to enhance my eye shape

basically and to add some definition


next i’m going to use this flat

concealer brush lr 100 that’s the name

so i’m going to dip this brush in this

deep shade and let’s define my lower

lash line i’m trying to be super close

to my lash line i love when my lower

lash line is defined but i do like

really really precise lines lately this

brush is really nice it helps me to

basically apply this shadow without a

lot of fallouts honestly i’m really

happy with this eyeshadow formula by

itself but brush is just helping me to

be more precise if it makes sense


okay next let’s do some fun part so i’m

gonna use this liquid shadow and how i

like to apply my liquid shadow normally

i would get flat brush but today i want

to use this shadow brush lr 110 and i’m

going to take a little bit of this

shadow from the applicator and i’m going

to basically apply this on my eyelid


i’m gonna blend this edge by using clean

side oh i like how soft it is i think

for daily time like for daily wear it

just it looks pretty good

i’m loving this color


next i’m going to add a little bit of

that deep matchy to the outer portion

and a little bit to the crease area okay

guys next i do have here a led’s liquid

shadow in the shade pure gold i do love

this baby so i want to apply this to my

inner portions to basically tapish gives

some kind of a lighter color in the

inner portion color that would kind of

like open our eyes more so i’m going to

apply this basically on our

inner portion it’s more like a golden


versus this one is like a chocolate



next what i like to do i love to take a

clean brush and just go around this

inner portion to soften this up you know

that clean brush usually takes the

excess of the shadows

next i do have here brown liner that’s

called easy on the eyes in a bronze

shade i want to apply a little bit of

this bronzy color to my lower lash line

oh i love it that looks really good i

hope guys you are able to see the

difference this one looks more smoky

versus this one is more soft and almost

not finished

okay when i was telling you i don’t want

any crazy look i was talking about liner

i’m not gonna do any liquid liner but

you know me i need something on my eye

look so i’m gonna use i think i’m gonna

use those black gems or should i use

white let’s use white gems

let’s do that and for my gems i’m gonna

use just dual glue it’s a basically

adhesive for my falsies and i’m thinking

i’m going to place a couple of those

gems under my eyebrow so i’m going to do

one dot here one dot here and one dot



such a small detail but it literally

transforms all the look so i’m gonna add

another tree from this side


okay guys next i’m going to apply a few

coats of mascara and i’ll be right back

okay guys so my eye look is ready i did

use the my ilia limitless lash mascara

that i’m so so in love with

i love this mascara i do feel like this

is probably one of the best mascaras on

the market right now and i love it i use

it every day totally one of my favorites

and next i’m thinking that i want to

show you a powder that i got in this

boxycharm as well now when i’m looking

at all of this stuff i

i don’t want to use this powder but i’m

going to try this for you guys because i

want to know how it feels i want to know

what’s this whole price point about

because let me tell you one thing it’s

more expensive than laura mercier powder

and that’s something so i got here a cap

cosmetics loose setting powder that

retails for 30 dollars so this is

apparently a new launch so guys if you

are watching my videos you probably know

that this brand used to be

really far away from big retailers and

now you can get this at walmart and i

have nothing against of this brand but

excuse me you’re gonna pay 30 dollars

for a loose setting powder that has six

grams guys

six grams uh just to compare to laura

mercier she does have minis and mini has

9.3 grams and that one retails for 24

dollars and this product made in china

it has 12 months shelf life maybe it’s

an amazing powder but for walmart

i don’t know you tell me guys so let me

try to open this without making a huge


okay i made insane mess and i still

can’t open this so i did accidentally

open the lid so that’s how we’re gonna

use it just so you know guys everything

is covered in powder right now that’s

not how i wanted to end this whole

opening situation but that looks like me

that definitely looks like me i’m gonna

use this brush that i haven’t used for a

long time and

let’s try to

set my makeup it’s not like i’m getting

oily throughout the day to be completely

honest because i’m super dry that’s why

i don’t use powder normally but let’s

see so i’m gonna basically set my under

eye first i must say guys this is such a

fine powder

i’m gonna set around my mouse and as you

guys can notice i’m setting just one

side of my face so we can compare so

look this is with powder this is without

you definitely can see that it’s


i do think that it’s probably pretty

good powder honestly i’m so mad it’s so

expensive even if you compare it to best

selling powder on the market let’s be

honest i’m gonna set this side now too


okay guys that’s really weird but i

think i like this powder i still

wouldn’t buy this for 30 dollars but i

do like it

it does give you that really mattifying

look and it feels so soft it doesn’t

feel heavy because of how fun it is

and um wow okay pretty impressed so now

i can’t use cream bronzer because i

already said whole my face with a powder

okay i haven’t used this bronzer for a

long long time i’m gonna use my

hourglass nail band palette and there is

a bronzer this guy that may be too much

for me now but let’s give it a shot so

i’m gonna use this new brush lr304

and i’m gonna bronze my cheeks


adding a little bit just to really

softly sculpt my face

next i’m going to add a little bit of a



i’m using today my nars orgasm blush i

do really like this blush and i’ve been

using this for half of the summer i

think which is pretty impressive based

on the fact that i do have a little

blushes even around me because i love

blushes i didn’t used to love them but

then i feel like they just give you that

beautiful sunkissed look that color

you’re looking for especially in the

summertime and i’m gonna go around with

my beauty blender just to soften up the

edges and then guys i do have a lip oil

to check so i’m so excited i love lip

oils and this brand it’s a new brand for

me so let’s give it a shot this is 10

a.s sunset to the star slip oil in the

shade plumeria petals that retails for

27 dollars so this is a new brand for

boxy and this lip oil is really really

cute looking pretty expensive but let’s

try this it’s supposed to be buildable

so i’m excited to see how it’s actually

going to look it smells really good it

smells really sweet


okay so the formula is thicker it’s

definitely buildable i can build it

almost to the point when it’s gonna look

like a lip cream it’s not quite the

color for this eye look but i do love

the feeling it gives me i think i really

like it it’s really comfy on the lips

and it does give such a beautiful hint

of the color okay

let’s set our face real fast and i have

for you one more product to talk

about and the last product i got in this

boxy charm is something that i’ve used

yesterday so i have actually full

opinion about this product and i want to

tell you guys what i think about this so

this is event skincare blue volcanic

stone purifying and anti-oxidizing

cleansing gel that retails for 110

dollars based on that card that

boxycharm gave us but i’m doing a

research and it says here that it

retails for 77 on the official side so i

don’t know guys but either way it’s

highly overpriced so this cleanser is

rich in antioxidants it has cocoa it

does have copper i want you to take a

look at this cleanser how liquid it is

like you need quite a bit of this to

actually make it work even though it’s

rich in antioxidants and it’s forming

pretty easily it does have a really

artificial scent and honestly i wouldn’t

pick this even for 30 dollars just

because of the amount i used yesterday

to get rid of my makeup i do feel like

it may be gentle cleanser even though it

has a really high level of fragrance and

it’s kind of overwhelming if you have

sensitive skin and if you didn’t get

used to this based on the ingredients

list it does have also dimethicone that

i’m personally not a big fan in skincare

it does have batein that’s one of the

main ingredients in my eye cream that i

really really love it’s basically going

to hydrate your skin we do have here

wintergreen leaf extract we have walnut

extract it has also pentanol that works

to strengthen your skin and copper


fight with hyperpigmentation if you got

this in boxycharm please make sure that

you’re doing a patch test before using

this because there are so much here

going on that guys if you have sensitive

skin you have to be aware of also i want

to mention that this product is uk based

and this specific cleanser made in italy

it does have 12 months of a shelf life

and it has 100 milliliters yeah guys if

you have extra 77 dollars you can pick

this up if you don’t have extra 77 then

just get inky list hyaluronic acid

cleanser or even oat cleansing balm and

just enjoy fragrance free skin care for

the good price okay guys and that’s

pretty much it for today let me tell you

the total price of all of these products

i got in my august 2022 boxycharm so the

total price is 204.

that’s a lot guys and i can tell you for

sure that i really enjoyed those brushes

this brush set that’s now covered with a

powder is just amazing i do like it

honestly for the price point i feel like

it worth it i would get this at least as

a gift for someone maybe not for myself

because i have enough brushes but for

someone definitely especially you know

someone who likes to travel and they

need some essential brushes love those

and then this garlactic liquid shadow is

pretty decent if you like more soft

saddle look

you can pick this up it’s a pretty good

quality setting powder from cap


it’s still open it’s still messy but i

did like it

i did like it for 30 dollars wouldn’t

get this but i liked it i’ll let you

know how it’s run throughout the day

and um

yeah so far i think it’s a pretty good

powder lip oil from tennis feels really

really comfy on the lips you can build

that color it’s more thicker formula

for 27 dollars maybe too much but if you

got this in boxycharm enjoy it cleanser

it’s a hard pass from me just because of

the fragrance because of the price point

and the amount of ingredients that can

actually irritate your skin is pretty

big and yeah guys that’s it for today

hopefully you enjoyed this video

definitely leave me a comment down below

let me know what did you get in your

august boxy charm and how do you feel

about those products and yeah don’t

forget to give this video a big thumbs

up and subscribe to my channel if you

still haven’t i’m gonna try to do my

errands and i’ll see you all in my next

video love you