“hi everyone my name is christy and

welcome to my

trying a new makeup product everyday

series today

i am so intrigued to try out

the hyaluronic lactic vitamin b3

mint aged nutri revive hyaluronic acid

replenishing lip serum

that’s quite the title from avant

and this is a product i got in my june


boxy luxe box which i will of course

have my unboxing video of that linked in

the description down below if you

haven’t seen it yet

but this is probably the most expensive

product definitely makeup product

that i have in my collection and

my puppy dexter my little chihuahua


never gets into my makeup but of all

products for him to get into

he was obsessed with this one so the


is all chewed up i did still have it in

the box

he tore the box to shreds i had to take

this away from him

three times i don’t know what it was he


gets into my makeup products but this

my most expensive product he was

obsessed with

so i am so grateful that i got it away

from him before he actually like

broke into the product because i mean

that would be very dangerous for him

and this isn’t a 122 dollar product

i am savoring all of this for me

but so basically i don’t think that this

is like a

lip gloss that you just throw on

whenever it says

to use this more as part of your morning

and night skincare

so i actually use a lip mask morning and


but using a lip serum sounds like

something i would definitely want to

incorporate into my routine

so this says it’s a lip serum designed

to simultaneously plump and nourish the


hyaluronic acid works to intensely

hydrate plump and balance moisture


without feeling sticky and lactic acid

contributes to

lightening the pigmentation and

nourishing the lips effectively

i’m really excited to see how this is

going to be how it’s going to plump my


i have very dry chapped lips

and so the instructions say that you

actually instead of taking the doe foot

and applying it right to the lips

you actually are to put some onto the

back of your hand

make sure your hand is clean to keep

this as sanitary as possible

so then i’m picking up a little bit onto

my finger and i’m going to apply it to

my lips

that way

it definitely has not quite a lip gloss

consistency and not quite

a liquid it’s like a very

liquidy gloss that is immediately

absorbing into my skin

wow my lips drank that

up and it doesn’t have any smell

to it it doesn’t have any

feel like there’s no tingling plumping

sensation going on

but wow yeah this is very different than

any sort of

lip gloss lip product that you would put

on to

like enhance my lips it’s seriously just

completely absorbed

like a skincare product so i don’t

normally try out skincare products as

first impressions

as part of this series but i figured i

try out lip masks in this series and i


tell a lot about a lip mask from a first

impression but with this

i mean i can tell that i really like it

because it did

moisturize my lips and it completely

absorbed which is important to me with

my skin care

i don’t want it to just be sitting on

top doing nothing i do want it to absorb

into my skin

and this really did but it didn’t like

enhance my lips any in any way except


softening them but i mean it left no


no color of course i do get a slight

taste even though it doesn’t have any

scent to it it has a little bit of like

a sweet sugary taste to it that i’m just


tasting a little bit from having it all

over my mouth

i just have a little bit extra on my

hands i’m going to go ahead and apply a

little bit more

but normally i wouldn’t so i’m going to

keep that in mind that a little goes a

long way

and since it is so expensive i am going

to savor it and not

layer more than just that one layer

because i think that’s all i need

but since i do have a little extra for

review purposes

let’s go ahead with a little bit more

and it’s interesting because it

it definitely goes on kind of seeming

like a lip gloss

and it it kind of dries down the way

like a liquid lipstick would

but it doesn’t dry down to like a matte

finish it just

absorbs into the skin and i’m left with


moisturized lips but not in like a lip


moisturized type of way in a

this this is just like my natural lips


no product on them but they’re

moisturizing soft

so it’s really cool really different

i really like it but i guess i was kind

of expecting to see

more of some sort of plumping effect

but really my lips look completely

bare and the same except for being

softened so this is cool

i’ll definitely start incorporating this

into my skincare routine

i will probably even put this on and


put my lip mask on top of it to just

really moisturize and seal in

the beneficial products into my lips i

don’t think you need to also wear

a lip mask with this but i have a lot of

lip masks in my collection right now so

i think you know i really care about

keeping my lips soft trying to plump

them up so

i’m just going to be extra and do that

so let me know in the comments down

below if you have tried out the avant

hyaluronic acid replenishing lip serum

and what your thoughts are on it what

has it done for your

lips have you seen a difference if

you’ve been using it for a long time

i will if you’re curious just let me

know in the comments down below and i

can update you on

how i’ve been liking this as time goes

on using it

morning and night but thank you so much

for watching my video today

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every day and i will see you tomorrow in

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