“welcome to my channel beautifyingmz

i will be removing my makeup with the

avant micellar water

stay tuned and find out if it worked


welcome back thank you for joining me

well today i will be removing my makeup

i will be reviewing the avant micellar


and it is and i need my glasses

it is a biphase hyaluronic acid

rejuvenating micellar water

so i’m going to find out if this is

really going to remove

my eye makeup my eye makeup is where i

struggle the most

so let’s shake it up like it says to do

and i will be

using the pads that i received

in one of my subscription boxes

super soft so i’m gonna try those as

well and see

what we’re looking at and

it doesn’t come out easily so let’s go

ahead and

there we go and

i did put it on there and my

my eye makeup is basically what i

struggle with the most

and looks like it’s coming off

so it’s pulling something off

definitely working

and i had tried some


um eyeliner which i did not like

uh it was super thick

and which was pretty surprising to me

and oh my gosh it’s just making a big


i mean it’s removing it but it’s making

a horrible mess

definitely removing the mascara

and it did remove the eyeliner

so super impressed with that

so let’s go ahead and move on to the

next eye

and this is what i was testing it for

basically which is the mascara

and eyeliner and

definitely and i know i may be tugging a


too much i’m soaking it

or trying to soak it

and this is what i mean by it was

gel like and it was not necessarily

gel-like it said liquid eyeliner

and which the brand was very surprising

that it had something like that

and i just received it recently it was

something that

was there unless i received a

bad product i’m not sure

but i will show you the eyeliner

in just a second

and i don’t want to say the name because

i’m not sure if that’s

what’s on my mind but

we’ll definitely show you the the

eyeliner itself

and see if anyone has had the same

issues with it

but it looks like it did remove the


and the eyeliner and i know i keep

repeating myself

okay my eyebrow pencil came off

immediately and

let’s do the other one

and it’s removing that as well

so definitely something you need to work


to remove makeup and let’s go ahead and

take a look at the makeup


and it does not sting my eyes which is a


because i have had things that do sting

my eyes

but no it’s not stinging my eyes

definitely would need to work a little

bit more on it but it did remove

for the most part and i will show you

the problems that i had with

the liner

and no

wrong one

here we are and

this is actually the liner the huda

beauty and

which surprised me uh so like i said

either i received a

bad liner this is the first time that i

use it so i have not even opened it

um the eye pencil

itself worked amazing

but this did not and

it does show fairly

nice on the brush but it would skip

and it would get clumpy maybe it’s

user error i’m not sure i will

definitely give it a try

once more but

i had issues with it and i have applied

eyeliner before liquid liner

and i’ve never had as many issues as i

had with this one

i’m not a pro at it i don’t claim to be

but definitely something i need to work


but this one was clumpy and it was just

a different

um process in applying it so

two product reviews the liner that

got clumpy and just

bulky and the micellar water that

removed it


we’ll be giving it a try like i said

once again and seeing if i can get a

better result

out of it and i will continue to use


i do like what it did

definitely a little bit more work that i

need to do

but i will do that off camera i just

thought i’d give you all

just some insight on the micellar water

uh if you have used this micellar water

what do you think of it leave me

comments down below

and see if we have the same

uh thoughts about it or if you like it

if you don’t like it

i’d really like to know so until the

next video

you’ll stay safe stay blessed smile