hi guys welcome

back to my channel in today’s video

we are going to see how well this avant

rejuvenating micellar water

i think i see that right micellar water

we’ll see if this can take off

my makeup because i don’t know

i’ve only ever used one other one from

tarte and i think it works really well

this one is dollars though so hopefully

this is like

bomb it has hyaluronic acid acidic

it has hyaluronic acid in it and then


i don’t know what my face is i’m gonna

have to look this up so by phase

hyaluronic acid


so this is a biphase hyaluronic acid

rejuvenating micellar water

i can’t even see all that and it’s from


and it is 90 i just got it in a boxy

charm and i want to see if it works

so it says to shake this so it is shaken


okay so it has just like a normal top i

am gonna take off my eyelashes and put

on some ears

just to get my hair kind of out of the


it’s in the way and then we’re going to

take off my eyelashes

and put them back in their little box

super easy all right we are eyelash free

now i have to get a mirror so i can see

what i’m doing

so now i’m going to take this

and i’m gonna put it on a cotton round

just like normal i’m gonna decently

saturate this

and we are going to see what this does

it smells so good

so far


removing decent

i think it’s gonna take me quite a few

rounds though because

obviously there’s not enough off i’m

gonna try to saturate one better than

that i’ll look crazy right now

i’m gonna try to get like this whole


super super saturated

this time much better

okay let’s see what this one does

is that coming off a lot better

all right we’re going to use this side


if you cannot see



all right so far we’re doing pretty good

i have most

of my face makeup off we’re gonna do it

again my eyes are like the part i’m the

most afraid to remove

because it’s gonna be messy okay

the true test can it remove all this eye



look at that like nothing


that removed not like nothing do you see


i’m shocked right now

i’m literally like

amazed by this right now


it’s even like removing the eyelash glue

like well


what is incredible guys do you see that

i’m going to get in this hairline a

little bit better

i usually don’t really remove my full

eyebrow when i take off my

makeup so i am going to leave them on

kind of

what the heck i look a little crazy

right now i know

but did you see how that just like took

that off like butter we’re gonna watch

it again

hold on i’m gonna make sure this is nice


good okay we’re gonna do the other right


okay are you ready for this eyeball


do you see that do you see this

it’s just like good

bye like swoop

off decided to get real close and

personal so you could just see how crazy

that was

it just like takes it all


do you see this

i’m so shocked right now

even the eyelash glue is pretty much off

that is crazy

and again we gotta clean my hairline

because it looks crazy


i’m honestly shocked

at like

how well that took off my eye makeup

and it didn’t burn because

my tart one burns when i use it so i am

gonna do just one more like for just

like a

final clean everything one more time

just to like get everything we still

have so much

left okay so this is just kind of like a


get everything wiped down

kind of thing because makeup

loves to just hang out on my face

like really intensely

so this is just like the final make sure

we get it all that is so


it even gets it like off your nose

because my nose loves to hold on to


and this actually took off i’m amazed by

this right now

and it has hyaluronic acid in it

i’m gonna help hopefully clear up if i

got any pimples

or if they’re trying to start they won’t

because it

got to it hopefully


yeah my skin actually looks clean

that’s something

i don’t know if you guys can tell but

like my nose would normally and like

kind of like

here on my cheeks holds on to makeup

really well

and it can be kind of hard to remove it

so the fact that it just like

removed it is crazy to me

like i just look all nice and clean

i like it

looking cute

so this stuff if you

want to spend 90 on a

micellar water i think that’s right

then this stuff i mean it works really


it did it took all my makeup off it

didn’t burn my eyes i am

very sensitive skin and it feels fine

like my eyes are like okay which is

shocking for me i mean they’re like a

little annoyed because i rubbed them but

they’re always like that when i read

them but yeah this stuff is

really good and like let’s feel

my skin feels clean like i actually

like cleaned it huh

that’s crazy so not only does it look

clean it feels clean too

so yeah my review on that is i really

like it it worked really well

it removed the makeup really nicely my

skin is

actually clean and it feels clean

it doesn’t it’s not like bugging my skin

or anything it like looks good

hopefully it’ll help clear up some of

this mask me

as i would call it i’m a mask me on my

face but yeah

i really like this stuff it worked

really well i’m like really surprised

right now

like how clean my skin is so i hope you

guys enjoyed this video

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hope you guys enjoyed this video thank


so much for watching i love you guys so

much and i’ll see you guys in the next


bye guys