“guys it’s good to see you guys again and

i hope everybody is doing well staying

healthy staying happy having a good year

and having a good summer because we are

going to change to fall and winter which

are probably my favorite seasons of the

year but i’m super stoked for that

because with the change of the seasons i

also like to change up my skincare

routines and i’m so so stoked for this

unboxing because we have some new

products to add to the skincare regimen

and we’re going to start with the avant

skin care 12 days of beauty upon advent

calendar now if you follow me you’re

probably familiar with avon skincare

they’re a uk-based skincare company and

we did a collaboration a couple months

back including the unboxing of the

five-step routine gift box which is

amazing i still use all those products

in my skincare regimen like not gonna

lie it’s probably

top-notch but that’s besides the point

and now they came out with their new

product the 12 days of beauty of on

advent calendar which includes 12

different items covering everything from

your body to your face lips eyes and

even hair so if you think about it it’s

basically a full on treat for your

entire body so i’m super excited to get

these new products into my skincare

regimen and get this box open so let’s

get into it so this is the box it’s

fairly big again there are 12 items in


my hands not the biggest but as you

could see you can kind of compare how

big it is compared to my hand so we’re

going to open the box

and inside this is what it looks like

there are 12 different slots 12

different products and on the right side

we have skin care to share fully

embracing skin care to share avant’s

wide range of products are designed to

be effective for everyone the assortment

is not bound to gender skin color or

ethnicity but simply to what your skin

needs i briefly mentioned this in the 5

step routine gift box unboxing video in

a pond which you could also check out

link is in the description but

skincare is for everybody it doesn’t

matter if you’re a guy or a girl or if

you know whatever ethnicity you are

whatever you are

everybody has skin you should be taking

care of it and that includes not only

your face but your body as well skin

care is for everybody you want to take

care of your face you want to take care

of your body and ivan has the products

that could cater to every part of your

body but nonetheless the other side

each day you will discover an exquisite

addition to the most luxurious skincare

and wellness routine that will enhance

your inner and outer natural beauty

every drawer reveals an avant treat that

will not only delight your skin but also

your day

i don’t know why i did that

take the time to immerse yourself in the

world of vaughn and travel with us on

this journey to glowing youthful skin

from the inside and out

agreed let’s get into it it’s like a

treat i’m


i just want to open this

it’s like it’s kind of like

you got 12 different gifts and you’re

like i wonder what’s in all of them so

first box first slot excuse me so first



oh no way so this also comes in the

five-step routine gift box it is a night

cream so this is the deluxe hyaluronic

acid vivifying face and night cream i

use this as my primary night cream this

also comes in the five step routine gift

box and it’s very light on the face my

face does feel moisturized overnight i

wake up it’s not a cakey heavy feeling i

feel like my skin absorbs all of it and

it doesn’t leave any behind in the

morning like most other night creams

i’ve tried it’s light on the face

there’s a delicate scent love it

let’s see if i can show you the inside

got that little lid

yeah there you go

that’s what it looks like on the inside

it’s a nice scent

but probably one of my favorite night

creams i’ve ever used

i don’t know they’re just killing it

with their creams and moisturizers

so that’s in the first slot

put that back in here slot number two

put that paper in as you can see the

packaging is pretty well done so that

the products don’t get damaged through


all right so this is the blue volcanic

stone purifying and anti-oxidizing

cleansing gel

so i’m a huge fan of cleansers and i’ve

gone through

probably more than 10 different types of

cleansers just trying out how they feel

on my face trying out how my face reacts

to them some of them are really dry

after you wash it some of them really

get into your skin but afterwards i feel

like my skin’s burning some cleanse it

really well and keep my face from being

completely dried out but according to

the ingredients this cleansing gel helps

prevent breakouts and soothe irritation


i do get breakout sometimes when i

forget to wash my face but the oils in

my face really build up and then i start

getting blemishes and pimples and zits

and so i’m excited to try this cleansing

gel and see

how well this works on my face so this


the cleansing gel


all right box number three

just open this up

set that down

that’s a really pleasant smell this is

the rose asparta cleansing bar

and the really cool thing about this one

is that the aromas are based on the rose

fields of espada turkey so if you’ve

ever been to a sparta turkey

i think you need to check this out

cleansing bar is always good

great for the entire body so


it’s fairly good size and

i don’t know it just

you want your skin to smell like this

after you take it back so a cleansing


put that back in there for number three

box number four

number four

so this oh wow it’s heavy it’s glass

so this body cream helps with sagging

and wrinkling and is targeted to help

firm and tighten your skin so as i

mentioned before skin care is not just

your face it’s your skin you want to

take care of it stay hydrated keep your

skin hydrated keep your skin moisturized

use the body cream

all right

box number five

box number five

all right

so these

there are three of them

and this is the hydra bright collagen

eye restoring pads

so these help smooth hydrate and

minimize the appearance of lines dark

circles and puffiness so if you have a

problem of finding dark circles under

your eyes sometimes i could get them

super tired super stressed i like to

wear eye pads overnight and they really

do feel great on the eyes my skin but i

feel like my eyes itself in the area

around the eyes being really hydrated

like more hydrated than the rest of my


but you get three of them

all right box number six

box number six so this is the glycolic

acid rejuvenating face exfoliator

and if you’re not familiar with

exfoliators they help buff away dead

skin cells and basically make room for

your new skin to grow

i’m a fan of exfoliators i have one that

i use every other day every time i use

my exfoliator i feel like my skin gets

like a really deep cleanse and is ready

to be moisturized um again it’s not

something i use every day it’s something

i use every other day so i’m really

looking forward to putting this

exfoliator into my skin regimen and

seeing how my skin reacts to it so

all right all right so we’re about

halfway there i feel like i got six

gifts and i have six more and it’s super

exciting so let’s check out slot seven

this is it my friends

number seven

this is it now in our previous

collaboration this was the main photo

for the entire collaboration so this

is the eight hour anti-oxidizing and

re-texturizing hyaluronic facial serum

this is really great in hydration i use

this right after i cleanse i put this on

and i feel like my skin is moisturized

and ready to go but on top of that i put

on the regular moisturizer or regular

day cream or night cream i was actually

getting pretty sad because i was

finishing this up and i use this about

two times a day in the morning and at

night so this is a really great product

it’s a great product to use right before

you moisturizer right before you put on

your night cream

all right box number eight

oh yeah so this is the pro-intense

hyaluronic acid illuminating day cream

so this also comes in the five-step

routine gift box this is a solid day

cream that i use as my moisturizer on a

daily basis there’s a delicate really

good scent to it it’s light on the face

it lasts all day my face doesn’t feel

heavy it doesn’t feel cakey and my face

feels healthy moisturized every time i

use it

so i’m really excited there’s another

one and that’s what it looks like inside

is a solid day cream if you use any

other moisturizer and you don’t like

cream base because they’re heavy you

need to try this it’s not heavy at all

it’s light and i honestly this is

probably the best moisturizer i’ve ever

used so i highly recommend this one the

pro-intense hyaluronic acid illuminating

day cream

all right box number nine

all right so this is the brightening

de-puffing hyaluronic overnight eye

recovery mask it’s great for puffy eyes

eye bags and reduces fine lines and

wrinkles so this is similar to the ipads



the ipads that we just saw um except you

know you could use this on the days in

between because you’re not gonna be

using an ipad every night this is great

for your eyes the delicate skin around

your eyes this is perfect for it keep it


all right last row let’s get into it

box 10.

so this is the intense koopa cow

the intense koopa koo

i’m so sorry if i butchered the name so

this is the intense koopa koo

i think that’s how you say it the

intense koopa koo replenishing and

nourishing two in one lip repair mask so

this lip mask aims to hydrate chapped

lips while lessening the appearance of

lines so i have a huge chaplet problem i

carry around chapstick everywhere i go

i don’t know if it really does the trick

because my lips are always chapped but

mean i never tried anything for my lips

besides chapstick so i’m actually

excited to try this one out

that’s what it looks like


a good portion

all right so

box 11


11. oh wow

this is really neat this is the expert

biotin restoring and restructuring hair

mask in c this works to leave you with

thicker smoother healthier hair while

deeply cleansing and restoring ph levels

so that’s something i definitely need

people don’t realize hair care is a big

deal you want a shampoo you want a

condition you want to take care of it

you don’t want to fry it you don’t want

to not wash it you don’t want to leave

it too oily so this is very important

take care of your hair your hair is

going to thank you


all right last box

box number 12.

this is the harmonious rose quartz

revitalizing and firming mask this aims

to purify pores and absorb impurities

and excess sebum leaving you with

balanced healthy looking skin it helps

tighten and clear congested pores and

contributes to brightening tone as it

draws out impurities so i have pretty

big pores in my nose and kind of like

next to it right here i think this will

be really good to combat that

oh wow that smells really good


so there you have it this is the 12 days

of beauty of on advent calendar it comes

with 12 different products covers

everything from your body hair eyes lip

face you got it take care of yourself

take care of your skin let me know what

you guys think which products would

benefit your lifestyle your skincare

regimen the most

check it out avon skincare thanks for

watching you guys and we’ll see you in

the next one