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welcome i hope you’re all doing really

really well today i’ve got a really


gift box to share with you from one of

my favorite skincare brands which is

advanced skincare

so it’s this a gorgeous little black box

and this has recently launched on their


so this is the ultimate gift box and it


four incredible products and it’s a

really nice gift idea

or it’s just a perfect opportunity to

treat yourself and

try out some products at a bit of a

lower price so inside we’ve got four

products and the whole

box itself is worth over 403 pounds

but that’s not what it’s on sale for so

currently you can get this for

233 pounds so i’m just going to do a

little unboxing for you and show you

exactly what you get inside and tell you

a little bit about each of the products

so let’s dive in so like i said it comes

in this gorgeous gift box like this and

it’s beautifully wrapped so i’ve got the

silver tissue paper here

with the advanced sticker in the middle

and this is what it looks like inside so

we’ve got the four products beautiful

laid out

so i’m just going to go through one at a

time and tell you what each of them is

so the first product is

this it’s the supreme hyaluronic acid

anti-oxidizing duo moisturizer

so this is the part of the age neutral

revive range

so i’ve never actually received anything

in a jar from the van

i’ve tried them loads before in the past

um but i generally received them in

beauty subscription boxes like glossybox

so when they do include the products in

there they’re normally in the plastic


and just makes it a lot easier as

opposed to with transportation and stuff

but the actual products do come in like

glass jars so i’ve never actually

received this packaging before

i absolutely love that it comes in this

cardboard box as well it feels super

recyclable which is very very good for

the environment of course so i do

actually have this product already

this is the jar and it is like a pale

blue color inside

and you do get 50 ml of product and this

is a different product um but this is

one that i’ve received from a beauty box

so this is what they usually come

looking like in these plastic tubes so

but when you do buy them on the website

then you can get them in these glass


so it depends which you prefer i think i

think they do offer both of them on the

website and it just depends which type

of packaging you prefer

um but in this gift box you do receive

the glass jars which i think looks so

premium and just

expensive i mean they are expensive

anyway so this is obviously a

moisturizer you can use it day or night

the back of the box tells you a little

bit about the product so it says it

contains hyaluronic acid which aims to

penetrate deep into the skin

hydrate and intensely improve the

appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

with a little bit of hyaluronic acid

super hydrating and it also contains

avocado oil

which aims to intensively hydrate and

soften your skin whilst helping retain

moisture with its humectant properties

so it’s going to be

super hydrating and super moisturizing

which is great for this time of year as

well we all want something

really moisturizing on our skin to

protect it and on this side of the box

it does also tell you how to apply it

to tell you how you should apply it

around the jar the cheeks the forehead

i’ve never seen on a product before

so this is great for targeting fine

lines and wrinkles it really hydrates

the skin

and it also contains vitamin c and also

ho ho but i also again

super super hydrating and vitamin c is

brightening as well so i haven’t

actually tried this product before i did

receive it recently in a beauty box but

i’ve not opened it yet so i’m looking

forward to trying that this product is

worth 100 pounds

which is just crazy like i said i’ve not

actually tried it yet now most of event

products are

really really expensive and i know some

people question is it worth that much

um a van is a super premium skincare


and it only uses the best ingredients

and the products that i’ve tried from

amazon before have been

really really good on my skin and of

course they do contain ingredients that

other skincare brands contain

but i mean most skincare bands use

similar ingredients anyway

it’s all onto the formulas and the

strength of the ingredients one of the

products i really like from a van is the

overnight surge

treatment this is like an overnight

thick moisturizer

and it is super rich it’s really easy to

apply and it’s not too thick on the skin

either it doesn’t feel greasy

and when i wake up my skin feels so

smooth and hydrated and

i’ve tried some other overnight

treatments before and you just wake up

and there’s like bits of the products

still on your skin and it almost pearls

a little bit but with that product

that’s never happened so

you know you do pay for quality products

and i really like this brand so that was

the first product that was inside so

that was worth 100 pounds

this next product i think is the

prettiest product i have ever seen

before ever this is the damask and rose

petals revitalizing

facial serum so again it comes in this

same paper box

and i’m just going to show you where it

is it’s so so gorgeous

so this is the product so as you can see

it’s a serum

but it also contains the rose petals

inside the serum

it’s just so pretty absolutely love that

so this contains hyaluronic acid so

again it penetrates deeply into the skin

and improves the appearance of fine

lines and wrinkles also contains rose

says the rose aims to buff away dead

skin cells and impurities to reveal

soft fresh and youthful skin its light

reflective properties illuminate skin

softening flaws and boosting radiance so

that sounds amazing

and it also contains a peptide i think


oligo peptide or ligo illegal peptide

not sure how you pronounce that and that

says it harbors powerful skin

brightening properties and it aims to

stimulate the production of collagen

and purify skin so really really good

for hydrating

plumping and making the skin to look

incredible it just sounds like such a

good product

so again on this side it tells you how

to use the product and on the front it’s

got some of the ingredients so it’s got

obviously rose

glycerin so again super hydrating castor


another moisturizing hydrating

ingredient and of course hyaluronic it

says age protect and uv so i

assume that means it protects from uv as

well which is amazing

and this is 30 ml of products and it’s

worth 115 pounds

so again it’s another really really

expensive product and so this is a

really good

chance to try it at a lower price as

well and see if you actually like it

it’s got some really good reviews online

so i’m looking forward to trying it and

seeing what difference i see in my skin

and on to the next product so this is

the three in one hyrule on filler

collagen eye formula

this is an eye cream i recently received

this in an advent calendar

um and of course i received in like a

plastic tube this is in a little pot so

i’m just going to open this up

so this you get 10 ml of product so it

is a very small

pot and it’s a good enough sample to try

to see if you do actually like the

product as well

um it doesn’t have any sort of label or

sticker on the pot

it just on the bottom has a little

sticker that just tells you what the

product is

i would have expected it to have

something on the outside but it doesn’t

um and again this huge box just has a

little bit of packaging in there to


the little glass jar so in this product

it does contain hyaluronic acid again to


to hydrate the skin and to reduce fine

lines and wrinkles which is amazing

and also collagen so it says that it

aims to work as an important building

block for elasticity

and helps to reduce the appearance of

fine lines and wrinkles so again this is

part of the age restore range

and obviously this targets fine lines

and wrinkles and making your skin look

young again and this also helps to


dark circles and eye bags as well which

is just amazing

so this size on the website is worth 99

pounds so again it’s a really really

expensive product

i haven’t actually tried my eye cream

yet from the apple calendar

um but i’m expecting really really good

things from this especially being so


so once i’ve tried them i will report

back and this is the final product

inside of the gift box and this is the

hyaluronic acid replenishing lip serum

so it’s a lip product

i love finding new lip products i do

suffer with

dry lips during the winter and they do

get quite chat so anything that’s going

to protect

hydrate and just look after them i’m

always looking out for so this is

another really really small product

so this is 8.5 mil so it’s very very

small and it says it contains hyaluronic


to intensively hydrate plump and balance

moisture levels without feeling heavy or


and also lactic acid which aims to

lighten the pigmentation and nourish the

lips effectively so it says use at the

final step of your morning and evening

skincare routine and i think it’s going

to have a minty kind of sense

because it does say mint on the front

and the ingredient list it does contain

some really really good ingredients

so i’m going to use this as it’s getting

colder now and see

if my lips are any different i mean

every year they’re trapped so let’s see

if they’re not trapped this year

whilst i’m using this product and this

is a full-size product as well like i

said they’re all full-size products and

this 8.5 ml

bottle is worth 89 pounds so again it is

quite expensive

um but if the ingredients work and they

keep my lips in really good condition


this is product that i need i’ve gone


so many different lip balms and the

amount of money i’ve spent on trying to


a lip balm that keeps my lips protected

and hydrated and not chapped i’ve

probably spent more than this anyway so

if this one product does that without me

having to search for several different

products then

we’re on to aware so i’m really looking

forward to trying this and hopefully

this will keep my lips in a super super

good condition

so it says for best results please shake

before use and i think from the pitch on

the website it does actually contain

like an applicator inside so if you

twist it it’s got the applicator in it

so i’m not going to open it yet because

once you open it you’ve only got six

months to use it

but when i start using that i’m

definitely gonna see what it does to my

lips and i’ll let you know

so those are the four products that you

get inside the event skincare

gift box like i said those four products

are worth 403 pounds which is absolutely


so this is such a good way to try these

skincare products at reduced price

and it’s also a really good gift idea

for anyone who loves skincare

um anyone who loves a van but anyone who

wants to try some more premium

skincare this is just a really really

good gift idea so it’s here just in time

for christmas shopping to begin and i’ll

include all details of the products

and a link to the website where you can

buy it from in the description box

down below and i’ve also got a discount

code for you so i’ll also include that

in the description box down below as


so that’s it for today’s video i really

really hope you enjoyed it if you did

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