“hi guys welcome back to random lifestyle today’s
video is going to be all about avon skincare

uh this is actually a continuation
of a video i’ve done last year

um i’ve reviewed some of avant-gingka products
i think like maybe five or six of them uh

but thanks to like many subscription boxes
and advent calendars i got to try many new

event products which i would like to review now
so if you are interested in hearing uh what i

actually think about this product and if they are
worth the price or not keep watching this video

so as most of you probably know avant is a
quite pricey brand that features quite a lot

in subscription boxes that is a good thing but
it actually surprises me a lot too uh like you

know with a brand that expensive why would they
actually give away a full size product and 15

pound subscription boxes that always actually made
me wonder uh but i have to tell you in general i

like this brand i do i do love like 40 50 of
the product the other 50 is okay i don’t think

i’ve ever been disappointed with something um like
extremely or to the point where i wouldn’t use it

um like i think the worst reaction from my point
of view was like meh but in general i think this

is a good brand just the pricing thing is a little
bit of a mystery to me okay so let’s have a look

at the product i’d like to show you today i
have like a seven of them so let me start with

a moisturizer and this is a supreme hyaluronic
acid anti-oxidizing dual moisturizer uh this

might seem very similar to what i showed you uh
in the last video but it’s not the same product

so the the product from the last video
was ultimate hyaluronic acid resurfacing

dual moisturizing it sounds very similar
this one is supreme this one is ultimate

uh the difference between them um i mean it’s a
little bit deeper there are different like active

ingredients uh this product i’m actually talking
about today the moisturizer contains vitamin c and

i personally like it much better than the ultimate
one yeah this one doesn’t really do much to my

skin the vitamin c one is a little bit better it’s
still not my favorite moisturizer i think these

moisturizers are better for uh more like a oily or
normal skin my skin is rather dry uh so they don’t

really give me enough of this like extra care
that i need uh but the vitamin c one is all right

and the vitamin c in it is quite gentle so it
doesn’t require irritation um i’m quite sensitive

to vitamin c so that’s important for me okay
so that was the first product let’s move on to

the serum so this is collagen intense radiance
activator serum and this is a really cool product

i have to tell you this is how it looks i mean all
of these products pretty much look the same so i

don’t even know what’s the point of me showing you
them up close but this this product is actually

cool as i said this is 30 mls and this contains
pretty much everything this contains niacinamide

this contains peptides um hyaluronic acid glycerin
retinol a form of retinol it’s retinol palmette

it contains vitamin c so it contains a mix
of active ingredients pretty much everything

there is to be included it is quite gentle for
my skin and bear in mind my skin is sensitive

this is quite gentle it contains pretty
much everything in it you can use it in

the morning you can use it in the evening and
this is actually important information which

means that it probably contains a form of retinol
that doesn’t really interfere with like sunlight

but the important thing is that you should
always use spf when using retinal products

i mean you should always use spf even if you
don’t but especially if you use retinol products

you should use spf okay so this serum i find it
actually really good this is very gentle for my

skin it doesn’t irritate it it doesn’t cause
any like reactions uh it contains niacinamide

vitamin c retinol uh all the products that are a
little bit irritating but still it’s very gentle i

actually like it i actually like this one this is
probably uh one of those products i would consider

repurchasing if it wasn’t for the fact that i had
like a massive bunch of serums waiting for me to

be to use them okay let’s move on to a nighttime
product i mean i think it is night time although

it doesn’t say it should be used in the evening
so this is a harmonious rose a quartz revitalizing

and firming mask and this one is gorgeous it
smells like it smells like almond cookies it’s

pink inside i don’t know if you can see let me
just put a little bit on my hand so you’ll see

uh it doesn’t really look very pink on in the
camera but yeah it’s pink it smells gorgeous it

smells like like almond cookies as i said but
not that not not as intense uh as you would

actually expect it’s like a very very gentle scent
do you know what i think i have this like tendency

of liking pretty much anything that’s like uh
included in my nighttime routine i love their

night creams i love their overnight masks uh
this uh this is one of the masks that you don’t

really rinse off you just put it on your face and
you just leave it it doesn’t say if you should

use it overnight but it’s actually quite heavy
i probably it’s quite like um rich i don’t think

i would use it um in the morning i think applying
makeup on top of that would be a little bit risky

uh so i would say this is probably better for
like overnight use um yeah and it smells gorgeous

uh so yeah i mean i’m quite happy with i want
again another good product so yeah so far so good

but i have to tell you it’s not that i’m going to
be happy with everything so just wait for it and

now we’re moving to a glycolic acid rejuvenating
phase exfoliator and since this is a glycolic acid

exfoliator i kind of expected this to be a
chemical peel but it’s not it’s like a mechanical

scrub i also have a surprise because you know it
was just not just it was just not what i expected

um but in general it’s a really nice scrub it’s
a very gentle uh obviously mechanical scrubs

are not that recommended you should probably
choose chemical peels instead of these but

this one is quite gentle it has like the
scrubby parts that are not very scrappy

they’re more like beads very gentle it kind
of reminds me of the other scrub i had from

a bond with the like rose particles or
something like rose rosy pill in general

this one doesn’t smell that nice though so if
you are looking for a chemical peel don’t buy

it if you are looking for a very gentle mechanical
exfoliator then you might actually like this one

although i would say chemical peels
are generally better for your skin

so that’s that and now we’re moving to these three
little guys here and they are all full sizes don’t

think there are like samples or anything full
sizes so let’s start uh with the lip scrub uh

i think this was included in like one of the
recently glossy box or something like that

uh this is velvet perfecting rose sugar lip scrub
and this is a gorgeous product it smells nice it

it actually tastes nice i mean you shouldn’t eat
it you should just rinse it off but it tastes nice

it’s like a very gentle lip exfoliator my only
problem with this product is the price i mean

uh would you really spend like 50 59 pounds i
think it’s supposed to cost right would you really

spend 59 pounds for the lip scrub um i i wouldn’t
i wouldn’t i honestly wouldn’t it’s nice but it’s

not that necessary and i’m going to finish with
two products that were probably one of the biggest

disappointments here and i’m not saying they’re
bad they’re just completely not my cup of tea

so these are two eye creams one white one black i
don’t really see much difference in how they work

uh they both contain hyaluronic acid so if you
need a very lightweight cream that will kind of

like feel the wrinkles if you have some wrinkles
like under your eyes then these might be a good

solution uh but in general i don’t really think
they do that much to my skin at least they are

very lightweight they kind of like absorb quickly
so if that’s what you’re looking for you might

actually like them uh for me personally they’re
just like a normal eye cream i don’t really

feel any more action i don’t think i don’t feel
like there’s something going on here under my eyes

or like on my lids so from my perspective they
are just not worth the money uh each of them i

think costs 100 pounds or around 100 pounds so i
wouldn’t really spend that money here so what is

my verdict uh today uh i personally think that
the two products are actually worth the price

are the rose quartz uh revitalizing and framing
mask this one is gorgeous and then we have this

collagen intense radiance activator serum and i
think this one is really really good too so these

two definitely worth investing a lot more money
if you if you really like to try them um but i

think this highlighting um supreme hyaluronic acid
anti-oxidizing duo moisturizer uh it’s all right

but i would just probably wait and see if i can
get it for a cheaper price somewhere or maybe just

wait uh for it to be included in a subscription
box um also same goes for the uh exfoliator

other products uh for me honestly they wouldn’t
have to exist i i don’t find them that amazing

um i mean the lip scrub is all right but that’s
honestly not something that excites me at all

so guys have you tried any of these products if
you did please let me know what you think about

them is your opinion similar to mine or completely
opposite i would love to know your thoughts i mean

obviously we’re all different and something i
don’t really find that amazing you might love

so who knows i would really love to know what
you think so thank you very much for watching i

hope you found this video a little bit helpful
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very much and i’m going to see you very soon bye