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I am MakeItUpSuperGurl today.

I’ll be unboxing my BoxyCharm Base Box for January 2021.

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All right, let’s get started.

So before I go ahead and unbox everything in my January 2021

Base Box.

I just want to tell you a little bit about BoxyCharm.

BoxyCharm is a Monthly Beauty Subscription and there are

three different subscriptions.

The first one is the Base Box.

And that’s $25 a month and you get five full-size products.

The second one is the BoxyCharm Premium.

That’s $35 a month and you get six to seven full-size products

and last but not least is the BoxyCharm Luxe and you get

eight to nine full size products and that’s once a quarter

and that is $49.99. All right,

Let’s go ahead and open up this box.

So one of the first things I’m going to pull out as the information

card and on the information card is going to tell you what

the BoxyCharm theme is for January 2021.

It’ll tell you how many products and what the variation is.

So here is the information card and the theme is going

to be Fresh Start right there.

And then we’re going to flip it over and it will show you

all the products and the variation right there.

There are a total of five different products in here and

The variation is C2101029-BA. Alright, let’s go

ahead and pull out all these products.

So the first product I’m going to pull out it is a Violet

Voss palette and it’s called the Olive You Forever Eyeshadow

Palette and that’s a manufacture price of $34.

So here is the palette

box and then we’ll open it up.

This is what the palette box looks like.

And then here are all the colors.

Very beautiful.

I can’t wait to use that green shade right there.

Alright, the next item is from Farmacy.

It’s called The Daily Greens Oil and Free Gel Moisturizer

and that’s a manufacturer price of $38.

So here is the box right there.

And it comes in this gorgeous glass container.

I am gonna smell it, smells good.

I’m going to rub a little bit on here.

Cause my hands are super dry.

So it’s a very lightweight moisturizer on my skin is actually

absorbing it very quickly and it has a very yummy scent to

it. So the next item is by Avant Skincare and it’s a Micellar

Water and that’s a manufacturer price of $90.

So here is what it looks like and then you can see how beautiful

turquoise color that is.

Let’s see what it smells like.


That smells really good.

So the next item is from Seraphine Botanicals.

It’s an Apple + Baume Glow Mask and that’s a manufacturer price of

$25. Here is the box, let’s go ahead and open this up packaging

is so pretty.

This is also vegan and cruelty-free.

So the last item in this box is from Trust Fund Beauty.

It’s a lip gloss in the color Unprofessional and it’s $18

and here is the box.

And then let’s take a look at this color.

Oh, that’s gorgeous.

So here’s the color.

It’s a beautiful peach color and let me flip it over so you

can see how pretty that color is.

Alright, well that concludes everything in my box.

I paid $25 for this box, and then the total value was $205,

so I definitely got a great value and thank you so much for

watching, and please remember to love yourself, love others,

know that you’re loved and that we’re all beautiful.

Have a great day.