hello and welcome back to my channel or

welcome to my channel for the first time

you are in my kitchen

which is a weird place to be doing

my makeup removal and nighttime skincare


i have a lot more space to set my camera

here when i try to do this in my

bathroom there is just not room on my

counter to put my camera and

it’s crazy plus look at this cool i have

the cool sink

big sink lots of space

and i brought all my stuff with me here

i have lots of room for everything on my

counter so we’re going to do

a little nighttime skincare i have

everything here

that was in


boxy charm last month look at all this

all of this

and i told you that i was going to

try it all on camera and i actually did

film it once but i used my phone camera

and i had it balanced on my sink in my

bathroom and it just did not go well i

also got this little run brightening

dark circle eye cream that i could not

hold with all of this let me take my

ring off let’s not lose it i’m gonna put

it right over here

so the first thing i want to show you is

i was talking about how much i love

these makeup melting

type of things like this and this is the

glow recipe papaya sorbet enzyme

cleansing balm makeup melting and

smoothing as you can see i have a lot of

makeup on so we are going to be getting

this makeup off i’m going to clip my

hair up

i look like a mess i’ve had a hat on

i’ve been recording all day

i know the lighting isn’t perfect

perfect i don’t have a ring light on and

all that but you know what we’re doing

nighttime skincare this doesn’t have to

be that fancy

and i need to really get my bangs on my

face because i did put on bronzer and

everything this time so i have a lot of

makeup on look at this

there’s a lot going on here i am

actually going to wipe off some of this


because this is going to be enough


using a paper towel only because it’s


and it’s what’s handy i didn’t bring a

towel in here let me go grab a towel

okay i have my towel i have my makeup

remover wipey thing we’re gonna start

with our glow recipe papaya sorbet

enzyme cleansing balm it claims to be

makeup melting let’s see how it melts my


massage formula and circular motions for

up to a minute focusing on areas that

have more makeup splash lukewarm water

to rinse to double cleanse apply one to

two pumps of blueberry bounce gentle

cleanser after cleansing bulb i did not

bring another cleanser in here either oh

my god okay i’m gonna go get another


the oc ocean cleanser

i have been using this and i really like

it it’s down to here i believe this was

in a boxy a while back and this is a

cruelty free vegan gluten free made in

usa normal dry combination cleansing gel

removes excess oil and surface

impurities providing mineral rich

hydration removes makeup so i am going

to double cleanse i’m going to use the

balm first and then i’m going to use


i just want to make sure the water is

going to be ready to go because i won’t

be able to see

take this off

and i have used this already look i used

a bunch of it i really like this but i

told you that i was going to show this

on camera and i was going to use

everything in this boxycharm box we’re

doing it so i’m grabbing a big old scoop

here probably don’t need that much but

i really like the consistency of this

it’s it’s really really cool i don’t

know if i’m focusing i hope i am so i’m

gonna just smash this on my hand

i probably didn’t need to scoop it out

with this but i did anyway

so again this is the glow recipe

papaya sorbet

enzyme cleansing stuff and i’m gonna

heat it up in my hands and see it

automatically melts


we are going to do this for a minute one

two three four five six

i do have good apple foundation on too

so this is really gonna be interesting i

have used this before i was pretty happy

with it

i have a lot of eye makeup on i have

some really crazy mascara on that i’ve

never used before

so i’m really focusing on circular

motions and the eye area

i’m not counting so i don’t know what’s

going to be a minute i probably look

like a mess right now

i don’t know

getting a corner to my mouth

corners of the nose


i almost forgot the eyebrows

i have the patrick top eyebrow soapy

stuff eyebrow black soap whatever it’s

called i don’t remember the name of it i

did do some contouring down here and

under here and onto my neck so make sure

you get that off too don’t forget your

neck if you put makeup on it

and if this doesn’t all come off we’re

not going to worry because i am double

cleansing so it’s not going to be a big


so i’m gonna disappear while my head

goes in the sink

i just need to wipe my eyes off a little


how is it looking


okay that’s a single cleanse

that took a lot off

holy crap

okay we’re going to double climb so let

me do the oc next

and i do really really like this

cleanser this is really nice

i’m going to use it up and

i probably it’s going to be would i

purchase it again absolutely

but at the same time i have so many

cleansers that i’m testing

that if i buy one a second time

i have to kind of work it into the

routine of

everything i’m trying

i’ve been using the milk makeup vegan

cleanser and i really really like it i’m

going to grab my makeup remover cloth


usually what i do is i use this and i

just give myself a once-over i do this

and make sure i got everything oh i

could probably turn my water off though

let’s see how are we looking

holy moly


everything is gone

the thing i’m the most impressed with

i’m gonna get really close here all of

my mascara is gone

there’s nothing left of my mascara there

was a little bit on this eye there’s a

little bit of eye shadow that i think i

just missed so that’s that for that

talk about makeup melting i am really

happy with this

really like it i will use this up it’s

going to be

gone daddy gone gone gone would i buy it

again absolutely i don’t know if i’ll

have to buy it right away though because

i have a

whole bunch of other cleansing balms

that i’m testing and trying this one i

do like quite a bit so next what we’re

doing and i don’t usually do this i only

do this every once in a while is i’m

going to do exfoliating and i want to

use this 43 beauty pumpkin face polish

it looks like these and it says the

routine dispense a quarter size amount

of polish into palm massage and damp

skin using circular motions void eye

area can be used every other day or as a

weekly treatment

cruelty free and vegan i dried my face

off i’m just gonna dampen it a little

bit and i have it exfoliated in like a

week quarter size amount looks

like that massage it in

i usually start at my nose

i’ll kind of get it oh my god it smells

so good

oh i like this one a lot i always

do under my chin and my jawline as well

along my jawline

i kind of go up


get this little crease in your chin

around your lips

up here up and out

i’ll do a little bit on my forehead my

forehead i usually don’t have to

exfoliate a ton we’re going to rinse

the linseed rinse here

this has a little more grit

than some of my other ones it’s a little


but it’s not harsh

my skin’s feeling really nice after it

too and when i dry my face i do not rub

i usually go pat pat

if anything i push up a little bit

and i just kind of pat to dry

always go up again

you don’t need any help with the gravity

pulling everything down right so we are

done with all kinds of cleansing and all

that stuff so that was

the glow recipe papaya sorbet love

highly recommend love this love the oc

so we are now in stage three

which is well normally which is toner i

did not bring a toner here lordy okay i

didn’t bring a toner but i’m gonna just

spritz myself with this complex culture

culture filtrate daily blue light

defense mist

and just i usually do a toner here i

forgot to bring my rhodiol

dragon blood spray

i’m just throwing some of this on

because it’s here why not i was gonna do

this last

but this feels really good now that felt

good after exfoliating do this little

face mask real quick what do you think

10 minute face mask stay calm give them

la la skin soothing sheet mask we’re

going to be doing this soothing soften

your skin in a flash has aloe chamomile

licorice root will leave you hydrated

soft and visibly smoother in just one

use so we’re going to do this right now

real quick and the reason is it’s a good

evening mask with the aloe and the

chamomile so

why not let’s just chill out for the

evening oh it’s got like a paper a

thicker paper backing

oh it’s a really light light mask too

okay here i’m going to

have to very carefully take this off of

here all right got it

i don’t usually do a sheet mask at night

before all my skincare but

there’s a first time for everything

there we go


looking like a crazy person

i am going to let this sit on for about

10 minutes and then i’ll be back and we

will finish

my skincare for the night


chamomile chamomile

relaxing hydrating i’ll be right back

and we’re taking off the mask


that actually felt really good i’m kind

of glad i did that

i didn’t probably have to i’m just

trying to stay in the frame y’all i’m

trying to stay in the frame because i

have my mirror over here so i can see

what i’m doing

i’m just going to kind of work this and

pat it in i’m going to put some of it

down in my neck because this is very


very liquidy as you can see

hey you know what i need some on the

back of my hands there we go so we have

done makeup remover double cleanse

cleansing and exfoliating with the

pumpkin the pumpkin face polish from

fourth grade i love this i’m gonna be

using this a lot more i think i’m gonna

try to project pan that then i gave a

little spritz with my blue light

protection spray then we did our mask

now we are going in with our serums i’m

not going crazy with the serum tonight

i’m just going to use this one this is

the juice beauty that came in the boxy

charm that we were talking about i will

put a card up here of me

unboxing all this and then i talked

about how i’m going to use it all this

is juice beauty organic solution i love

this it’s so bougie high technology

double retinol

you can use limited initial use to one

to two times a week and you can

gradually increase it i have been doing

this about twice a week i’m having no

problems with it so that’s good this is

an anti-wrinkle

overnight serum

and this one is actually a cream it’s


liquidy like some of the other ones

it’s got a very strong like lemony smell

to it

but i have used this already and i

really like it i went in the mega drop


and i bought a second one

because a

this stuff is really expensive and i

need a really good retinol

and i like this one a lot oh my god

be right back

i’m back because i forgot something that

was the stem cellular anti-wrinkle

retinol overnight serum also from

boxycharm so we are working through this

entire boxy charm by the way the fourth

ray beauty pumpkin face polish was not

in that boxy there’s things that aren’t

in the boxy the mask i’ll put a list

below saying what was in that boxy and

you can also watch me unboxing it i’m

just giving you my impressions so i have

been using these things for the past

week or so and i like all of them really

like this retinol serum and sometimes my

face doesn’t love this stuff but i’ve

used it a couple of times and it hasn’t

bothered me at all so knock on wood

hopefully we will continue with that i’m

going to do this this is not in boxy but

this is my skin iceland brightening eye


and i got this from ulta

and this is just going to

put a little bit on the back of my hand

just i usually just do one little squirt

like this my next step is serums so

that’s what we’re doing now and i’m just

going to pat this around

here and under my eye

and i always go crow’s feet kind of over

the top here

and kind of in like a circle around your

eye like this

pinning padding petting

petting panning now if i have a little

bit left over i might do forehead and

throw some on there because

wrinkles is wrinkles

so that was skin iceland and then

i have

next avon hyaluronic shea butter goji

berry avocado age radiance brightening

and deep puffing hyaluronic overnight

eye recovery mask i

love this apply a thin layer to clean

dry skin absorb into delicate skin

around eye area no

need to wash off i really really like

this i originally got it i think in a

boxy and then i ended up getting more of

it on a drop shot because i really liked

it if i feel like i’m really tired or

it’s late i’m going to be puffy the next

morning i don’t use this every night

because it is kind of it’s an eye

recovery mask

you can i think you can use it every

night but

so this is kind of like the moisturizer

that i do around my eyes

underneath and then

anywhere you’re gonna be puffy

i do a little bit over the top but you

can tell i’m just

kind of mostly patting it under my eyes

where you would be

puffy oh i love this stuff i really like

it avant in general is awesome but i

really like this so


okay what i was going to do

i was going to do my yuzu vitamin c

sleep mask tonight

but i opted for the stem cellular

anti-wrinkle retinol overnight serum i

do not want to do these together


probably could

but i really don’t want to i love this

using mask i’m trying to use it up use

up the yuzu so there it is it’s i i have

used a lot of it i think i’m over

halfway through so i’m trying to finish

this one up i bought another one this is

a saturday skin

saturdayskin.com and this is a k beauty

good for 12 months and i got this in a

boxy last year and i’ve been trying to

use it up i really like it i’ve been

using it once or twice a week i would

use it tonight but with the retinol

ceramon i just i want my skin to focus

on the retinol serum you know what i

mean that being said i chose this

evening to use i know don’t be shocked

lancome hydrazine moisturizer i’ve

talked about this before this damn

hydrazine i could see why it’s a

bestseller look how much i’ve used of


now i confess the only reason i even got

this last year

was the 21 days of beauty


ulta this stuff is like 48 a jar and it

goes to half price when they do 21 days

of beauty so


bought it last year because i’m like

what is all the fuss about i wanted to

try it even though

you know lancome i don’t know if they’re

cruelty free they’re certainly not

totally cruelty free and vegan they’re a

big corporate brand they’re usually what

i don’t buy and use


i hate that i love this so much

oh my god

just one of the greatest i think one of

the greatest moisturizers i’ve ever used

this lancome hydrazine mostly i’m just

trying to use this one up

i’ve hit the bottom of it as you can

maybe see here

got into the bottom of there so

yeah okay so the last thing in my boxy

i’m not making any more apologies for my


oh oh my god so lastly oh

god i love the smell of this stuff

this is the the frank body perky

sculpting body hydrator i’m your dream

cream with a double shot of coffee 93

naturally derived reusable coffee cup so

i need to like use this up because this

is so freaking cute

look how much is in here and i haven’t

tried this yet i’ve been wanting to it

is very very thick it’s very rich

and if you’re wondering where i’m gonna

put it

pardon me i’m putting it all over my

chest well i can’t be demonetized but hi

i’m back i’m putting some on my neck i

just kind of went around and put it on

my chest

getting out of the shower i would

definitely put this on my booty

you want to put it anywhere it says that

you want to get some perkiness

apparently deeply hydrating helps to

reduce appearance of cellulite through

moisture and massage caffeinated for

perky skin massage in circular motions

all over body daily focus on areas that

need extra love ensuring to massage in

long deep strokes get dressed or don’t

use with original coffee scrub for best

results i love the coffee scrub have it

use it love it i

i love the smell of this now my

white shirt is like sticking to me oh my

god here and

zoom in

see how the skin’s looking so this is my

skin after my evening skincare it’s

looking very nice it’s looking very


looks pretty glowy let me go in

a little bit more kind of normally light

here wait there’s no good light in my

kitchen okay there we go so

uh the little bit of redness and

pinkness you see is from the retinol


but that’s it everybody there’s

everything i used

all over the place i will put a link

below of everything that i used on my

face if you have any questions talk to

me in the comments if you are into

skincare makeup all these crazy things i

do on my channel be sure to give me a

like on this video and please consider

subscribing because that helps me out so

much because i want to keep doing this

for you i want to keep getting all these

things and testing them out my skin

feels so good i had that makeup on for

hours and hours today so it feels good

to get that off and i’m going to go edit

some videos and then i get to go to bed

well and i got to go brush my teeth so

i’m going to do that and i’m also going

to do my lip mask the only thing i

didn’t do on here i didn’t do a lip mask

yet because

it’s 11 30 at night i am still drinking

my coca-cola with coffee that i was

drinking in a video earlier

i’m gonna be up for a little bit

so this is why i didn’t do my lip mask

and i didn’t brush my teeth yet i’m just

finishing this off then i will do that

and then i will go to bed thank you for

watching i hope you like seeing this

evening skincare i don’t do the same

thing every night this is not what i do

every single night this was testing all

these products from boxy but this is

relatively what i do every night i do a

cleanser i double cleanse if i wear

makeup i do an exfoliant two times a

week tops usually like only once a week


usually only once a week toner then i do

my serums moisturizer or i do like an

overnight mask like the use of sleep

mask with the plumping pillow facial

from elemis i just put that on not a

moisturizer so it depends on which one

i’m using and in the morning i wake up

and i rinse it all off and we start all

over again but that’s how

you keep the

pretty glowing skin and yes

i’m not showing you my driver’s license

but yes i am 53 years old and this is my


close up

no filter

no filter this is really my skin this is

what it looks like this is what it looks

like when you take care of your skin for

your whole life i talked about this in

another video recently but my mom used

to make fun of me because i was so

obsessed with skin care when i was a

teenager that i was doing all this stuff

as a teenager to

have my skin be all perfect and cleanse

and do all these things my mom’s like

why are you doing all this you’re crazy

you’re young you have great skin i’m

like yeah but i want to continue to have

great skin that’s why i’m doing all this

and looking back oh my god it’s the one

thing not the one thing but the one

thing that i did right in my life when i

was a young stupid kid i took care of my


i did go out in the sun a little bit too

much but i’m kind of repairing a lot of

that now i haven’t been a sun bunny in

decades i really try to avoid it and do

the spf so yeah there we go that’s my

skin some makeup okay i’ll see in the

next one i hope you enjoyed this let me

know below any of your thoughts or

questions and i will try to answer them

as best i can thanks for watching

good night