“hi everyone thanks so much for watching

in today’s video I have my boxycharm

base box for September so this is the

absolute end of the month I am filming

this on the 27th it came on the 26th so

yeah you guys know I love boxycharm I’ll

have all their information down below

it’s a monthly Beauty subscription and

this is the cheapest option so this is

the base box I do have the girls having

snacks there so I’m trying to keep them

quiet if you can hear chewing


oh okay so that’s a little card and then

on the back is all of the products

listed and the thing that I chose so you

get to pick one item and this was my

choice item and the reason I picked this

was because the dollar value was

outrageous this is a hundred and thirty

four dollars so this is from Avant and

it’s the deluxe hyaluronic acid

vivifying face and eye night cream again

a hundred and thirty four dollars so I

did use this last night for the first

time again I got this box yesterday used

it last night and it seemed really nice

it seemed like a really nice thick

moisturizer 134 dollars no

very nice

this is this is 50 mils again 134

dollars so that’s why I picked it I

think it was between this and maybe a

palette I can’t remember but I do love

to get skincare in my boxy charm boxes

so let’s see what it says about this

product it says a delightful anti-aging

moisturizer for use on the face and

targeted eye area formulated with

hyaluronic acid that works to deeply

nourish your skin it also combines

signature ingredients to help improve

the appearance of enlarged pores uneven

skin tone fine lines dullness and a

weakened skin surface I wonder what the

ingredients are I can see the first one

is water shea butter is the next

ingredient so anyways yeah it seems

really nice I did choose it because it

had such an outrageous dollar value and

I’m sure I’ll use it up and I’m sure

I’ll really enjoy it but I know like

there’s no way I would repurchase this

product but yeah happy to have it happy

to use it and I’ll let you know how it

goes okay and then the next item in here

is from Natasha denona and this is the

cupid palette so this is one of her five

pan palettes and it looks like that now

I have seen this I saw this on sale on

Sephora and I’ve seen it I think in the

boxy pop-up sales I do like Natasha and

Nona shadows and I do have I think four

other I’ve got two more of these five

pen palettes and I have two of the

bigger palettes and one of them is the

love palette and so when I saw this I

thought it would be very similar to The

Love palette but it isn’t actually I

when I received this yesterday I took it

upstairs and I had the palettes together

and there’s actually quite a bit of

difference and I sat last night and I

used these four Shades here and created

well actually I used all five Shades

because I used this one as a bit of a

liner and the eye look was beautiful it

was beautiful it was more than I would

wear day to day for sure but it was a

beautiful look and I’m very happy to

have this and you know I feel like

that’s quite the dollar value for these

two products let’s see what it says

about this Natasha didn’t know a cupid

eyeshadow palette with three velvety

mattes and two dazzling metallics this

versatile five pan Cupid palette is all

you need to create a range of romantic

looks from flirty to Fierce featuring

Rich coppery Browns bright champagne

pinks and Luscious burgundy corals all

five shades are velvety hydrating and

effortless to layer so I was very

excited to get this I’m very happy to

have it and again certainly these four

Shades here are Shades I think I’ll wear

quite a bit these three in the middle

are beautiful so very happy to have that

okay and then next in here from Seattle

London I got this dewy highlighter

glossy cheek glow and I’ll be honest I

was not excited to see this in here

because I recently got one of the the

blushes and I’m not at all enjoying that

formula but this says it is this glow in

a tube gives cheeks a soft champagne

shine and a glass like dewy finish

thanks to Plumping hyaluronic acid and

Yuzu extract brightening vitamin C and

dragon fruit extract and nourishing

vitamin E it’s twenty four dollars so I

haven’t used it I mean I did play with

it a little bit last night but I haven’t

actually added it into a makeup look or

anything so I’ll let you know again I

was not excited to get this because I

did just recently get that blush that I

bought that I’m not really enjoying that

formula and I suspect that this is

probably pretty similar so it looks

pretty but I feel like it’s just gonna

maybe feel a little greasy on my face

and I don’t like that especially in a

highlighter because then you know my

hair my hair sticks in it I don’t I

don’t like that so I wasn’t excited to

get this although I do love siate London

and I’ve Loved a lot of their products

so I’m judging it pretty harshly before

I’ve even tried it and I’ll keep you

updated on you know probably in a phase

and fail what I think okay and then next

in here

from glow on Fifth beauty is a bye bye

puffy eyes eye cream and it looks like

that and you know it’s interesting I am

getting some eye puffiness lately which

isn’t something I normally struggle with

but I I don’t I don’t know if you can

see that in there I’m a little bit

swollen more on this eye and just in

that inner corner and I am worried it’s

from the Latisse that I have recently

added back in which is a gross serum for

my lashes I’m worried it’s that let’s

see what this says and you know we’ll

have to give it a try and see if it

helps with that glow on fist’s best

selling formula is now available in a

convenient full-size travel tube infused

with caffeine shea butter and Berry


swipe this eye bomb on for an instant

refresher and major wake-up call

formulated for all skin types to leave

your under eyes feeling hydrated glowing

and cool can also help to reduce the

appearance of bags and dark circles 24

so I did use this last night it felt

like a kind of like a gel consistently

like consistency it comes out a bit like

a cream and then as soon as you sort of

spread it a little bit it goes kind of

to a gel it didn’t feel cooling really

that I noticed it did feel nice it kind

of disappeared it just sort of melted in

pretty quick and it didn’t feel overly

hydrating for me that’s a one-time

impression I’ll have to use it more than

that and I used it last night and I woke

up with all this swelling so

I know we’ll try it though I will

continue to try that and update you and

then the last thing in here is this lip

product from

pink lips let’s see what this says pink

lips Cosmetics Lumi balm lip tint treat

your lips to instant moisture and a

sheer wash of luminous nude color with

this vitamin E infused lip balm 12 again

when this box came I did put this on

and it’s it’s more pigment like if this

was this shade and it was pretty sheer I

probably could use it but it actually

deposited quite a bit of pigment on my

lips and this deep Brown shade I’m not

sure is what I would consider flattering

so I again only tried it one time very

quickly yesterday when the Box arrived

because I get excited and I put

everything on so I’ll have to use it a

few times and again I’ll update you guys

on what I think so let’s add up what

this box is worth because I have a

feeling it’s gonna be quite a high value

box yeah so this box is 242 dollars is

the value US dollar and are these

29.99 I think now for the boxycharm base

box again I’ll have all the information

listed below I’m in Canada by the time I

get the box I think it’s just over forty

dollars and really for me fine like this

is the value of that

would I pay that for this no but I have

it and I will absolutely use it this one

product is that value for me you guys

know I love boxycharm I love getting the

boxes I love the surprise I love trying

new brands that maybe I wouldn’t have

tried had they not come in a box trying

new products stepping out of my comfort

zone for all those reasons I love

boxycharm I have been receiving

boxycharm for a number of years long

before I was even on YouTube I

absolutely love it and as I always say

the best part about boxycharm is the

monthly sales that they have especially

this time of year when maybe you’re

doing some Christmas shopping or you

know like for me I like to do stockings

for my kids and their girlfriends and I

always pick up great products in the

boxy pop-up sales every month and I you

know throw them in stockings or use them

as gift Toppers or whatever I love the

sales so I love the sales for me too but

I’m trying not to buy a bunch of stuff

for me so there you go you guys there’s

what I got in my September boxy charm

baseball I hope you enjoyed the video if

you did please give it a thumbs up and

if you’re not subscribed if you would

subscribe that would be amazing I will

see you guys in my next video bye