“hi welcome back to my channel

um for today’s video we are going to be


the january 2021 boxycharm

um so boxycharm is a makeup subscription

box and i received the

base box and i do it monthly so it’s 25

a month for the box and it comes in a

box like this

so let’s take a look to see what’s


okay so the first thing in this box

is violet voss olive you forever

eyeshadow palette

so let me just take out the card as well

and just read off of um

a card this palette was designed

with universally flattering olives and

hues that complement

one another flawlessly it’s packed with

the most luxe formulas

from creamy mattes mesmerizing metallics

and impactful foils

achieve endless eyeshadow looks from

a modern soft sultry to a seductive

olive smoky

eye that will have them green with envy

all right so here

is what we have for the palette

and from first glance here

um most of the sh

well like half of the shadows in here

are glittery

and some are matte but i kind of wish

that there was a green in here that was


because there’s no matte green in here

so that’s the first thing

all right second we have

pharmacy daily greens oil-free gel

moisturizer with moringa and papaya

that’s what the packaging looks like it

says it’s paraben free

formaldehyde donor free synthetic


fragrance free phthalate free

mineral oil free and cruelty free

an oil free silicone free daily

moisturizer that delivers

lightweight lasting hydration without

feeling greasy this refreshing formula

contains a blend

of moringa water papaya and willow

herb phytonutrients known to help reduce

shine and clear

pores of dirt and impurities powerful

moisture magnets hyaluronic

and poly glutamic acids hydrate skin

ideal for combination and oily skin

and it says to use um

you can use it in the am and pm

so let’s open this

and this is what it

looks like

it is super cute um

i don’t think i have any green type


or anything oh wow this is really pretty

um has a little bit of fragrance

i guess it smells like the moringa

whatever moringa smells like

and papaya together i don’t know i can’t

i can’t really put my finger on that

smell but i can’t wait to try this out

all right that’s the moisturizer

then we have the avant skin care

biphase hyaluronic acid rejuvenating

micellar water so that’s this one

and for this um it says it’s infused

with replenishing ingredients by phase

hyaluronic acid rejuvenating micellar

water presents an oil phase aiming

to instantly dissolve resilient

and waterproof makeup and a micellar

water face

working to capture impurities it

dissolves makeup without rubbing

or rinsing

so that’s what the micellar

water looks like

not too bad it’s pretty good all right


try that

all right uh next we have the seraphine

botanicals apple and balm

glow lip mask so

that’s this here

and it says boost hydration and glow

with this protective lip mask formulated


shea butter apricot plus jojoba

and rose hip oils that works

synergistically to keep lips chap free

soothed and plumped all at once it’s

made with green apple and pineapple

extracts to help red lips

of unsightly dead skin cells and fine


so it’s also vegan no mineral oil no

parabens no

phthalates no gluten with shea butter

apricot jojoba and rosehip oils with

green apple

and pineapple extracts hypoallergenic

and non-comedogenic

free and vegan okay

it’s cute smell

smells pretty good i guess i can’t

really smell it too much but

it’ll do all right next

we have queen studio dragon duo


it’s dragon liner liquid

and this says modern day boss babe

approved with an

inky black pigmentation and a semi

waterproof formula

choose your look using the dragon duo

use dragon liner liquid for smudge proof

symmetrical wings or dragon liner pencil

for a softer look or a smokey eye

created for beginner

beginners loved by pros

that’s what that is and

there’s two pencils you get in there

black pencil

okay so this is more on like

a marker type

like a marker type

and this one is

more of like a pencil type

let’s give those a try and then

um it doesn’t have it on the card

but i also got this

iconic london

um blaze chaser face palette

it says crate gorgeous multi-dimensional


and warmth with these six velvety face


oh it’s so pretty

let’s try these all right

so let’s try the top ones

and the other ones on here

not too bad they feel they feel okay i


all right so that’s it for everything

that i got in my boxy charm