“hi everybody welcome back to my Channel

today I’m very very excited by the way I

finally got my two boxy charm


my premium one took her sweet time to

get to my hands but this is my base box

and this is the premium box so that’s

why we are here I’m going to speak to

the same way that I have been working

them lately that

I’m just gonna say from which box it is

a product that I’m using at that moment

as always I excuse myself because uh

where I film is in the back of my house

and the back of my neighbor’s house is

Rainier so you’re gonna hear all the

birds chirping and singing that they

have so my apologies in advance let’s

just write jump to what we are here for

the boxes I’m starting with my base box

and for my base box we are gonna use or

I’m gonna use this this is the first day

Beauty pure skin gentle foaming face

cleanser with amino acid this retails

for twenty four dollars and supposedly

this is extremely gentle and for daily

use this is really nice it has a

sticker that I just ripped off it sets

seals for your protection and it also


oh okay it also has a lead

or a cap I don’t know in the dispenser

so they spends two pumps into pumps of

hand one

two pumps it is like a jail thing really

thick a gel which I’m surprised that I

thought that it could be a gel so one

two three times and rub it into the skin

like the smell in my opinion this is a

lot I would go for just one pump and to

rinse it off with water so I’m gonna use

this cloth

First Impressions I agree with the

gentle part

my skin doesn’t feel like extremely

strip off it’s moisture but yes I know

that I need hydration for her and in my

premium box I’m gonna use this one this

is from Avant skin care this is a blue

volcanic Stone purifying and

antiochine cleansing gel

it is a mild non-drying gel this thing

retails for 110 so this is a miracle

worker that’s the seal

is going to use a little bit because I

have already cleansed my skin

it does a little bit of ladder this one

also I agree with the mild thing and the

skin feels like when you have done a

purifying mask the next product that I’m

going to use is this one from astrology

brightening treatment mask it is two in

illuminate invigorate Tire dough

complexion this retails for

69 it has salicylic acid

Primula varies extract

to exfoliate

skin so yeah

yeah I already applied

I don’t use toner I use Essence so I

haven’t already applied in essence to my

complexion and now we’re gonna go for

the mask I took the seal off and it has

kind of a pearlescent blue color by a

thin layer of this mask and I need a

little bit more than what I took

oh I like the holographic or fluorescent

tone of this

so now I’m gonna wait there 30 minutes

that they supposedly need to do

something in myself

the half an hour has already passed and

now I’m trying to peel up this thing or


uh I don’t

get leverage anywhere

I think that I got some here if not I’m

just going to rinse it off with water

because as I said I’m not into this kind

of feel things to really peel it off you

have to put a little bit more than a

thin layer

because if not you’re gonna take it away


but at least what I do appreciate so far

is that it doesn’t hurt

finally I got rid of everything with the

mask related the skin feels really nice

I have this other product this it came

in my premium box and this is Stone

Street soap house Geronimo wholesome

body cream this retails for 32 dollars

I don’t like to feel sticky with


I hate that sensation that’s why I’m so

picky with

anything lotion or cream related to my


I hate it I cannot stand it so far I’m

just going to use it in my hands just to

test it smells pretty good

it lingers a little bit nothing

overwhelming and oh

it is totally absorbed so yay I like


I like that a lot the next product that

I’m going to use is this from Kate

Somerville I got this in my base box and

this is the goat milk moisturizing cream

safe for sensitive skin can be used in

all skin types and this retails for 36

dollars I’m gonna use this as a primer

I’m going to apply it all over my

complexion including my under eye it is

a light a really light texture

moisturizer oh this is the component it

has a lead which I appreciate a lot

it has a really really light scent and

I’m going to like this a lot as a

priming base because it leaves a little

bit of stickiness

so yeah this is how my skin is looking

so far I really like how

illuminated it it looks yeah good so now

I’m gonna do my base because I don’t

have that products and then we’re gonna

come back as soon as I have another

product that I can use now I’m ready for

my next product and this one is from my

base box and this is the a loop stagger

Parts this is the unicorn

and this is a best-selling three in one

stackable compact this retail for 38

dollars and this is a creamy formula

with highlight blush and Contour I

God the sun kissed Jade

and this is the component it has a

mirror to one side it is a magnetic

closure which I enjoyed and you just


the stacks and you get them this is

really really nice now I’m gonna start

first with the bronzer

and I think the shade yeah

it’s doable so I’m gonna bruise Contour

at the same time

and I’m using the highest part of my ear

as in a starting point


the highest point of your forehead and I

always like to

block a little bit my chin to diminish a

little bit the elongation of my face

I’m going to apply the highlighter

why because I don’t like to have a line

a strict whatever you want to make call

it and I’m going to use my finger for it

and I’m just going

to go to the highest point

of my two bone and in my

Cupid throw

oh my bad

I’m gonna use it now I got this two

Loopsy sponges and I got them in my

premium box and this are looksy

all-purpose sponge set this retails for

forty dollars

I love the colors

and this one I don’t know if you can see

yeah you can appreciate it it is it has

a dual tone good for a liquid formulas

you have to dump it and supposedly it

doesn’t absorb too much product but yay


made a mistake so I can’t

use that now so I’m gonna just use it to


my blush because I forgot so I’m using

the bottom part of it to apply my blush

really it has a lot of pigment

I’m going to use the sponge to set my

under eye it is dry I usually use them

wet but let’s just see how that

works I don’t have any creasing in my

under eyes so let’s just press the

powder in any did a good job a really

really good job look the difference

between one eye and the other

yeah nice soft application

good in my premium box this from Iconic

London and this is the multi-use

sculpting palette this retails for 49

and now I’m just going to go over what I

already did with the cream from

something like that this is oh there

this is the actual component oh


this is cream

good to have but I can’t I’m not gonna

use it because I’ve already said my

entire complexion

I’m a I didn’t check if it was

cream or whatever and it doesn’t say

here it just said multi-use sculpting

palette I have two products to do my eye

look I have at this one and this one

came in my base box this is the beauty

crop liquid eyeshadow Duo this is a dual

ended wrong this retails for 18 and this

is in the shade cinnamon and fudge I I

don’t know which one is cinnamon and

which one ah this one is fudge and this

one is cinnamon and the other product is

this palette from lunar Beauty nice nice

packaging and this is the unique card

but wait for the actual palette

and it’s so so nice so so eye-catching

and very different this is the color

story we have six shimmers and 12 mattes

and obviously I’m gonna do a look but I

think I’m gonna go for a simple look

because I really like how my complexion

looks and how natural and really good

looking so yes I’m going to stick to

that so let me just first check the

actual colors of this to see if I use

them as a base or I start with the

palette oh

start with

this nice transitioning shade so yes


there this is a really nice all over

quick look

to go a little bit more cohesive with

that shade I’m gonna start with

this one here that its name is vibes





really really nice

I love how my eyes look so so so much I

think we are almost done

I think not we are done with everything

that I can use in myself now I’m gonna

finish up everything and we’re gonna

recap and I like my eyes a lot so yeah

see you in a bit

so sweet this is it this is the entire

look I love how my complexion look I was

really really impressed with this

foundation and how my complexion look

when I use it for the first time which

is the l-y-s

um Beauty one from my previous video it

looks so so Good by the way I’m just

gonna put the link of that video here


let’s just go through everything that I

have used we started with the first aid

of beauty this is a really good skincare

brand if you haven’t tried it you can

get it at Sephora I like this and like

how gentle it was in the skin from there

we went for the Advent skincare I don’t

think that the right pricing for this is

110 dollars maybe because I’m not a

chemist or a skincare group but me and

110 for a so

that’s too much but regardless what I

really did like it is that

um it felt like a TV you have two

products in one but still means that you

pay 55 for one product and 55 for

another one and still I think it is too

much money

but it felt good it didn’t strip my my

skin so yay for that from that one I

went for the mask but that wasn’t so bad

I really did like that my complexion as

soon as I took it off it felt like I had

moisturize with a light moisturizer

that was a surprise but it was a good

one it’s something just nice to have and

treat your skin with

there I use the body cream this is the

Stone Street soap house I did like this

one because it didn’t leave a tacky

surface I didn’t feel like I need to

bathe myself as soon as I apply that

thing and I enjoy that a lot I did like

the Kate Somerville moisturizer

condition and restore

moisturizing goat milk cream yeah good

it is a light one but you really feel

like you have something in your skin and

I really did like a lot how my

complexion makeup products wear on top

of it so yay yay yay for me a lot then

oh the really good allele stack this

surprised me a lot it’s really really

good I like

the compact thing of this

it was really easy to blend it didn’t

lift my Foundation it didn’t move my

Foundation I like how you can go from

really really natural looking and you

can build it up to whatever your

preference but mine is

what I have so far yay a lot for this

and then I noticed that I made a mistake

because the iconic London sculpting

palette it was a cream one but I thought

that it wasn’t a cream one it was a

powder one so I didn’t use it but

whatever I do like my complexion from

there I use the

Beauty crop

I like this it’s really easy to work

with I didn’t use the other end that it

is the cinnamon

shade wow


wow look at that and he drives to a

powder finish that is really good and

then I use the lunar Beauty nude primps

I use one two three four five mats and I

use one and two of the Shimmer ones

I swatched the entire Shimmer row and

all of them are amazing but the shade

that really

got my attention

this one here that Dusty Rose one

that is it for me and I use the same

brush to do my entire eye look and it

worked like a charm so

that is saying a lot so sweets this is

it I hope you like this video any of you

did you know what you have to do but

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