“hi there welcome to my budget with me

video for October as you know what this

channel is all about personal finance

investing and success main set one of

the videos I love to share with you

every single month is our actual

real-life household budget so what I

like to do is I show you the main bills

that we have paying so you can compare

them to perhaps where you’re in living

but also so you get the idea of the kind

of cost that we’re experiencing up here

in Glasgow as an example so if you fall

on my channel before you all know I fold

the money stacks method for our money

that basically means we have six buckets

for our money every single month the

start of the month there’s a zero based

budget every single pound is actually

accounted for and I send it to six

particular places we’ve got financial

freedom we’ve got education we’ve got

fun money

we’ve got giving we’ve got long term

savings so there’s lots of different

ways that we actually use our money I

find this method it’s fantastic for our

family it allows us to design life to

work on long term goals but also have

the fun element to life as well after

all it’s not how much you earn it’s what

you do with it Keynes so if you’re brand

new to do it be sure to hit subscribe so

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hi Leah welcome back to my Channel today

my name is Jennifer from Mama forever

calm I make videos about personal

finance investing and success amazing in

the UK my goal is to help you achieve a

time and financial freedom

we do that through using our money

smarter thinking about the goals that

matter to us ultimately you will

probably have different desires and

goals for your money than I will at

least give you the tools that allow you

to get there so you’re going to see a

couple of things in this video I’m going

to tell you to the computer and I’m

going to show you the autopilot money

spreadsheet system disparity system I

created a couple of different sheets in

the analogy to budget allows you to also

pay off day if that’s something that you

have to factor as well as you to create

sinking funds so those are little ports

of money perhaps sort of Christmas

holidays that you’re always topping up

every time you get paid and it also

allows you to work on those long term

financial goals even shows you how to

market your financial freedom exact

amount of money that you need

investments and savings to basically

live financially free so the first thing

we’ll do is we’ll straight to the

computer I’m going to talk you through

our budget talk you through the changes

in our budget and then I’m gonna share

with you something I think you’ll be

really useful if you’re thinking about

the C word that I’m talking about

Christmas if you’re thinking about

purchases in the next couple of months

I’m going to show you a tool and I think

will be really useful to you I think

you’re gonna enjoy so let’s go straight

to the computer and talk about our

budget so have you been following my

budget with me videos for a number of

months now you all know that actually we

changed our life probably I think it’s a

bit March or April time we’re doing

things differently my husband is

studying further education and

essentially we’re living off my

full-time wage which I work in IT

industry also my say tussles this

YouTube channel which I love my blog and

so we are doing things a little bit

differently our income actually dropped

by about 49 50 percent as a result

however this is the power of actually

budgeting we’re making sure of course

that the money that we have is being

used efficiently but also to bring join

there’s obviously been the change in the

household that we’re really enjoying

right now but that has to be reflected

on our budget

essentially you simply cannot spend more

than the air the maths is not in your

favorite if you want time and financial

freedom and so we have to make sure our

budget works for those goals so right

here is my autopilot money

system so this particular

speech as you can see is broken down

into your key bells and also there’s

things like food and picture you’ve got

gym memberships there’s a whole horse of

different things you can actually have

unless one budgeting sheet so I’ve

removed how much my household total

income is it doesn’t simply matter I

want to show you the bills we’re pink so

you can have a comparison perhaps your

own situation now these are not the

ideal amounts to pay for anything I’m

not suggesting that in any way these are

just they mates that we’re paying at the

moment we’ve got other costs I’m not

breaking down absolute everything that

we spend in their household but this

gives you a really good idea

or they can of course that we actually

you know the mortgage payment actually

within my spreadsheet I include my team

percent rule so that means ten percent

extra on the monthly amount we

automatically do as a direct debit to

our mortgage this is actually taking our

25 year mortgage time from 25 years to

22 years with just basically the price

of a couple of teeth weeks every month

so as you can see our mortgage is just

about the six hundred and seventy pay

mark we’re actually coming out of our

fix period this month so we’re gonna be

certainly looking at the best deals I’m

also the best options were there we will

for two years three years or five use

that we maintain if we can get one to

value ratio down the next thing is we

have council tax obviously now in

Scotland and Glasgow where I live we

don’t have separate water bills so it’s

one fee 207 pounds for ten months there

the great thing if you’ve been watching

my videos as well you may have seen

actually this is one year we are saving

a lot of money this month in particular

so her gas and electricity was going to

actually go up 247 pounds

crazy amount and as a result of some of

the great comments that you had left min

past couple months we’ve actually

managed to secure a better deal using

bulb if you’ve never had a bulb of

course go and check them out because we

are saving such a lot of money with them

as I seen nearly a third of our bill has

dropped off with one single switchover a

great thing is they’re actually paying

or disconnection fees from our old

supplier so again that’s money in our

account another benefits because I use

somebody else’s refer-a-friend link to

them we’ve also got 50 panes in their

own account so if you have fancy

checking them out using my refer a

friend where you get 50 panes on your

bulb accounts order I I’ll leave that

below that is of course other providers

out there but this one just really saved

us a lot of money so we live in new

builds and we have a

there’s bail as you know so that’s

roughly 13 pounds a month we cannot

negotiate that as a set fee every single

month it’s included in the budget so a

couple of things I want to show you in

particular on our budget now we have no

car payments we also have no yearly

bills such as car insurance or car tax

we simply don’t pay monthly for them

we choose to save up a sinking fund and

pay off in fuel we’re saving probably 10

to 15 percent at least by doing that I

have a video actually recently about how

we saved thousands of our budget go and

check over everything why you should be

really trying to pay yearly particularly

if you’re looking to cut your course but

also keep more money in your pockets now

we have our bank account fee of 15

pounds now this is I actually watching

our favorite a lot so we were recently

on holiday as a family and we actually

ended up damaging my husband’s phone

that 15 pound fee that we have been

paying for a couple years now includes

mobile phone insurance includes a

holiday travel insurance a lot of things

including the AE coverage so it’s a

great deal when we compared to how much

these will of course separately and this

month we’ve actually been able to use

that really simply so sometimes the

deals that the banks give you of course

don’t automatic seen or have a look

around and could you actually beat their

monthly fee a few other things on our

monthly outgoings you’ll see we’ve got

sky we only have a sky for the internet

we don’t pay for the TV we actually

don’t have unlicensed either because you

only use Netflix and Amazon no live TV

we’ve actually got a good healthy food

budget of about three hundred and sixty

pounds as you can see and also picked

your budget so because my husband isn’t

travelling to his job every single day

that has meant a huge drop in paper over

the couple months and I’m actually

hoping in this month in October in

particular we’re going to focus on more

vegetating vegan options with our family

I’m really excited to do this I actually

think I’m a document how we get on and

how much money we end up receiving so

that money of three hundred and sixty

pounds I actually think is probably

overkill this month really want to see

if moving to that vegetarian vegan diet

even just short term can have health

benefits for our family so the final

section of the spreadsheet I’ve actually

removed some of those categories where

it shows you the percentage again I

don’t want to show you actually how much

we earn for you today money it’s not

about how much you earn it’s what you do

with it so in your auto pilot money

spreadsheet if you fancy getting this

from my Etsy store

the link is always below so you can

always see if you’re actually in profit

or if you’re in deficit every single

month this is a zero based budget that

means every single pound is allocated

for is realistic I’ve usually got a

buffer as well in our bills account to

make sure if anything changes randomly

so as I would see this span she really

has changed our financial life so you

can actually use a spreadsheet as well

to pay off debt as I mentioned there’s a

really easy spreadsheet part to fill it

with in the tabs and actually works a

for you if it’s better to use snowball

or avalanche and I should tell you in

the next couple of tabs or exactly how

much money to pay each day so if you’re

struggling right now or you think in the

future you could be I really hope this

would help you a lot so let me share

with you our money stacks for October so

this is what I love to do to tell you

the percentages to show you what you can

achieve when you’re sending out your

money in different directions I have a

video that explains the money stack

method in complete detail the link is

always below and on my videos go in

check it out if you’re looking for a

method that isn’t solely focused on

paying off debt or working on goals it

covers you for everything I really

believe in this method so the first

thing you will see are essential stack

which is basically our bills and our

food and pay actual is 56 percent of our

total household income if I took out

food in petrol this amount would

actually closer to 39% so that’s why the

food budget picture really I’ve got some

wiggle room there I’d love to have that

value down to 50% obviously we’re trying

to do a bit differently with their food

so maybe November you will see that drop

financial freedom pot is always ten

percent it’s an absolute no-brainer for

me that means that 10 percent of our

household income start of the month go

straight to our investment Isis we

invest and index funds or lots of ideas

on this channel to talk you through that

if you want to do the same basically an

investment I can’t allow you to sieve

tax-free that means when you put money

in its pause tags to withdrawal you

don’t pay tax or capital gains the next

acts are long-term savings are fun money

and education money are all that 10% to

are giving funds when we give to causes

that we believe in every month that’s 4%

in the moment I really want to see that

increase so when I’m going to decrease

our essential budget perhaps with our

food and our picture I want to see if I

can get that closer to five six even 10%

ideally so this is exciting I wanted to

share with you in the past month in


I actually gave myself a 37% pre-tax pay

rise through my site hustles so I’m

really so proud you can see that amount

is going up every single month I love

YouTube I know that a lot of you really

enjoy my videos so I encourage you if

you’re thinking about a little bit of

something you could do on the same try

it if I can do it absolutely anyone can

my hope is one day that amount is going

to be really quite significant indeed

however at this moment in time it

doesn’t matter it’s contributing to our

house if anything I wanted to talk about

is financial freedom with our pension

contributions so I paid my patient

pre-tax and that comes out on my

employer wage so I never actually see

that money leave my pocket the great

thing is my employer actually puts in

ten percent I put in five percent goes

out the door don’t even have to think

about it so if you’ve got employer

contributions in any way if you work for

someone who has a scheme with a pension

really if you can’t afford to max out

their contributions in summary it’s

basically free money they’re giving you

that you’re not having to air because

they’re getting benefits of not paying

you but not having to pay called

creation tax they want to give you that

money back and usually your national

insurance contributions as well so again

I mentioned the see where to start

Christmas right now I’m of course

looking for the base deals to help us

with our Christmas spending we have a

sinking fund that I’m working towards as

part of our goals so that Christmas does

not have to be in Dayton Amy I actually

find this really smart comparison tool

it’s called ideal or they came they

actually wanted to sponsor this video so

to make sure you got the information to

and then particularly for Christmas our

two little boys are thinking about some

legal toys so here’s the great thing

about this say you simply search there’s

even a price alert button I’m going to

show you right now how ID law actually

works because of this price and there is

so fantastic I think it’s really going

to save you a lot of money especially if

you’re wanting Christmas to not put a

financial struggle on yourselves

so basically I’ve come to ideal which is

ideal cool dat youth key and you search

for anything you like so at the moment

Archer obsessed with Batman legal so I

want to just answer that in right there

and then we actually find BAM that’s the

one they wanted the what Batman are

battling and Riddler I see so this one

is super easy what you would do you can

favorite it if you want it to be in your

favorites pale

to just be watching in general but

because it’s a price comparison tool you

click on this

no te straight to the pace comparison

will tell you how much you’ll actually

cost you the cheapest place to find it

so of course there’s some great toggles

here as well you cannot with delivery

charges which we can change to something

that’s hidden fees you can have if you

want it immediately and then of course

you would just go go to shop and as I

said if a price was just a little bit

out of your range you can actually hit

this button if their price alert button

so for example I would really like to

pay a closer to 35 pounds for this toy

I’ve got two together I actually say

that I’m out there with delivering

course you can toggle here to have

delivery cost so that’s your total price

paid you sell enter your email address

and hit C and the great thing is ideal

will email you the moment that your

target price is met by a reseller it’s

something that’s so easy to actually

make a huge difference in your budget

when you know you’re wanting to be

spending money on absolutely items that

people are going to love so we don’t

only have toys there is tons within all

their categories you can go and check I

really love this comparison tool for

saving us a lot of money best year so

thank you so much for watching today

there’s a budget review video is one of

my favorites to share with you it’s

really exciting to share with you and my

percentages go up per day I just like

you to feel part of this process we are

a normal family up here in Glasgow I’ve

got two small boys two cats one husband

if I can do it anyone can

and hopefully in this channel I’ll you

two have the knowledge and the resources

that really can make a difference in

your financial life remember of course

tons of resources on my Mafra AFRICOM I

have my vlog there I’ve also got my book

the master money blueprint if you want

the principles that I use to master our

money I also have the spare cheats as

I’ve mentioned before I’m an Etsy store

and I also have a budgeting course this

has been really popular recently I know

a lot people are excited but getting

their finances in order especially for

Christmas ahead so go and check it out

hopefully it will really help you so as

always be sure to leave me a comment if

you’ve got any video suggestions love

reading your comments how are you doing

with your budget but tailor how you

working toward your sinking funds for

Christmas or big events let me know how

you’re getting on if you use the money

stacks method – I’d love to hear your

comment there what you think about it

have you tweaked it slightly so thank

you so much for watching I’ll see you

very soon