the hoover h3500 pets vacuum gives you

power performance and pet-friendly

features in one compact design it’s our

lightest ever stick cordless vacuum at

just 1.7 kilograms in handheld mode so

it’s an ideal choice when cleaning

tricky areas in your home or car

interior h3500 has dust pickup

performance equal to a corded vacuum

thanks to its brushless motor and turbo

boost mode so it’ll leave your carpets

and hard floors looking and feeling

exceptionally clean it’ll help clear up

after your furry friends too with its

motorized mini pets turbo brush the

bristles inside the brush rotate at high

speeds to remove embedded pet hairs it’s

super compact too at just 69 centimeters

tall in storage mode it’ll easily fit in

a kitchen cupboard so with its small but

mighty design and exceptionally powerful

performance the hoover h3500 will be

able to tackle even the toughest

cleaning jobs

there are clear reasons why cordless

cleaning wins for convenience but not

all cordless vacuums give you mains

performance and real staying power

introducing the all-new vax one power

blade range powerful cordless vacuums

with a revolutionary battery at its

heart the new vax one power battery

gives you up to 45 minutes run time and

twice as much as the best-selling

cordless in boost mode

enough to clean your whole home

plus it can power every other product in

the vax one power cordless cleaning

system the blade 4 features our best

ever brushless motor and vax core

technology what does that mean it

outperforms the uk’s top five

best-selling cordless vacuums down where

the powerful cleaning happens there’s a

twin helix brush bar what does that mean

it means it can do this working hard

cleaning deep on both carpets and hard


and direct helix technology means

there’s no loss of suction

so you get the performance of the

best-selling corded uprights

in a light well-balanced cordless that

switches to a handheld in one click

perfect for cleaning in the car

on the sofa


and low get mains performance with

cordless convenience from the powerful

new vax one power blade range

vax one power endless possibilities
















dyson’s latest vacuum is the only one to

use a laser it’s precisely angled to

reveal invisible dust

the slim fluffy cleaner heads

anti-static carbon fibre filaments pick

up those microscopic particles


suction is increased when needed thanks

to this special sensor which counts each


and gives you scientific proof

it also comes with dyson’s pioneering

technology a high torque cleaner head

that automatically adjusts across

different floors and dust amounts

14 redesigned cyclones to maintain no

loss of suction

the power of this hypodermia motor and

five-stage filtration capturing 99.99

of dust

for the most powerful deep clean

all around your home

buy direct from the people who made it