hi guys in today’s video I will let this

little device control my life for 30

days this is called Lumen and it’s

device that measures your metabolism

basically at any given point it can tell

you whether your body is burning fat or

carbs for energy based on the amount of

CO2 in your bread it’s supposed to help

with weight loss maintaining your weight

and becoming metabolically flexible

which means that your body will be

equally as efficient in burning carbs or

fats for energy depending on what you

have in the moment when you are

metabolically flexible you can consume a

high carb meal and your body would know

to use that for energy rather than store

it as extra fat so in the next 30 days I

will follow the recommendations of the

Lumen device and the Lumen app to see if

I can improve my metabolic flexibility

and also get in better shape hey guys

it’s my first day on Lumen it’s also my

first day back from vacation first day

back at work if I look tired it’s

because I am I’m a little bit jet black

I’m still getting used to Lumen I did a

couple of basic measurements just

because I learned that in the beginning

you’re supposed to measure as often as

possible so that the device can learn

about you and like what’s normal for you

and your body so far I’m doing well the

first measurement that I took this

morning was a two which said it’s really

good to wake up with it too because that

means your body is mostly burning fat so

it has burned all the carbs that I had

with dinner last night I had a salmon

Rice Bowl so it was pretty heavy on the

carbs for breakfast this morning I had

two scrambled eggs and a piece of bread

which is pretty moderate in terms of

carbs the recommendation for today is to

eat 90 grams of net carbs which honestly

is pretty below for me I feel like I eat

more like 150 or so but as I said in the

intro of this video this month I’m gonna

follow everything that the device says

to see if I can get the maximum results

I definitely I think I gained a little

bit of weight on vacation because I

wasn’t really paying attention to what I

was eating I was just indulging in

everything that I had missed so I really

want to get back in shape and just start

working towards getting in even better

shape after having a baby which has been

my goal for a while now so I have a

really busy day today but I’m gonna be

vlogging as much as possible and just

explaining everything that’s happening I

have a meeting right now but after that

I’m gonna measure again to see how my

body is processing the breakfast I had

okay guys I got tied up in my meeting so

it’s been a couple hours after I ate but

I will still measure inhale deeply your


hold your breath exhale in three

three two one


currently burning both carps and fat

which is a little bit weird for me

because my breakfast was pretty low carb

and I am starting to get hungry at this

point I expected to have a lower number

but it’s fine

so the Lumen app also gives you goals to

do every day and for today I chose to do

a 20 to 60 Minute resisting workout and

have a snack free night

and that was actually my first workout

in the last three weeks because I was

traveling on vacation and I didn’t

really feel like exercising but now I’m

slowly trying to get back to it and it

was really hard to motivate myself to do

it but I feel so much better now that I

have done it

and I definitely want to start

exercising again consistently like at

least three to four times a week and I’m

gonna be really curious to see how my

Lumen level is gonna change after the

workout so I’m gonna check in again in

30 minutes to show you guys just for

reference I ate a burrito so pretty high

carb meal for dinner not a great idea

according to Lumen but I was at four

before dinner and I was at four after

dinner so I’m curious if that’s gonna

change after my workout


so having that burrito last night really

kind of derailed my day today I’m only

getting like four and fives and I’m not

sure if that’s the reason but maybe I

woke up with a level of three which

means I was burning fat and carbs at the

same time and then my measurements

started climbing to four and fives

and I’m keeping it pretty low carb today

at least that’s what the app is

recommending I need to do 90 grams of


it’s pretty low but we’re gonna do it

good morning guys it’s Thursday I woke

up a little while ago and I measured

with the Lumen and even though I had a

pretty low carb day yesterday I even ate

less carbs than my plan recommended just

accidentally I really expected to wake

up with a low Lumen level this morning

but I didn’t I was at a three

so I’m a little bit disappointed but

it’s not a huge deal I’m still like in

the learning process just trying to

figure everything out and I don’t know

I’m a little bit surprised but I guess

it is what it is towards the end of my

30 days I actually learned that carbs or

I realized that carbs are sticking

around in your system for a little bit

longer than I initially thought at first

I thought that when you have a high carb

meal it will be around in your system

for about 24 hours and then after 24

hours of low carb eating the carbs will

magically disappear from your system but

in reality it’s a little bit different

and it usually takes about four days for

me personally I was measuring a lot in

the last couple of days just to make

sure that the device learns about me and

my metabolism as much as possible as

quickly as possible

but I’m not planning on taking as many

measurements like moving forward I’m

still having a lot of questions

sometimes the numbers don’t really make

sense to me but

the app is good about like trying to

analyze and you know address your

questions and give you an explanation


hey guys it’s 9 p.m and I had dinner I

relaxed a little bit so now I’m ready to

complete one of my Lumen goals which is

10 to 15 minutes of high intensity

exercise and I want to measure before my

workout to see how they work out is

going to impact my metabolism so let’s

see what my result is going to be right



hi guys I am done with my first week on

Lumen and wanted to give you a little


overall I’m pretty happy with how it

went I actually waited myself this

morning and I was down 1.5 pounds which

I’m happy with overall it was relatively

easy to follow the device is pretty

straightforward to use there was a

little bit of a learning curve in the

beginning until you get the hang of how

to breed into it but I thought it was

pretty well explained on the app and

there’s plenty of opportunities to

practice so I I think I’m pretty much an

expert now I measured my levels pretty

often in the first couple of days to

give it as much information as possible

and make it more accurate but going

forward I plan on taking maybe one or

two measurements definitely one after I

wake up in the morning to get an updated

meal plan for the day and then I will

probably take one more measurements

before or after a workout in the

afternoon or before bedtime for the most

part I can say that I follow the

recommendations for carb counts and it

was relatively easy to follow I I

probably went over a couple of days but

it’s no big deal I’m not like that set

on whatever the app says I’m just using

it as a guideline overall so far the

biggest lesson that it taught me is that

I need to eat my carbs during the day

and not for dinner and I also need to

ditch uh late night snacking like after

dinner snacking so I’ve been trying to

follow this rule basically

um and to be super honest I already knew


um even though I wasn’t really following

it but seeing it on the app and just how

it impacts my metabolism and how it you

know actually prevents my body from

burning fat just made it really click to

me and it motivated me to really

implement it and follow it a little more

strictly as a rule so that’s why that’s

the big thing that I’m trying to change

right now

good morning guys it’s Tuesday of week

two and my measurement this morning was

good it was a two which meant I am

mostly burning fat and that has been my

result I’ve been one or two in the last

three days so I get to have a high carb

date today and I’m really excited I

actually just had breakfast and my

breakfast was oatmeal with apples and

walnuts and cinnamon I know it’s pretty

fall but apples were the only fruit that

I have in the house and now it’s been

hour and a half since I had breakfast

and I’m gonna measure my levels and the

goal for today is to make sure that I’m

burning carbs after a high carb meal so

we’ll see



fat and I don’t understand why so I just

took a shower and I measured again I’m

not sure what’s happening probably I

feel like oatmeal is probably like a

slow carb so it doesn’t like spike your

like blood sugar and everything as much

as other carbs so I’m I wonder if that

makes any difference okay I just read

this uh information about the Boost days

on their app and I know why my level was

low it’s because I ate too few carbs so

I guess I just I only ate like 36 grams

of net carbs and I had to eat like 60.

so maybe that’s why the numbers were the

way they were

for lunch I’m planning on eating pasta

so this would be definitely high carb

and we’ll measure after that and we’ll

see how that’s gonna go

hi guys I am done with week two and it

went well I had my first high carb day

which was kind of a struggle weird I

also got my period And I assume because

of that I was craving way more carbs

every time when I measured it looked

like I was running on carbs

I wasn’t burning fat when I was waking

up in the morning and the app told me it

might be because of hormones during my

period as I said I was craving more

carbs and I decided to listen to my body

so I wasn’t super strict with my daily

plans and as a result I’ve been waking

up with a higher score I had a three

yesterday morning today I’m at a four


it’s not great so the app put me on

extra low carb today so 75 grams of

carbs which is lower than my usual 90.

um I don’t know how I feel about that

but I’m gonna try and follow it I also

got my personal Lumen score which

measures the flexibility of your

metabolism I was at a 13.8 which is kind

of in the middle the maximum is 21 so if

you have a 21 your metabolism is

extremely flexible so you your body

knows very well how to burn fat and

carbs so as I said I’m in the middle and

I’m working towards improving that

number and we’ll see how that changes

throughout my Lumen Journey so I guess

my main goal right now is to go back to

burning fat instead of so many carbs and

I’ll let you guys know how it goes hey

guys I’m

three and I

I’m struggling with my Lumen situation

since I I since my period started my

measurements are just like all over the

place I have not been able to wake up

with a one or two like the weeks before

and I have like higher score in the

morning versus right when I’m going to


um and it’s just really frustrating

because I don’t understand what’s


and today what I measured I was at a

four like this morning after fasting for

more than 12 hours

and the app suggested that I should eat

even less carbs that I’ve been eating

which I find kind of annoying because

what it has been recommending to me like

90 grams of carbs has been okay but I

don’t want to go lower than that like

it’s just very limiting to me and it’s

just it makes me miserable so I don’t

know if I’m gonna follow that but I

think adding exercise would be really

beneficial and it will help me get into

that fat burn again

just because I’ve been so busy with work

and that I’m so tired at night in the

evenings that I have not been working

out in the past week or so

so I think adding exercise can be like

the missing link and what will help me I

don’t know if I’m gonna go to 60 carbs

as the app is saying is just

if I go there

organically that’s fine but I’m not

going to be striving towards that

because it’s just I don’t know it’s

limiting I think

hi guys I woke up this morning and I did

my Lumen reading and I got a level four

which is not great to have in the

morning but as you can see I’m sick and

apparently the device assumes or the

device suggests that this might be the

reason because when you’re sick your

body is under stress and every time

you’re stressed out in some way your

body will prefer to burn carbs for

energy so that might explain my higher

reading this morning

now that the month is over I am ready to

share my final verdict for now and I’m

saying for now because I don’t think 30

days is actually enough time to see

major results and major difference so I

plan on continuing to use Lumen at least

for the next six months and then I’ll

probably make another video to give you

guys a final update but I’m happy to

talk about my first impression during

the 30 days and the pros and cons that I

came across with this device to be

completely honest my life got really

crazy in these 30 days so it was really

challenging for me to fit in exercise in

a lot of the days that I wanted to

so I think my results would have been

much better if I had the time to

exercise at least like four times a week

but it is what it is hopefully I’m gonna

be better in the next few months

basically in the last 30 days I was able

to lose five pounds with little exercise

and not a lot of restrictions I know

it’s not a lot but to be honest I didn’t

lose any weight during the week where I

had my period and the week that I was

sick and I basically lost in the first

week and then kind of in the fourth week

but anyways let’s get into the pros and

cons of this device for pros I would say

one aspect of lumen that I really

enjoyed is the data I really am

interested in learning as much as

possible about how my body functions

because when it comes to diet and

exercise it’s everything everything is

really individual things really vary

from one person to the next so I really

enjoy the personal overview of my body

and how it functions I really enjoyed

learning how different foods impact me

how different types of exercise impact

my metabolism so I think that was really

useful and that would really help me

plan for my weight loss journey and what

to do what are some best practices for

me personally I think the app really

helped me see how my body responds to

some things like in real time and when I

saw the impact of some things that I was

doing that really motivated me to stop

these behaviors and I’m talking about

having high carb dinners and also

snacking a lot at night

so when I stopped doing that it’s just I

started getting better results in the

morning and you know just seeing that

seeing the impact on the app just the

way that I’m failing to reach fat burn

in the morning

um and how I’m always in cardboard and

that really actually motivated me to

change these behaviors and kind of like

distribute my carbs during the morning

and lunch meals versus dinner so I think

that was really helpful to me just

seeing the impact in real time another

thing it sounds silly but honestly it’s

important to me the next thing is

battery life I think this device has

amazing battery life I didn’t have to

charge it at all for the first two weeks

then I charge it once and I’m still

using it and it’s at 90 this is a huge

Advantage for me because we have so many

devices that we have to charge on a

daily basis so one less to worry about

it’s honestly amazing and I use it every

day so I expected for the battery to

drain faster but I’m so happy that it

doesn’t another advantage of this device

in this program is that there is a lot

of helpful information in the app there

are a lot of seminars a lot of videos

articles just a lot of things to read

and watch and learn they also host a lot

of Zoom seminars that you can attend

with nutritionists and other Specialists

so it’s really an educational journey

and you can learn a lot for yourself and

just how nutrition and the Lumen program

works in general so I really love that

part of it and then the final thing that

I can say is I like the flexibility of

the diet I basically could eat

everything thing on any given day even

on the days where I had very low carb it

still was enough to eat at least like

one or two meals with moderate carbs in

them so that was pretty good I think I

didn’t feel deprived or restricted for

the most part there was one frustrating

thing about the diet plans but I’m gonna

get to it later in the comments section

of this video I can say that during the

30 days I mostly looked at the app as a

guide and not so much a strict rule so I

think that also helped overall even

though I didn’t have a crazy progress

with the scale I feel in a better place

when it comes to my weight loss and I

know exactly what to do for the next

couple months and I feel like what I’m

doing right now is really working for me

as a whole this device really helped me

with coming up with a game plan for

myself that I’m confident that I’m going

to be following for the next months okay

let’s talk about the cons so there is

one thing that I really struggled with

on some days and it was the carb

recommendation especially the days where

my body was under some kind of stress

like I was either on my period or I was

sick and even though the ab acknowledged

that my body is under stress and that’s

why I’m burning more carbs it’s still

recommended that I lower my carbs

further which was something that I

really struggled with I feel like when

your body is under stress and it finds a

way to burn carbs and prefers to burn

carbs why would I deprive it from carbs

even more like I feel like that alone

like stresses it even more and I just

really was failing to see the you know

the reasoning behind that so even on the

days where I was sick or I was on my

period I was still recommended really

low carbs maybe about 60 grams which

on the days where I didn’t feel like it

I didn’t follow it just because I prefer

to listen to my body and I just

I just failed to understand it to be

honest so that was probably the biggest

con for me I didn’t always see the

reasoning behind it I didn’t see the

logic behind it so I was less compelled

to follow it so I feel like in some

cases the app is just oversimplifying

things like oh you’re not in fat burn so

I’m gonna put you on super low carb no

matter how you feel no matter if your

body is under stress and you’re

struggling with something so this is

definitely something that I’m not a fan

of my other struggle was with high carb

days and even though they are advertised

as part of the program I barely had high

carb days during the 30 days I had one

which I really struggled on I was

constantly in a state of fat burn and I

couldn’t reach the cardboard that they

wanted me to and then I had another high

carb day a few days ago which went much

better but I guess I’m a little bit

disappointed because I feel like I

didn’t have enough high carb days but on

the other hand I get the the reasoning

behind it I guess my metabolism was not

flexible enough so I couldn’t really

take advantage of that benefit at this

point in time and then the most obvious

disadvantage of this program and this

device is obviously the price it’s very

expensive for the cheapest program which

is a six month subscription and the

device together it’s 250 dollars so I

think this will be a turn off for a lot

of people I personally really enjoy the

device I will continue using it but if I

had to pay for it myself

I would have a really hard time

justifying this price but if you have

the money to spend if you enjoy looking

at data and analyzing how your body

works I think it’s a good investment in

your health and wellness okay guys that

was it for this video if you have any

questions about Lumen about my

experience and anything in between just

let me know in the comments down below

and I will do my best to respond I will

continue using Lumen for the next six

months and I’ll definitely be making an

update video so stay tuned for that if

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