“hey everybody welcome back to my channel

today we’re going to be talking about

the use

of cannabis hemp and stevia

um in our skincare products so

uh i have a couple things that i got

some samples of that i wanted to

test out together and i’ve been using

these for a couple days so i haven’t

really gotten the full effect of the

product but

i noticed some things the first time i

use this i want to kind of show you guys

what they

are so the first one is this

mild foam cleanser it is

through the vegan glow brand

um and so this is how the little tube

looks this is a like so this is a sample

size so it’s very small it’s only one

fluid ounces but

you don’t need that much and i’ve been

using it a couple days like i said so


product itself the full size 3.4 fluid


bottle is 16 on their website and i’ll

link all the stuff in the description


so with this one it says that

possibly the most effective safest and

mildest foam cleanser ever made

a true simplistic formulation with

natural key ingredients

no fragrance and a ph level of 5.5

so um i’m going to test this out and

well i’m going to show you guys how it

kind of falls on camera

um my hands are already washed so i’m

going to get my hands a little bit

wet and apply it i’m going to let you

guys see how it looks

um in my hand so it’s kind of like a


a clear consistency not too

thick but not thin so i’m just gonna

kind of foam this up

and wash my face with just my fingers

and my hands

um it definitely is very mild

there’s really no smell you know y’all

know i’m always smelling things when i

put them on

there’s like no scent so if you have

sensitive skin

this probably will work good for good

with you

i have very oily skin so

it doesn’t affect my skin either way

but it doesn’t have really any smell

i mean it kind of smells i mean the

smell that you do get up from it it

kind of reminds me of like uh

i don’t know just like click like clean


some medication or something so i’m

gonna rinse this off

okay so now that my face is clean

i’m gonna pat it dry with um

clean paper towel the next thing i’m

going to

show you guys is this new face toner i

uh bought

and i picked it up from walgreens you

probably can find it at walgreens target

um walmart maybe i don’t know

um but i found it at walgreens

and it was i think 10.99 but let me

check the chicken receipts hold on

yes 10.99 and it is the shea moisture


um it’s the cannabis stevia hemp seed

oil and with witch hazel and with

vitamin c it’s actually the skin rescue

rescue toner and this is how the

container looks

so this one says

i want to read off the website okay so

it’s basically supposed to help reduce


or destress your skin and nourish you

without like stripping your skin

sometimes some toners feel like you

because it is getting kind of the rest

of the dirt off that you may not have

gotten from washing your face

it makes your skin feel super dry

but this one doesn’t so far when i’ve

been i’ve been using it and it doesn’t i

like the fact that it’s just like a

little spray

but i like to put it on the cotton swab

just because the way it’s been missed

it’s kind of thick

so i’d rather spray it on a cotton swab

and then kind of just um

you know dab it on dab it on in now

and i notice when i use this toner

my skin feels like tight

afterwards uh kind of like

uh i don’t know i can’t describe it like


like you know you can hold your skin

taught to do something to maybe like get

wax or something like that

that’s how i feel it feels like my skin

is like super

tight when i finish and i put toner on

my eyelid shop my eyelids get oily

okay my business um

so i even put it on on my eyelids

because it i don’t know

faces be full of grease chad okay so

that’s that

now let that dry and it doesn’t take too

long to dry but

i kind of like all my stuff to kind of

like sit a little bit so while that’s

dry i’m saying about the next thing the

next thing

is a serum so the next thing that

actually does

have cannabis in it is the is this

botanical reboot serum with cannabis and


so this is only five

milliliters but

and i see why it’s only that because


the one fluid ounce this is like point

sixteen four ounces

the one full adult is thirty dollars on


and this is a little bitty container the

brand is um

urethra i guess i don’t know i’ll put it

in the description box at the bottom but

this is how the container looks it’s

really small

so yeah 30 dollars for one fluid ounces

but i guess you know when you want to

look beautiful

costs it costs so cannabis cbs seed oil

helps to nourish and maintain skin

barrier function

it also has hydraulic acid in it that

helps like pump your skin and smooth it


and then it has a neosimide

vitamin b3 that helps to even skin tone


texture me a cinnamon that’s i said it


it also has nina cinnamon which is b3 b3

so that helps like even your skin tone

and your texture which i have texture

skin and

even skin tone so what this one says to

do is for you to

have put a couple pumps on your


and you want to press it into your skin

so i like to do that

and it’s kind of like a clear jelly um

texture oh too far down and so i like to

rub it into my fingers

and then i put it on on the

pertinent areas

the important parts so i can press this


kind of slap your skin and wake it up

get that blood flow now this when you

get done using this your skin is gonna

it’s gonna start feeling kind of sticky

um after it dries no it doesn’t

but immediately as you’re putting it on

you’re gonna feel kind of like a

kind of sticky-ish kind of like

it’s almost like you can hear it hear

the stickiness

on your face

y’all hear that

i don’t know i don’t know if that means

some or if it’s the product or

if it’s because it’s a serum and not

like a cream or

a lotion but once you once it dries and

you know you move on to the next step

you don’t it doesn’t feel it doesn’t

feel like this after you

after you finish so it kind of just

makes you

like your skin just feels like squeaky


you know what i mean that’s not that’s

the feel i get from using this serum

after i use that serum so that’s that

that’s step number three

so we cleanse we’ve toned we’ve uh

serum our skin up now the last thing i

have right here

is the avant brand and

it is a moisturizer but it is

let’s see tell you how much it is


okay so this also has hyaluronic acid in

it too vitamin c

um jojoba and avocado

and it is it says it’s a supreme

hydraulic acid anti-oxidizing duo


so this is how it looks this is the

brand avon

and this is only a point three four

fluid ounces 10 milliliters

it’s also cruelty free cool it’s also

cruelty free

and paraben free however

this is

125 dollars online

okay on avon skincare’s web page it is


now i will i’m trying to clear my skin

and i’m trying to do all the things

all the things okay however

i’m not gonna do it so we’re gonna use

this little sample

and we’re gonna use it sparingly until

it’s gone lying on everybody again okay

i refuse i refuse to spend a hundred

pounds on

one moisturizer this thing that needs to

been the whole product line

but it does have a of somewhat of a

smell it smells very clean

it’s a green kind of uh color when you

put um pork

not pour it out when you squeeze out the

tube it does come out green

um so just be where it’s not going to be


and i like to rub my moisturizer in like

this as if i was using my roller

um just so that i can

massage my face

beside it on me and get that neck you

don’t want to have no

dry nick okay don’t want to have no dry

pig now

you if you tied your face is tied

at least if you don’t want to buy this

and you want to pay 30 dollars for this

on amazon

get this because it’s going to make your

skin feel super tight

super light you know what i’m saying

it’s going to make you feel like

so that will be good for someone who’s

who’s been

maybe working a lot tied

last thing but not least is i’m going a

little bit

a little something on the left okay

this is just some lip balm from a

previous skincare line i have they sent

they sent with the product which is the

butter bar

shea butter lip balm it also has vitamin

c in it

no no um hemp no stevia no

canvas but you know you don’t want to be

walking around with a fresh face and

crusty lips so that’s that on that

all right you guys have y’all if y’all

ever use any do y’all have any like hemp

oil i heard somebody tell me i should

use like a hemp oil

or cbd oil on my face and it’s very


this skin this stuff is very common i’ll

tell you that for sure right now like

even when i use this in my other regular


i was like i just feel so relaxed like

i feel calm okay so that’s all for these


i will link the websites

for each product in the description box

if you have ever used

these any of these brands let me know if

you have ever seen them if you have

tried them

what other products that these brands

have that you do

like or maybe you don’t like um and if


haven’t have had any good experiences


what you want to call cannabis or stevia

on your face

what are your stories okay

and i will see y’all in my next

peace gang