“hi everybody welcome back to everything

hi everybody

everyday living i’m cass and odie just

screamed to the top of her lungs

and if you’re new to my channel well you

know what today is

it’s february 1st would you mean my god

it’s february already

gosh anyway it is february 1st which

means it is time for another

monthly giveaway on our channel

and the rules are very simple the

giveaway will start today february 1st

and end

sunday february 28th i will announce the

winner then and the rules are very


you must be subscribed to this channel

you must be 18 years older or have your

parents permission

parents regarding permission so me so i

and a stranger on the internet can send

you a box of goodies

uh you must live in the united states

and you must be

oh boy 18 years older if you subscribe

to this channel

here we go i’ve got forgotten the rules

18 years older be subscribed to that if

you subscribe to the channel

live in the united states oh and leave a

comment on this video comment on this

video only

are the ones that are going to be

entered so you guys understand that

sorry about that i got confused no i

just don’t want anybody

saying well i left a comment and i

didn’t get

chosen okay so we’re going to get on

this one

so here we go these are this is with the

box of goodies here

so we’re going to go through each one

i’m going to show you what they are the

first item we have here

is from the brand new mod this is the

this is a hair mask

and rich in mask intensive

this is a hair mask i believe this is

worth like 36 bucks or something

not bad so there’s a hair mask i’m

hearing noise over there

next we have from the brand this

is just a oh gosh

these are false eyelashes these are like

a little bonus false eyelashes that i


one of the main stuff guys these are

just little bonus items false eyelashes

don’t tune out yeah don’t do now it’s

gonna get better

this is from the brand you’re gonna go


this is from the brand suede this is the

majestic majestic oil

absorbing blotting paper there we go oil


oil oil absorbing blotting paper in

matcha this one is in matcha

so we have right there matcha

then we have from the brand apple and

balm this is the sarafin botanicals

apple and bomb

glow lip mask this is worth 25 buckaroo

can you believe this

there you go lip mask you put this on at

night it’s supposed to be an intensive

lip mask

we have that then we have from the brand

glow no no this is earth harbor glow


this is a refining enzyme mask red

seaweed plus fruit enzymes

this bad boy retails for like 40 bucks i


something like that here we go that’s

what it looks like it is

purple goo look at that

look at it look at it oh no so we have


see that and then we have from the


ivy white beauty this is the sunday


eyeshadow palette i will open it up to

show you what it looks like

i already have it open to make to make i

made sure that um

it wasn’t damaged so we have a mirror


and this is what the palette

looks like there you go there we go

that’s what the palette

looks like you have one two three four

you have five

shimmers and the rest are mattes

see that semi healthy mix there

okay let’s put this back in here and

then the next item

is the sutra last month i gave away the

curling iron this mod i’m giving away

the sutra

mini flat iron

mini flat iron here we go

mini black iron yep there we go

and there we go you guys can see there

it is there it is

i’m gonna put it back in his little

cubby hole

and this one is much safer than the

other one

much safer this is a mini one so you

do if you have bangs or if you want to

do like small pieces of hair

and the last item is from the brand

avant this is the bi-face

hyaluronic acid rejuvenating micellar

water this bad boy retails

for 90 dollars

there we go so 90 so this

is the giveaway

all done i’m just putting everything

back in his little box

and it’s little box so i believe this

box has a retail valuable of a little


200 so oh goodness

so here we go

there it is no no good girl good girl


there it is so it can all be yours

if the price is right the price is wrong


and don’t forget the spade and neuter

so there it is that is our this is our

monthly giveaway for this month

monthly giveaway for this month i’ll

leave a sound right

um so just follow the rules make sure

and um so this is this month’s giveaway

this is this month’s giveaway

i’ll like come scratch you got a

playlist and i hope you check out our


other videos on this channel i believe

just check out our playlist so i will

one day update them all one day i will

one day i will one day one day

bye everybody bye everyone