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cohorted box which is an event

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so it’s the day after good friday i

don’t know what the saturday is called

after good friday but

obviously easter sunday is tomorrow um

we’ve got a full house but i wanted a

little bit of time to myself

and this had arrived my cohorted box

which is from avant it is a an event

edit i believe they call it an exclusive


so i’m going to go in white box usually

they’re black aren’t they but

occasionally we get a white one

oh and i’m gonna open it up it’s

beautiful here

the wind is cold but the sun is shining

and we were forecast somebody was

telling me snow for the weekend

so i’m really really glad they’re wrong

right lid is off

inside all wrapped up i love advanced


and a harvard is another one that i

really like so

and here we go here’s the cohorted cult


and it lists everything i’m not sure

does it list

prices i always wonder about this i

never can remember one day maybe i’ll be

so pro yes it does

every one day i’ll be so pro i won’t

even need to look in the book but here

we go

i love about products so first up is the


hyaluronic collagen eye

formula it’s not the biggest thing i’d

ever seen

10 mils in this tube according to the


it’s 99 pounds for the 10 mils i mean

wowzer it must be good um it says

maris aqua pro panadiol glycolic

age restore a three-in-one

hyaluron filler

so the book says

the three-in-one hyaluron filler

collagen eye formula is part of the

event age restore range

revolutionary formula contains signature

ingredients contributing towards evening

out the signs of aging whilst

maintaining a mattified complexion

i love that i mean it’s got to be

mattified um

the science hyaluronic acid aims to

penetrate deep as we all know

and collagen helps to um

work with the important building blocks

for elasticity and help

smooth the signs of aging top tip

applying light pressure on the corner of

your eyes with your ring finger

after applying cream will tone and

reinforce the eye area

so applying light pressure on the corner

of your eyes with your ring finger so

there so just pressing there

light pressure there i mean i’m used to

the whole you know tap tap tap was with

this thing

no one’s ever said you know sit and and

sort of

hold it there but i’m willing to give it

a go

so 99 pounds next

is a tube of

higher a pro-intense hyaluronic acid

illuminating day cream with an rrp of 98

pounds and that’s a decent sized bottle

that’s a 50 ml bottle

apply in the morning after cleansing and

applying your serum

pro-intense hyaluronic acid again so

this one it says

it’s an age radiance cream that aims to

illuminate your skin and consequently

your day it says pro-intense hyaluronic

acid illuminating day cream combines

the signature ingredients hyaluronic

acid obviously

seawater jojoba oil and soy

lecithin new science degree don’t you

look at thin

um it’s powerful moisturizing properties

helps keep the skin hydrated

making an excellent additive for mature

dry or overworked skin well i mean i

have mature

overworked you know so what does it say

and how to apply the moisturizer from

the jaw

working from the chin towards the

earlobes the cheeks from nose to temples

the forehead massage making movements

from the center

of the face outwards and then the final

touch massage making

circular movements from eyebrows


to nose avoiding the eye contour area

and she tells you which bits of your

face to put it on that’s interesting

isn’t it

a complete suite of event products

oh and there’s a code for anyone else

that loves

event um if you go to the event

site and want to buy anything you can

get 25

off with this code and it’s just


all in capitals cohorted 25.

that’s a big discount isn’t it cohorted

that’s a big discount on event products

and i do love about products

next out is

glycolic acid rejuvenating

face exfoliator at 92

pounds i mean this is an expensive box

isn’t it

the glycolic acid rejuvenating face

exfoliate it’s such a long name

works to gently exfoliate and retexture

it’s been designed to help refine

brighten and renew skin um

it combines signature ingredients such

as glycolic acid and

proline or proline proline i would


glycolic acid aims to penetrate deep

into the skin

while treating fine lines acne


dullness and oiliness for a youthful

appearance and proline or proline

contributes to the promotion

of firmer more illuminated skin and

helps reduce the appearance of sagging

wrinkles and fine lines i need to put a

ton on here i am sagging

so much anyway the top tip on this

is fingertip pressure and the gentle

friction of the perfectly round

micro beads will help slough away

dead skin cells which can lead to

blocked pores so this actually has

grains in it it says gently massage a

small amount into the skin

after cleansing then rinse the skin

thoroughly with lukewarm water so it

does actually have

um grains in it little little you know

little beads

in it that you can so it’s what they

call a physical exfoliator isn’t it

rather than sort of an acid peel

but so that’s 92 pounds as well

next out of the box is a bestseller

apparently and this one is 79 pounds

it’s the harmonious rose quartz

revitalizing and

firming mask ooh mass mondays

um this luxurious mask aims to purify

pores and absorb impurities and excess

sebum leaving you with balanced healthy


skin it helps tighten and clear

congested pores

and contributes to brightening tone as

it draws out impurities

the benefits it works it works to


skin against uv that’s quite good isn’t

it aims to illuminate skin

lessen the appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles it’s the usual thing so what

does this say

apply in a thin layer to clean dry skin

allow to absorb into the skin no need to

wash off


well that is very interesting that so

it’s got ro it’s rose quartz hyaluronic

sweet almond avocado oil

so that’s as well as your moisturizer i

wonder whether it’s something it doesn’t

say i don’t do a bit of research whether

it’s something you should sort of do

once a week

a couple of times a week i mean it can’t

be every day

surely but um it’s age nutri revive

yeah it doesn’t say how often to use i’m

going to look that one up i think

but it does sound good then we have


collagen intense radiance

activator serum so we get a serum too

this one is 91 pounds the collagen

intense radiance activated serum

is infused with brightening and

illuminating signature ingredients


towards visibly radiant and healthy skin

so it combines collagen

and lectin again amongst other powerful

actors and ingredients

collagen helps to rebuild the building

blocks for elasticity

and helps reduce the appearance of fine

lines and wrinkles and the lacquer thin

helps hydrate replenish and repair

the skin that’s a 30 ml

size as it sits 91 pounds the top tip

when cleansing your face a pla before

applying serum use

tepid water hot water could make your


perspire which inhibits absorption

and cold water will block pores

also stopping the serum’s effectiveness

i’ve never thought of that you know

i mean i realized not to do cold water

before you put a serum on i mean

duh but the fact that hot water would

make your skin perspire and it wouldn’t

go in as well i’ve sort of always

thought not that i do it but i have

always thought when it’s really warm

it’s sort of opening the pores to allow

things in

but they’re saying it’ll make the skin


and stop it working as well as it should

so it should be tepid water

that is very interesting i may try that

um this one you apply a few drops of

serum to damp

skin after cleansing press serum

into skin with an open palm

instead of fingertips to release active


wait two to three minutes to allow serum

to fully absorb before moisturizing

how do i put some yeah i do do that the

the press

thing with the hands i didn’t think

about how i do serums but i’m really

interested in that hot water cold water

use tepid water thing never occurred to

me that

i think you know i got used to my dad


not my dad did anything for skincare but

when he used to shave

he always used to use really hot cloths

on his face to open the pores up so that

he could get a better shave

and i think i’ve always sort of thought

yeah hot water opens pores

that’s what we want to get the serum in

never thought about the fact that tepid

water is actually better

that’s interesting and last but not


in here is collagen

eye restoring pads value 34 pounds how

many is in there

three pairs um wake up

to bright up wake up wake up surprise

your eyes

do you wear these at night

no no you only leave them on for 10 to

15 minutes so why wake up never mind

sorry sorry of the subject uh

with this revolutionary eye set

saturated with a complex of active

ingredients aiming to smooth intensely

hydrate and minimize the appearance of

fine lines dark circles and puffiness

the hydro bright collagen eye restoring

pads are infused with collagen

hyaluronic acid and aloe vera again it’s

going to tell us that the building

blocks for collagen hyaluronic acid to

hydrate what does it say about aloe vera

aloe vera helps stimulate collagen


and acts as an astringent to tighten

pores and help reduce the appearance of



now ladies i know we’ve got pores


i i know that but have you ever actually

sort of i mean does anyone have

open pores under their eyes i mean here

yeah my nose good god

under my eyes i can’t imagine why i

would want to reduce the pores under my


i’d like to reduce the puffiness so

maybe that’s what they mean maybe this

one’s just really badly put

at me i should get a job writing for


they should do a copy for um makeup

aficionados which would be this one and

then they could

include one which is mine which is you


you and me speak so that it makes

complete sense

but there we go so i mean what a box


a box there’s the eye masks

there’s the serum

there’s the day cream

there’s the firming mask the rose quartz

firming mask

there is the face exfoliator and

there is the bitty bitty eye cream that

is a lot of money’s worth

in one box the cohorted box seems to get

better and better i don’t know how they

get the deals that they do and with big


i consider big names in the industry

like event

um they amaze me i love this box

really love it so the entire box

all of those products if i was to buy

them at the rrp

i don’t know whether you can get them

cheaper but just going on the rrp

value this boxes value was 493 pounds

and i have found when i’ve gone looking

for products from the cohorted boxes

quite often that rrp is

bang on it’s not to say that you can’t

occasionally find some products on a

site and they’re doing a

you know a site-wide 10 or 5 or

something like that but generally these

rrps are genuine which amazes me

so 493 pounds worth

and i posh next month

is the spring feels limited edition

so they’ve curated the ultimate limited

edition beauty box packed with skincare


to make up must-haves that will put a

spring in your step so it’s going to be

a mixed box which

i like a mixed box i mean this is

amazing this is amazing don’t get me


but a mixed box is fun too because you

just don’t know what you’re going to get

out of it

so there we go that was my cohorted box

so i hope you’re all having a lovely

easter weekend we are here as i say the

sun is shining which is wonderful it is


but the sun is shining which is just

such a bad such a mood lifter don’t you


i’ve got my nails back on

and i’m trying not to think about the

fact that i’m going to start on the

nursery in the next week or two i keep

calling it the news we’ll have to go to

a spare room once i’ve done it but there

we go

that was me uh be well

be happy be blessed a friend of mine her

a friend that i’ve had a very very long

time i haven’t seen her in

um oh six or seven

years now she lives in america her son


a kidney transplant um

on yesterday and is doing really really


and that’s been we’ve all been sort of

buoyed up by the fact that

they found a donor and he’s had the


and you know so it’s feeling good anyway

it’s feeling like a really blessed

time okay bye guys