“hi guys it’s leah welcome to my channel

i hope everybody is feeling very very


so we’ve got cohorted this is april’s


and probably everybody in the world


it’s all about the event that’s a very

expensive skincare for those of you that

do not know

i’ve got a couple of their products and

i’ve tried it out

i’ll find it a little bit in there

so let’s have let’s see what we’ve got


chickasha shake those of you that don’t

know kaho to akoshi

39.99 a month and that does include pmp

as well

and it comes wrapped beautifully

inside the box you always get a

beautiful glossy magazine

and the value of this month’s box is a

whopping 493

pound so you know what 40 quid

for a value of 493 there’s not many

boxes that can offer that sort of value

and let me just show you what the box

contents look like

a little bit closer for you okay okay

so let’s get cracking

with the first product

um just bear with while i find out what

we’re looking at

i’ve just seen a price of this

particular product is

99 pounds this is a three in one

hyaluron filler collagen eye formula

99 pound

wow applying light pressure on the

corner of your eyes with your ring

finger applying

after applying the cream will tone and


eye area the benefits are aims to reduce

fine lines wrinkles appearance works to

intensely hydrate contributes to

removing dark

circles and eye bags and it helps smooth

and soften

the skin we are talking about this

little tube here for 100 pounds

okay do you know what i’m not going to

open it because i’ve got

a versa on the go at the moment then i

want to move on to

my new skin and then i will look at this

so i’m not going to open anything i just

want to

share the prices and what we actually

got so that’s the first

product a very expensive

eye cream um for 99 pound


and then i’ve got another product for 98

pound this time

this is the pro intense hyaluronic acid

illuminating day cream

okay so they all look the same is that


yes it is they all look kind of the same

don’t they

and this is apparently a best seller

so apply the moisturizer working from

the chin

towards the earlobes the cheeks smooth

from nose to temples

forehead massage making smoothing

movements from the center of the face


final touch massage making circular

movements from

eyebrows to nose avoiding the eye


contour area

okay okay well that’s that one

i can’t believe the price the stuff


so we’ve got another product this is a

glycolic acid rejuvenating

face exfoliator and this will cost you

92 pounds and that is

this one they’re all the same i’m just

kind of showing you the same

like they’re literally the same

um top tip fingertip pressures and


friction of the perfectly round micro

beads will help slay away

dead skin cells which can lead to


pores the benefits of this is

contributes to treating fine lines and


it aims to gently exfoliate it works

too firm skin and it helps to even skin

tone excellent 92 round

so we’ve got a couple of bits and bobs


oh so we’ve got another one that’s a

little bit cheaper for a face mask

79 pound

for a face mask what the hell

this luxurious mask aims to purify pores

and absorb

impurities and excess sebum

leaving you with balanced healthy

looking skin

it helps tighten and clear congested

pores and contributes to brightening


and it draws out impurities leaves

skin firmer more subtle and

younger looking wow

that’s all i’m going to say to that wow

so this is a rose quartz revitalizing

and ferment mask

79 quid

do you know even if i had all the money

in the world i would still be like penny

pinching and saying i am not paying 79

pound for a face mask

right next we’ve got the collagen

intense radiant

radiance activator serum

this has a recommended of 91 pounds

so that is


this one

apply a few drops of serum to damp skin

after cleansing

press press serum into skin with an open

palm instead of fingertips to release

uh active ingredients wait two to three

minutes to allow serum to fully absorb


moisturizing when cleansing your face

before applying serum use

tepid water hot water could make your


perspire which inhabits absorption

and cold water will close pause blocking

the serums effectiveness so i didn’t

know that i always kind of like

cleansing quite

warm water okay okay did i show you that

yeah what’s that


oh okay right so i got these around the

wrong way guys so i’m sorry

this is your 79 pound face mask

and this one is a 34 pound eye


restoring pads

right okay so i got them around the

wrong way hon i got them around the

wrong way i’m sorry

this is the mask

for 79 pounds

and this one here are

ipads which is 34 pound

still a lot of money to pay for

something that pops under your eyes

they’re called collagen eye restoring


34 quid wake up to brighter eyes with

this a revolutionary

eye set saturated with a complex of

active ingredients aiming to smooth

intensely hydrate and minimize the

appearance of fine lines start cycles


puffiness perfecto

and that was the last product so

we’ve got one two three

four five six products

not bad so more or less a whole kit here

did we get a cleanser

face exfoliator serum

mask day cream


look at them oh there they are there

oh you get a couple them you got three

turns 34 pound

so no cleanser but i think i might have

one that we got in one of our

boxes um i know i’ve got some

some of this floating about i’ve got

some lip scrubby stuff as well which

i didn’t think was brilliant okay so

that is the cohorted box let me know

your thoughts and feelings down below

i’m not too disappointed but i am in

some respects

i think if i hadn’t tried this range

before i would have been uber excited

but because i tried it and i wasn’t 100

happy with it

that’s why i’m not like like happy and

joyful and

you know but i will definitely try it

out and then we’ll look and

review and see whether i noticed a

remarkable difference

of when i applied these but at the


verso has definitely got my thumbs up

for that

brand is amazing okay okay to

speak again please please take care of

yourselves if you don’t get to speak to

you again before you see this video

please please have a

beautiful wonderful easter and i’ll

speak to you soon take care my lovelies

bye for now