“hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today i’m going to unbox the cohorted

this is for april

i actually did get the march one but and

i filmed it but i never posted the video

so i do apologize that i didn’t show you

what that one was

but this one is it looks like it’s an


uh special edition box which i am really

really excited about because i love this


i picked up one of their eye creams um

not too long ago also have a lip scrub

from them

so i’m really really really intrigued to

see what’s inside this beauty box

because i don’t know everything i’ve

tried so far is

really really really nice from avant and

it’s also really expensive so

i don’t know you know me i really like

um a good deal so

anyway so if you’re not familiar with

the cohorted beauty box it is just a

monthly subscription like any other

beauty box

that are around there are so many right

now i recently uh did this couple months

ago started in february got a march one

didn’t film it as i said

and um this is the april one and i’m

really really excited about it is a

little bit more pricey it’s 39 pounds

and 99p

something like that um i think if you do

a contract it might be a little bit

cheaper but i just do the rolling


but anyway yeah i’m gonna just get stuck

in because the sun’s going down

i don’t want the light to completely

change but um yeah let me just see

what’s inside the box i’m so happy and

also came really really early this month

usually they come

mid to late month but this came the

fourth day of april so

yeah i’m really excited you know i mean

obviously sustainable cruelty free

and also it says it back here on every

box i am sustainable which i think is

really quite nice

i’ll just take the sleeve off and the

normal box always looks like this

oh you can see a little bit of oh that’s

kind of that’s going to be annoying

isn’t it

you can see my ring light oh well well

apologies for that but anyway

so this is what the box looks like i’m

just going to go straight in i am a

little bit hot it’s a little bit hot


in england it is going to snow in the

next couple days though apparently which

is kind of crazy

um but let me just get stuck in all

right so it looks like this inside

something’s falling out oh a little card

they always say who packaged

your box so this time it was um hand

packed by suzanne

um so i’m just going to go straight in

and open this up

nice okay it is all avant things

wow i am so oh yes and they got me the

eye cream that i absolutely love and i’m

almost done with it so i’m

so excited so they always give you a

little cult

magazine with all the information on the

products that you get but i’m just going

to go straight

in this one is the first one that i

pulled this is the rose quartz

hyaluronic sweet almond avocado

oil and it’s a harmonious rose quartz

revitalizing and burning

mask and it’s 50 ml so it looks like

this i i’m so bad at showing products

on my unboxing videos i realize cruelty

free um

it obviously lasts 12 months it’s just a

face mask i believe right apply a thin

layer to clean dry skin allowed to zoom

into the skin no need to wash off oh

nice i like that

okay this is really nice i’m just gonna

see how much this one

is so this is a best seller

from theirs and it is 79 pounds

so as i said they are a sort of more

expensive brand

but everything i’ve tried so far i

really love and i’m just so so excited


this box i you i can’t express how

excited i am i didn’t realize it’s going

to be another like

brand edit maybe they do that maybe one

month there

they just do normal products and then

next month they do brand

edits i don’t know let me know if you

have a cohort box if that’s what

actually happens because it’s my third


last month i was actually really really

disappointed i really didn’t like it

um but this month i just feel like i

absolutely love it and the first one

that i had

was really really good and it was my new

skin and i really enjoyed that product

as well so

anyway yeah this is 79 pounds it

protects skin against the uv

aims to illuminate skin helps lessen the

appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

contributes to soften

purify and buff away impurities so this


really really nice and i’m really

excited about using this one

the next one i have in here oh this one

looks good too

this is a glycolic proline serine

alanine vitamin b5 papayan

it’s a glycolic acid rejuvenating face

exfoliator so i always read this part

and then obviously it just makes no

sense to me and then they have a little

description down

bottom this is also 50 ml this one i

imagine is going to be

just as expensive let’s see wow this one

is 92 pounds just for this small little


wow okay so the glycolic acid

rejuvenating face exfoliator combine

signature ingredients such as glycolic


and proline i’ve had a glycolic acid but


proline proline contributes to the

promotion of firmer more

illuminated skin and helps reduce the

appearance of sagging

wrinkles and fine lines i mean this all

sounds like it’s really really great um

hopefully it works on my skin i mean i

do have fine lines i’m starting to

you know get aged skin um but i

definitely don’t like have wrinkles yet

but if i can

make sure i don’t get them anytime soon

that’d be great um the firm skin

helps uh even skin tone it’s a gentle


yeah this looks this this looks really

really good and i’m excited to use this

one as well

i don’t know if you can see but i am


okay so the next one is this hyaluronic


jojoba oil less thin avocado

pro intense hyaluronic acid illuminating

day cream

this is also a 50 mil and this one also

sounds amazing so this one is also a

best seller it is 98 pounds

and what can i tell you about it

pro-intense hydra and acid illuminating

day cream combines the signature

ingredients of hyaluronic acid seawater

jojoba oil

and soya lecithin its powerful

moisturizing properties help to keep the

skin hydrated making it excellent

additive for mature dry and overweight


so i don’t have dry skin so i’m not sure

if this will work

as well for me as it might work for

somebody else i actually might hand this

over to my mother as long as it doesn’t


any fragrance oh it does have fragrance

hmm why do they add fragrance that is

such a shame that it has fragrance in it

because i know a lot of people just

can’t do a fragrance i’m fine with

fragrance but

a lot of people just have really

sensitive skin and i wish that they

could take the fragrance out of most

skincare because it’s really not needed

and i’m really sorry about this lighting

this is the worst lighting right now

i’m still going to try it out but it

might not be the best uh skin care for


okay so i’ve moved you hopefully this is

a little bit better this lighting but


the next item i have here is the

hydrolyzed collagen

lecithin erythritol retinol

ribonucleic and it’s a collagen intense

radiance activator serum that is

a mouthful oh my goodness um

this is only 30 ml this one’s a little

bit smaller than the other one but it is

a serum

um and let’s read what they say about it

so this one is 91 pounds

and the lighting’s going crazy again

it’s a unique formulation that combines

collagen and lecithin

and amongst other powerful actives and

ingredients collagen aims to work

as an important building block for


and helps reduce the appearance of fine

lines and wrinkles lecithin helps

hydrate replenish and repair the skin

making excellent treatment for mature

and dry skin

okay so again i don’t have dry

skin but this still might be okay for me

i’m definitely gonna try it out and yeah

this lighting is just going crazy so i

do apologize

okay i think this might be a little bit

better and it’s still not

perfect but it went crazy and i’ve had

to just wait until the sun

sort of disappeared a little bit it’s

still out there as you can see by the

shadows but hopefully

this video is not trash and i don’t have

to redo this

i’ve got a couple more products in here

so let’s just get into it

so the next item i have in here is a


collagen maris aqua pro panyo

glycolic three in one hyaluronic filler

collagen eye formula

and that’s it yeah that’s all i was


to say more now i thought this was going

to be the exact same product that i have

already from avon which is an eye cream

it’s actually a night and eye cream

which i

absolutely love and it’s 98 pounds and i

cannot buy it i mean i’m not going to

buy it anytime

soon but i have a little bit left i

thought this was going to actually be

the same one this is only 10 mil the

other one is a 10 ml as well

but this is just a different type of eye

cream so i’d be curious to know

how well this performs compared to the

other one that i’ve tried i mean the

other one i

absolutely love and i loved it so much i

didn’t want to use it up so i kind of

stopped using it

because i just didn’t want to um but let

me let me just see

what this one is all about wow okay so

this one is 99

pounds it’s part of the avon age restore

range revolutionary formula contains

signature ingredients contributing

towards evening out the signs of aging

whilst maintaining a mattified


that sounds good so aims to reduce fine

lines wrinkles and appearance

works to intensely hydrate i think

that’s my problem with my under eyes

they’re just not hydrated enough usually

so i need to like

add additional hydration there

contributes to removing dark circles and

eye bags i don’t really actually have

dark circles and eye bags yet so that’s


and helps smooth and soften the skin so

softening definitely need

and the hydrating definitely need and

just to reduce the fine lines

so this sounds really good just as good

as the other ones i’m really really

excited especially since it has collagen

i don’t know if the other one has


so i’m really excited about this one

and then last but not least i mean i

don’t know if this one’s going to be as

good but it’s another eye product

this is the collagen aloe

yo youju matsu

i i kisu hyaluronic

lavender oil glycerin vitamin c

alatoine hydrobright collagen

eye restoring pads

so there’s three little pads in here um

i actually never tried one of these

types of things before

oh gosh the sun’s back i’m so sorry it’s

just these types of things here

i’ve never tried them i have a few of

these types but um

yeah i’ve never tried it before and i

think i probably will try it

definitely going to try it from avon

because i imagine they’ll be amazing but

then i’ll probably want more than three

right i mean how often are you supposed

to do this because

three is just not enough you need like a

lifetime supply of this stuff

wow so these ones are the cheapest item

so far these are 34 pounds um which

you know for i pa patches

and only three of them i guess that is a

little bit pricey right

that’s still pricey i would think that’s

pricey i probably would not

i would definitely not pay that much for

just three of these but anyway

wake up to brighter eyes with this

revolutionary eye set saturated with a


of active ingredients aiming to smooth

intensely hydrate

minimize the appearance of fine lines

dark circles and puffiness

and i’m so sorry for the lighting but

this is yeah what it looks

like so that’s all i got from the cohort

box thank you so much for watching i’m

really really excited about this month’s


as i said last month i really wasn’t

that excited i also didn’t really enjoy

my videos so i did not post it

so if you’re expecting to see march i’m

so sorry you didn’t see it

it actually went live and then i quickly

took it down because i

didn’t mean to post it but um yeah

i think last box it was just a mix of

different brands

i got some skincare some makeup it

wasn’t that bad i mean some of the

products i got were okay

but i did feel like it was just thrown

in there was there wasn’t any thought to

it and i didn’t think it was worth the

39 pounds a month

this one however i absolutely love this

brand from what i’ve seen

so far and the products that i’ve used

so far so and i didn’t even realize that

they were going to do another brand edit

this month so i’m

so excited about these products and i

can’t wait to do my

shop my stash skincare just so i can

roll a lot of these in

and test them out anyway that’s all i


for this month’s box thank you so much

for watching like and subscribe if you’d

like to

and i really hope that you do hope

you’re staying safe and i will see you

next time hopefully thanks