The Great Courses have been providing educational experiences since 1990, when founder Thomas M. Rollins wanted to offer the world a new type of learning platform. He believed that video lectures delivered in an engaging manner could revolutionize education, and he was right. The Great Courses now offer an extensive library of video lectures and accompanying digital materials that cover virtually any topic imaginable.

The extensive video library contains courses on multiple topics, ranging from the arts and mathematics to philosophy and personal growth. Each course is developed by respected professionals in the field, bringing with them years of experience and wisdom. The depth of the courses is unparalleled, allowing for a full understanding of the subject matter.

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The library at the Great Courses is always changing, with new titles being added periodically. This keeps the library fresh and inviting, allowing viewers to explore familiar topics as well as brand new material. It also allows viewers to stay up to date on topics that may have recently changed.

In addition to the video library, the Great Courses offer courses and events exclusive to members. These courses provide detailed insight into a particular topic, and give viewers the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and skills. Exclusive events allow members the chance to interact with experts in the field, exchanging ideas and expanding upon the knowledge they have already gained.

The video library of the Great Courses is an amazing resource that has something for everyone. From those just starting to learn about a subject to those seeking a deeper understanding, the Great Courses offer a comprehensive educational experience. Visit their website today to explore their library and see what you can learn.