so i’ve gotten a lot of questions

about the lumen device after i posted

my video to instagram and

my product review on my blog so i


instead of answering them directly i

would just get on a video and explain to

you a little bit more about the device

and answer some of those questions

so if you didn’t read my blog or

see my video on instagram if you’re not

familiar with the lumen device

it measures your rer which gives you a


on how you’re doing with your metabolism

so rer is your respiratory exchange


lumen works by measuring a breath a

single breath

within that breath it measures your co2


your flow it has a flow meter which

gives a reading based on the standard

that standard tells you if you’re

burning carbohydrates or if you’re


fat so one of the questions that i

got was how do you know if it is

dietary fat or body fat you are burning

well since it measures your co2 output

it’s not

reading you know how much carb or fat

you’re storing

it’s basically determining if your

exchange ratio

is at a level where you would be burning

carbs or burning fat

so that’s how the device works if you

have any

more questions about that you should


my blog where i explain in more detail

about what your rer

is the next question they’re worried


the device would actually give you a

reading that would tell you to eat more


than maybe what you’re used to so


it doesn’t my experience with it is it’s

based on how much of the data that you

put in

to the app so you need to tell it

you know your body weight how many

calories you are burning based on your

activity level

you need to put in and track

your daily workouts uh what you’re


as well and based on your age

your weight your height your

amount of activity you’re doing it’s

going to give you a caloric

reading your basal metabolic rate and

based on that

and your goals it’s going to tell you

how many calories

you should be eating within a range now

of course

that is just a given it’s an app it’s

only going to be able to do so much and

provide you with so much information

so you really need to pay attention you

know if you’re used to

burning more calories than it’s telling

you to then make sure you’re eating more

calories if you’re

used to eating less then make sure

you’re eating less for myself my own

personal experience it told me

from my experience as a dieter for so


competing in fitness but also my

experience as a nutritionist

it told me pretty accurately how many


i needed in order to lose weight so that

is good and that is based on my

experience using an inbody machine which

is a another

accurate measurement of your calories

that you’re burning and calories you

should be eating

one of the last questions i got

does it show you the ratio of fat to

carbs you’re burning since we are always

burning both

no it doesn’t show a ratio it shows you


sliding scale from one to five

so five being that you are basically

only burning carbs

and one being that you’re only burning

fat for myself

i found that if i was burning

or actually if i was eating more carbs

throughout the day

when i would wake up and do my first

morning measurement

it would show me that i’m still burning

carbs and to be honest

i could feel it once you pay attention

to those things you can

kind of see am i really hungry is it


you know am just because it’s the

morning is it time for me to eat

or can i fast a little bit longer until

i’m burning fat

and then start eating again so i found

it to be fairly accurate again it’s

going to be dependent on what your goals


if you’re a person who’s running and

needs more carbs then it’s okay if it’s

in that carb

range if you’re the person who has a

hard time like myself

you’re a slow carb burner then i found


device very useful for me because then i

knew if i was burning fat

burning carbs is it time for me to eat

am i just feeling

hunger because it’s a habit or not

so those are all the questions that i

had right now

if you want more information about this

device and how to use it

please visit my blog

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