“hello my beautiful paths how are we

today I’m so excited to be here with you

um I am having a lovely day today it’s

like I fell over on my way to the office

though that wasn’t so fine like I

smashed up my knee like I fooled smashed

up my knee and I got stuff all over my

hands and it was not fun other than

having a good day and I wanted to just

quickly pop on do something a little bit

different I mentioned it in my last

video and it was just to be a bit of a

review of some skin care stuff that I

have found a little bit life-changing or

lately okay that sounds really but it’s

changed my life doing it and so

therefore it’s life changing

right and excuse my makeup today it is

from the last video but um my skin’s

SuperDuper dry so there’s that M and so

if it doesn’t look great just this way

okay okay it’s white we’re not gonna

talk about it right okay so I wanted to

quickly talk to you most of this a lot

of this stuff actually came in my glossy

box all my Birchbox things that I

receive a recommend I think I was I’ve

been testing both out and try to work

out which one I like the best and I

actually think I’m leaning towards a

glossy box as my preferred one but it’s

only been two months so I will keep you

posted if you would like to see like a

more in-depth review of Birchbox and

glossy box and the stuff I get each

month then let me know and I will do

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share with any friends that might find

value from this okay so my morning

makeup with you because obviously I wear

a lot of makeup you’ve got to look after

your skin it’s like it’s like the

biggest organ on your body it’s most

important the first most important thing

to do when you’re looking after your

skin is drink a lot of water I I put up

a post on Instagram the other day and if

you’re not following me on there it’s


underscore Evans same spelling as the

channel name but I got this bottle

because I have a real

issue with drinking still drinks they

feel slightly to me I just can’t handle

it and so this one is and and I hate

also not drinking up the straw and cut

them weird like that so I do this is

just a textual thing so anyway I’ve

really struggled to find a bottle to

drink out of because if they have a

straw they tend to suit with water and

do the mark they then explode everywhere

so I found the finally found resolution

I’ve got a big liter bottle because you

need to actually drink these weights

drink and work out how much you need to

drink is work out how many stones you

weigh and and then every for every four

stone you weigh you need to be drinking

you litre of water a day so for me I’m a

tall and not small girl and lazy people

telling me that I’m not that big but my

weight is all on my lower half and you

never see that so trust me I’ll weigh a

lot okay um and I got so then I got that

which obviously doesn’t have a straw but

I got this one oh it’s a real fiddle to

get it out

oh my gosh finally right that would have

been sped up inside I so I got I got

this big liter bottle so I could drink

lots on the go and then I got these

metal straws that can go in it and it

keeps my drink fizzy and I get to have

the straws really really long-winded way

of telling you and the drinking water is

the most important part of having height

well hydrated puffy beautiful scared not

puffy and like plop beautiful hydrated

looking skin and yeah so drink nuts

Ward’s that’s my main biggest tick and

also for hair growth there nail growth

and all of that kind of thing it makes

such a difference right moving on about

two products

so my if you’re interested in knowing

that bottle was off of Amazon as with a

straws the straws came and they’re

called the globey slurp Asst globus

letters and and they there’s like four

straight ones and there’s like four

maybe I should try this one it won’t be

as hard to get out maybe but then it

would sink though anyway and then you

get two cleaners as well so that’s super

cool right and and they were like a

fiver so we’re being environmentally

friendly me and the kids anyway products

so the first thing I do in the morning

when I have a shower is I um cleanse my

skin and at the moment I either use I

didn’t bring it down at shake I either

use the unique cleanser which is

beautiful but to be fair there was no

point me bringing that one down because

they no longer sell it unique and

brought out this whole new range it’s

quite exciting actually really want to

get hot get my hands on so I’ll get my

hand it’s not if you had my mom sells it

but anyway and basically you get like a

cleanser base and moisturizer base a

cleanser base moose toys based a date

soy de moisturizer night moisture base

and the serum base and then you buy like

oh you pick the boosters to go in them

so you can pick like a hydrating one and

line reducing one poor like minimizing

one lots of different ones and yet you

pick which ones they are

like it’s like tailored to you so I will

definitely be getting my hands on some

of that stuff and I will review it tell

you about it but it sounds super

exciting and and I know I love unique

skincare range no I don’t sell it


but what I will do is put a link to my

mum website below so I won’t make any

money if you buy anything from there but

she will say and just like no pressure

at just if you want to check it out

there’s a link for you anyway

what I have been using is this cleanse

up I’m in love with this cleanser my

husband got this as a freebie when he

bought me the head of Beauty nunu’s

palette and for Christmas and this came

as a freebie so and it’s really

beautiful so this is the Sarah Chapman

London skin s ultimate cleanse cleansing


it smells menthol it smells a bit like

what’s that stuff you rub on your chest

and Vicks or whatever and it smells a

bit like that but it is so beautiful on

the skin it leaves your skin feeling

absolutely stunning it really soft

really clean it’s just they really

really enjoyed that and this is one of

my favorite things it’s so funny this is

one of the favorite things I have

received in my Birchbox so far and I

absolutely it’s my most used thing and

it’s a little bit tattered because I use

it so much and I I’ve got to get the

waterproof eye makeup off it that was on

it but I’m gonna try boiling it and then

and then using the same cleaning stuff

on it anyway this went even so at night

I take all my makeup off I’ll tell you

about that in a minute and then in the

morning like the first time I use is I

did have done all of that and I claims

on my skin and done all of that and

slept and moisturize and all the rest of

it and in the morning I woke up and had

my shower and a cleanse and I use this

and oh my god it was covered in

foundation I was i I was shocked I could

not believe how much had come off so I I

use this now I don’t know if you should

use this every morning because your face

skin is very delicate but there was

nothing so you couldn’t

and so I do so you just put your

cleanser straight on this and you just

like massage it into your face with with

this and it is amazing and I will put up

the name of it in the box below because

I can’t really what’s called M but it

came up with birch box and so you get

those two together in the shower

absolutely amazing and then when I get

out the shower I for a long time have

looked after my face your skin because

ever since I’ve really been very into

makeup I look after my facial skin I

have eczema so I wouldn’t keep it it’s

most likely to be able to peel to put my

makeup on as I can so I’ve done that but

I haven’t always looked after my body

skin so recently I started to use one of

these brushes oh my god did you see that

the kids great em and to exfoliate my

skin and this is the Eco tools why I got

this from boots and what you do is you

just I do want to get out the shower I’m

still a bit damp and I just in circular

motions and the idea is you use circular

motions towards your heart so if it’s

below your heart you’re going up and

above your height you’re going down do

not use this on your face it’s far too

rough for your face but I use this and I

exfoliate all of my skin it’s really

good good one because you your dry skin

and stops like it stops the nourishment

getting to your new good skin that’s

growing and and also doing mix helps you

to release your lymph nodes that helps

your lymph nodes to like play I don’t I

don’t know like the Provost that worked

okay but again this is why you kind of

do it towards your heart but it will

help release them and I know having

fibromyalgia and for so many years when

I went on my honeymoon for years nearly

four years ago I had a bad night is

massage every single day and they are

they really release your lymph nodes and

they’re for the first couple of days it

was excruciating and then after that

it’s got less and less thankful to that

didn’t hurt at all and by the end of it

I could walk for miles I walked up

mountains on that honeymoon and

I like I can walk to a shop or down the

street normally now so I really do think

that if I could have Balinese massage

every day my life would totally be

different however you know my mmm highly

relevant but moving on but this is both

help with that so that is one of the

reasons I started it I’ve made just such

a massive difference so I use that not

necessarily in how I feel but definitely

in my skin so it’s so soft all of the

time it’s lovely

so I used that not right now cover

thanks man there

if you watch my go watch my last video

to find out why I’m covered in next

level right now and okay and then I use

at the moment this is the body cream I’m

using now bear in mind I have super

sensitive skin I have to be very careful

with the products that I select and this

has been amazing like amazing amazing it

is cool it’s the rosy for autograph line

it’s a divine body cream

it’s from Marks and Spencers I love the

packaging it’s a proper glass it’s the

Rose God I know that at some point

people have got get bored a rose gold

but I am in love with it for longer than

it’s been popular oh and it smells it

does smell it tell us define it smell

the divine queen it dissolves right in a

cave all its monthly right and and it

kind of leaves you with this little glow

like I don’t know if you’d be able to

see it on Cameron really but it kind of

leaves you with a little bit but like

healthy glow anyway it is truly lovely

and so that is what that and then for my

face and I do I use the unique hydrating

moisturizer again that they don’t sell

anymore which is really gutting but I’m

sure that the new one will be just as

good but this one is a hydrating day

cream with SPF 20 it’s so important to

give any trio again yes the F only so I

really quite like to get it in my my

mouse joy sir

and yeah once this one runs out I will

be going on to the new unique one and

I’ve tried a few ones it’s still my fave

and then I use a lip exfoliator again I

use a unique one I still have huge

amounts of unique products for when I

sold it so and I’m not going to suddenly

just stop using the stuff I love and but

I am like really enjoying trying other

– and this exfoliator is absolutely

amazing it comes in like a stick it

rolls up and yeah this is the Christmas

edition one the red one the normal ones

black and but this one’s peppermint and

I love it and like every Christmas I

always made sure I got loads because I

love them so much and and then I use lip

balm bombs now oh god my back sorry

back is killing me if you’re trying to

stay upright em lip balm bombs are like

unsung heroes

that’s what lip balm bombs aren’t they

are pricey I’m not gonna lie they are

pricey but so worth it they are so they

come in lots of different colors this is

the clear one so you can just pop this

on over any color like that you’re

wearing it has like a slight white hue

to it and but these ones they also come

in like lots of tinted colors and all

very very subtle but a bit buildable too

but no other lip balm or any lip product

has ever kept my lips so hydrated as

these do like and I have tried a lot

because I have such a huge issue with

dry lips I have a dry mouth all of the

time I’m in like a night open mouth

breather whilst I sleep like it’s

attractive and my husband’s like lucky

but yeah always always especially in

winter the dried rice lips and I just

don’t because I’m using this every day

so carries around in my back pocket it’s

amazing highly recommend anyway so that

genuinely is my morning this is give

such a long video I’m going to attempt

to cut it down and that genuinely is my

daytime routine and yeah I just find

that when I haven’t had what happened to

me happen to me that keeps my skin baby

soft it’s amazing okay then for my it’s

actually only one of those things

hearing my Birchbox or glossy box but

the nights don’t the night stuff is

different so I used and first of all

what I use and to remove my makeup

at the moment I’m using simply wipes I

don’t really stick with a brand just

showing me the ones I know it kinda tear

my skin and I also absolutely love

myself I’m a seller water micellar water

and this is that like waterproof

removing one and obviously love the pink

top one and unique hazards blow out a

new one so I’m gonna be trying that as

well and but I tend to have my masala

water in the office if everything enough

smile a bit here and then my simple

whites up in the bottom just because I’m

amazing I can’t be asked to have been

fasting around with a cotton pad not

that I see that it makes any difference

but in here I have like a jar to put

them in and I haven’t got one her

bathroom and that’s that so take it off

first my makeup off first with that and

then at the moment I’m using this

cleanser I don’t use this actually every

single day because it is exfoliating

cleanser so I get a spot between this

one and the unique one mmm but this one

is the I don’t know is this – for 1:7 or

just – for 1:7 or just for one syllable

with always but – that I don’t I don’t

know MA it’s a redefine face own facial

micro loofah foaming gel it is in no way

a loofah foaming gel like at all it is a

gel I’d say it’s a gel and I actually am

not that impressed with this like I like

what it does to my skin so I’ll use it

but look how gross that is and you know

why that is because as soon as you hit

this I don’t want to do it as soon as

you tip this I’m gonna try and do it

really small amount it pours out

everywhere like I’ve wasted so much

product in this so I really don’t like

this package I don’t know if this is

what it comes in normally when it’s not

in the glossy box but and but you won’t

be able to see but it’s kind of got

these like little beads in there that

just kind of exfoliate cleanse at the

same time and it smells really nice and

does a good job and this came in my

glossy box full-size so yeah I really

like it but it it’s pollen free and

mineral oil free it drives me mad how it

just spills out and I’m such a forgetful

person – I will forget that it’s gonna

spill out and so it just everywhere

really annoying

the other thing so I cleanse first dry

my face then I use up with beauty serum

I’m again having I have to try the new

version but I don’t think I’ll ever be

without this what this does for me are

they my makeups making it look

horrendous but what this does for me is

it gets rid of all of the puffiness

under my eyes like when I don’t use it I

noticed such a huge huge huge huge

difference so I don’t just use it on my

eyes they use all over my face I find to

be so hydrating so good just nourishing

I can feel my skin being like nourished

and lovely nursing’s

but the main thing for me that I love

this for is that it does stop that

puffiness underneath my skin and so yeah

absolutely love that and then the new

product that I hate that I love I hate

that I love this this is aven’t about a

pant this is a vant shea butter vitamin

b3 sea water sweet almond age neutral

revive deluxe Hydra not a Hydra

hyaluronic acid I don’t know why I can’t

say that I love that that’s an

ingredient it’s such a good ingredient

for keeping moisture in your face and

vivifying face and eye night cream and

then and this is a full-size again I got

this in my glossy box and it is normally

98 pounds people 98 outs and it comes in

a nicer packaging if you buy I think it

comes in like a glass jar if you bite

normally rather than in this packaging

but I’m quite happy for this back I do

because this came in my 10-pound glossy

box with all the other stuff so yeah I’m

okay with that

um and I didn’t want to like it because

it cost so much and I really don’t want

to have to replace it but I have never

experienced anything that reduces my

bags like this I normally have the

darkest purple east bags under my eyes

that you have ever seen nothing

even when I was like a youthful full of

energy teenager I had bags under my eyes

like I could have never found a

concealer that completely covers them up

like nothing

ever I always have darkness here right

now it looks dark anyway but I think

that’s more the ex-mother messing up the

concealer than anything else anyway this

has taken them to like a light beige a

light beige like just about there and no

it’s not just my art like under eyes

normally all of this is purple and it’s

like a light beige only slightly darker

than my normal skin color now I’m like I

am shook and I don’t know if I can use

that word i watch a lot of jeffree star

and like it’s what he uses all the time

I’m shook but in this instance like I

proper I’m shook I am took about this

okay I’m shocked I don’t understand why

people say shook I can’t I don’t I’m not

cool enough to pull it off I’m sorry I

won’t do it again

I might do it again I’m probably gonna

do it again but anyway this we love this


sadly we love this and so I used that

after so I let me also Kim for a while

first then I’ll pop that on and that is

basically my nighttime routine I’m gonna

really quickly mention whilst I’m here

within that glossy box so that glossy

box came with that that it came with oh

it came with this which is a dry shampoo

and damage control for hair weak or

damaged I’ve not used this because I’ve

got no hair people so I don’t really

feel the need but you never know they

make him a time and I’m womenís um and

I’m gonna hold onto it because I know

that besties is the only dry shampoo I

think works I’ve experienced lucky and

it also came with a like a sample of a

hair mask and with argan oil one oh my

gosh I’ve used it I love when I get

samples for hair set the masks because

they last forever for me cos and I need

so little on this wyvern hair so and I

put it in yesterday and it’s like the

sauce my hair is still soft even though

it’s got the product it Oh amazing and

then the other thing it gave me was

these now there was like in those

advertisers just like cool sponge the

cub like you know like

blending sponge that comes on a stick

I’m 11 handle I’m like I would have

loved that no that’s not the one I got

or I got the one with these in them

these are the Wilkinson Sword eyebrow

Beauty eyebrow shapers you’re supposed

to be able to like control how much of

it you have out because you can do it

like that well I I don’t know how you’re

supposed to control how much you have it

maybe like I don’t know I don’t know how

this work anyway what I know is I was a

fairly excited I was like cool I haven’t

had time I’m not well I having to get to

get my eyebrows threaded and so I’m

gonna give this a go and I basically

chopped off my entire eyebrow my like

nearly the entire of my eyebrow went and

I didn’t have any eyebrows to start with

so massive massive fail no she’ll never

ever use again product and then the

other thing that I did get in I did was

share to you because it’s in this grace

tune I’ve literally dishwash scrubbed it

with everything I cannot get this

Bloomington to get clean it’s from lush

so real quick so this is one of their

like dr. ko something rather soaps and

it’s like a superfood so became in my

Birchbox know yeah birch books and it’s

like the superfood sapin it’s mostly so

good for your skin and bloody and blah

blah this is pomegranate whatever flavor

thing anyway I used it once it dried my

skin out so bad it was like could

literally feel the moisture pulling away

but it’s coming really handy for

cleaning like my brushes of my sponges

and stuff like that so I kept it for

that and I can’t remember what else came

in my Birchbox so and yeah this is not

meant to be a whole review of that this

is those two just be about my skincare

stuff so anyway I hope that that was of

use to any of you obviously this is

really good for dry skin I don’t know

how well any of this will work for oily

skin or even really combination skin akt

like I’ve still got this scar here from

a spot I had like three months ago so I

occasionally gets more but really not

very often and my skin is basically just

dry dry dry dry dry


and yeah I hope that that was abused to

some of you and again comments the life

feedback most or most welcome although

this look this is why I got in I got

this in my Birchbox Sisk really weird

cushioned highlighter that I’ve totally

forgotten to use past the first time why

I think I used in one of the videos no I

use it in one I’ll have a look anyway um

yeah and you I have the most um day and

I will see you in my next video