“I probably I just water quickly do a

quick video on some FBA wizard results I

don’t think you’ve probably seen these

results yet because I think this was one

of the last scans you did before you

logged off so it was like it’s mostly

Argos but I just want to show you a

couple of things which you may you may

find or you may not know about this

already but I had a quick look through

this one caught my eye which was a canon

printer the way I check results I just

saw my sales rank and then I just go

down the list check in the keeper graphs

so I’m what about page five got to this

Canon one I saw that keep the graph and

four okay

looks interesting and it’s quite good

profit our eyes quite good

there’s no buy box which doesn’t say

yeah when you click on it

I’ve actually got up here this is what

you get so there’s no buy box which is

normally bit of an off put for me but if

you have a look you can see it’s been at

this price 199 200 pound a few times in

the past few months and it’s selling

quite well even without the buy box

someone came in did it a bit cheaper but

they’ve run out of stock and it’s gone

back up to 200 again and it looks it

looks interesting the only issue is on

if your wizard you click on this it’s

Argos mmm there’s no stop they’ve got no

stock which is quite common with Argos

this is the postcode for the prep center

I use this is what I usually check

nothing that completely out stop cool

things you can do because the keeper

graph looks good and the price is quite

good you can click on these to see if

this anywhere else which has got the

offers so that’s price by and that’s ID

low price by not really showing you

anything Amazon this is no good

DLO possibly has got one let’s have a


okay this is a place called alternate

which I think I’ve ordered from before

they’re saying it’s in stock 112 90 okay

this is interesting he’s actually better

than nervous all I was going to show you

I actually should have sort of practice

what I preach and I didn’t actually

click on these myself when I was

checking I just did a Google search so I

did a Google search for that I show you

went into shopping and the only real

result that’s different model this one

here only the one shot shot called Zorro

so I went over there they’ve got it in

stock for a hundred and thirty pound

deliveries free I’ve checked that so

you’re looking at a hundred and thirty


however ideal oh let’s just make sure

it’s the right one at this alternate

website Canon Pixma MX 95 budget five

looks like the same one to me what if as

it comes my two as a pointer dpi

yes the one same stock photo okay so I

was just getting extracted there and so

they actually won 1290 we’ll just check

this place for delivery

kind of quite expensive

this is quite heavy item so it looks

like it’s gonna cost ten pound I think

this is about 15 kilograms this item so

you could do 210 pound

anyway I digress even even if it’s

expensive even if we were doing

Lazaro on which is a hundred of 30 pound

each if you come back over to the actual

listing put your hundred and thirty

pound and put your 200 pound calculate

profit works out quite well nice profit

wise okay so that that’s that I would

buy so I’m gonna have a look in a minute

myself just to see which like to buy


but even at the hundred and thirty

panics more expensive price it’s still

worth doing even if we ended up selling

four hundred and eighty pound you know

the ROI is a bit low but I don’t want to

go below thirty percent but the profit

is quite high so worst-case scenario if

I can’t sell for 200 after said a bit

less but I should be able to make some

money either way so that that one’s

worth looking at just keep an eye out on

that you can check price by an ideal

over forty bit the actual site doesn’t

have in stock and that was whatever one

as well which I found not sure what page

it was on but I saved it to stack so

I’ll just go there it’s a Microsoft

service pen tip kit which I got again

you can see consistently selling for

around thirty five pound air by the

looks of it so if we have a look at the

list in this is it here it’s got a white

box as well only one left in stock from

this seller for thirty quid and after

that the next FBA is 35-pound obviously

got quite a lot of stock that is not

shown up here and you’ve got these non

FBA sellers who are doing a bit cheaper

but again they haven’t got a lot of

stock really and you look at that it’s

selling quite a lot and it’s been

selling for around thirty four pound 35

pound 35 pounds for the last three


consistently sell him well but again

back on FBA wizard this was Argos

fifteen pounds

no stop I’ve checked the earliest

postcode there’s no stop so they’re no

good but again if you try doing the

price by and I kilo

so price by eBay we’ll have a look at

this this website as well so let’s open

up the eBay and open up this one that

looks all for that

okay more than tell available official

replacement for the pen kit

okay it looks to be the same item this

is a generic one I think it’s not a

Microsoft brand so just need to check if

this is a Microsoft brand pointing

intercessory don’t see any Microsoft

logos on it

the say Microsoft there

whereas this okay that may not be the

right one not to show up on that one

okay these people have got 1474 but it

doesn’t know they’ve got the stock to


okay that they might have and they might

have to stop there okay anyway I did

find another website we had a cheapest

idealize founded voice he said the

teenage J and I listened anyway and but

I did I found my site by just doing a

copy and paste again and going to

shopping and I found it here two

websites to choose from Kings or

computers or BT business

different model numbers for the lot of

the same product to me

so that’s looking about 16 14 there’s

delivery on top as well so workers how

about 17 pounds or something or 17 pound

50 so we go back over here let’s go for

1750 profits good eyes good I’m actually

getting fat registered now which is a

tax in the UK once you set a certain

amount of products you have to register

for v80 it’s just just bliss of law and

it’s a tax and it’s a real pain it just

means I have to give more money to the

government as tax so fortunately my

profits a lot less than this now because

I’m paying v80 but it’s still I’ve done

on my own calculate and it still works

out okay I think I’m still getting about

30 percent ROI even with the v80 tax on

top so that is what I’m gonna buy I

think the place only had eight in stock

the one I was looking at which is okay I

probably would’ve bought more because

the amount is selling I probably would

have bought out 15 maybe even 20 of that

unit if I can find it from another site

then maybe I’ll do two orders and see

what I can get so that that’s another

good one to look for so again that was

found our guy said it was out of stock

we could keep a graph look so good I did

a quick Google search and that’s that’s

how I found this website that’s up 10

seconds to find those or you can check

those like I said it’s a lot for better

prices so that’s definitely worth doing

if you see a really good keeper graph

that stands out but the main stores out

stock check those sometimes it’s worth

checking these anyway because you might

find a good deal on wizard but it might

be an even better deal somewhere else

from another store but don’t worry about

that I tend to do that myself if you

find us a deal or tend to have a look

around to see if I can find it the

actual product cheaper anyway but it’s

just worth knowing those are really good


if I hadn’t have used these or if I

hadn’t done a Google search of these

products I would have found him and

those two deals alone are gonna give

some good profit so that’s definitely

worth looking for I’m gonna continue

going through and the results of the

scanner see if I can find any more but I

just want to make this video just so you

know to check those things

and if you’ve got any questions or

anything let me know but that was it