“hi guys it’s sarah welcome back to my

channel i hope you’re all doing really

really well wherever you are

today in newcastle it’s a bit meh uh

and i kind of feel a bit meh i don’t

know like february i’m i’m kind of well

it’s march now but like

february the end of february just left

me feeling a bit

like i can’t be bothered and i think a

lot of people will be feeling like this

but i just feel like my creative mojo

has gone down the drain so i do


um but today’s video i will be a bit

more kind of beaten perky this is my

my favorites and fails for february and

to be honest because i’ve been in a bit

of a slump i haven’t tried loads of new

things and i haven’t ordered loads of

new things i have ordered the new

colourpop bambi collection

so keep an eye out for that but it’s

kind of just me going through

stuff that i already have and maybe

things that maybe you have as well

and we could just talk about things that

i really liked and maybe things that i

didn’t like

in a month anyway if you let us out of

that stay tuned because we’re going to

go into it


okay so the first thing i want to talk

about straight away is

hair care and skin care so i’ve been

kind of going through things that i’ve

got i’m using up products

that i’ve got in my collection just so

that it’s

i’m going to get the most benefit out of

them so not just staying stagnant in the

stash and things like that

so the first thing that i’ve been using

for ages this is the charles worthington

moisture seal i’ve been using this for

absolutely ages

it is never ending and i really like it


smells really good it is it’s got like a

nice kind of

spa perfume smell it’s a leave-in


hair conditioner create intensely

nourished hair that’s instantly five

times softer

a powerful blend of five notion oils

penetrates deep into the hair shaft

leaving hair three times smoother i

think i bought this because the last

time i bleached my hair

somehow it got really dry and i’ve just

been using it for quite a while

so the five oils are argan oil coconut


tsubaki oil abyssian oil and macadamia

i’ve not heard of two of them but

whatever it is in there it smells really


and it makes my hair feel really really

lovely i think this was about six pounds

and if you are looking for a leave-in

hair conditioner then give this a try

because it was really nice

and then other things i don’t do i’m

trying to look at what mustachio

i don’t have anything else for hair care

but i do have some stuff for skin

care and the first thing that i want to

talk about well

there’s kind of three things but one

isn’t with me because it was from the

empties video

but it’s wishful wishful skin uh by huda

absolutely love this i’ve been loving


and yeah they are quite expensive and

maybe it’s something that i’ll think

about in the future about whether or not

i want to pay a full price

for them but i’ve got them in the advent

calendar and i

thought yeah i’ll give them a go and see

what they’re like and

really really enjoy them i can’t

remember i already mentioned this in my


in last month but i’m gonna put them in

here again

if i have just because why not i’ve been

using a lot more and i really love them

so the first one

is the wishful wishful your glow enzyme

scrub i like the packaging i have to say

the packaging is really really lovely

there you go you can see the holographic


so this is a lot like the korean

skincare and the body that

body shop’s quite well known for as well

face wash where you put it on and it


up now a lot of people do say that this

balling up is your skin

it’s absolutely there’s just no way it’s

your skin

when it goes a funny color and it’ll

definitely go fully color on me because

i’m a minga

but when you use it it will go a

slightly different color

it’ll ball up but it might go a bit gray

when it changes color yeah

that’ll be like the dead skin cells and

the makeup and stuff is taken off

but those balls are not your skin it’s

the product in there but it has

pineapple enzyme

papaya enzyme aha and bha i will say on

the back it doesn’t have the ingredients

otherwise i would have read this out

this is just a sample size that came out

it feels really good i’ll pop a little

bit on the back of my hand so you can

see what i mean

it’s very tempting to want to squeeze

loads out

you don’t need a lot and i will say

that i do not care for the body shops

version of

of like this similar style i don’t think

it’s very good but this is really good

it balls up really quickly i’m just

gonna get it in here

i like to put it on dry skin first

so you can see there on my fingers you

can see it balled up

and then you can kind of i don’t know

how well the camera’s picking up the

bits there

but it’s balled up on the back of my

hand and this because i put foundation

on the back of my hand

it’s kind of got a foundation color like

a pinky color

because of that not because it’s peeled


like all of my skin it’s just taken off

let me see like the top

the top layer the dirty layer and i

really like it it’s so good

and it cut and it washes off really

easily and it makes your skin

feel really soft really smooth i think

this the try me size of this is about 15

16 pounds it’s very expensive maybe it’s


as much as that i’ll i’ll put the price

here it is quite up there for a sample


so if you do get in a gift set then

absolutely like give it a whirl

definitely do that the other thing that

i tried was the

wishful get evening get even rose oil

now i am not normally

like again a rose fan i’ve said this in

my empties i’ve said this in lots of

videos before

so i was a bit like oh god when i

thought about trying this but it’s got

rose carrot seed oil rose hip oil and

beer bob oil it has the most

i’m gonna show you what it looks like

here so it has the most

beautiful yellow liquid and it has

ah like the most i see

traditional floral smell it’s very

strong and floral

so but i think that must come straight

from like the rose hip oil

it is so floral and rosy and again i’m

not normal oh my hand’s so smooth

i’m not normally like a rosy person

but my goodness it’s it smells so good

i’ve got a little bit on the back of my

hand here

it spreads really far and it soaks in

nicely as well and it smells really good

and it’s really really soothing

it’s really soothing and just lovely and

that’s kind of what rosehip oil does


moisturizing and soothing on the skin so

again i would recommend that

i really really enjoyed it the other

thing that i have which i don’t have to

handle i’ve just thrown it out but it

was in my empties video

and that was the wishful first trap


mask sheet mask again i’m very hitting

messy with sheet masks either really

love them or i don’t care for them

because they either do lows or they

don’t this sheet mask was

unreal it sat on my skin it didn’t move

it moisturized and hydrated my skin my

skin felt smooth and plump i used it

before bed

which i’ve never done before but i will

from now on and it just

felt amazing and i will be like doing

that kind of before bed pamper again

and because i really enjoyed it but it

was beautiful it’s eight pounds for the

sheet muscle again it is up there in


but if you are wanting like a one-off

treat it is absolutely and i will say

i’ve had this spot down here for ages

it’s like one of those under the skin

spots it kind of it surfaces but like


is there to squeeze there’s no head on

it but it’s red and it’s there when it’s

kind of shrunk down but

it’s still not going away so what we

call in our family we call it the core

so the core must still be in there gross

i know

but when i took off that sheet mask last


it shrunk down i i don’t know if that’s

what it’s supposed to do like if it’s

supposed to help with breakouts and

stuff but i definitely noticed that it

shrunk down quite a bit it’s still there

but it’s just

a lot flatter which get in i’m buzzing


so yeah i definitely think i will be

treating myself to more of those um

wishful sheet masks in the future and

i’ve noticed that they’ve got a

thirst trap serum but they have sets of


the other branded stuff like the other

like the rosehip oil and the glow

the in yoga like like try me sizes but

they don’t have the first track

so i would really love it if the first

trap came in like

a little try me set where it was about

20 pounds and you got maybe a sheet mask

and the serum

i would absolutely be all about that

just to try it out but i will be

continuous i’ve used about

maybe a fifth of this bottle but yeah i

really enjoy it it is bougie it is


obviously if you are on a budget the

ordinary is amazing

they have rose hip oil i think it’s like

five pounds so

you don’t have to go ott but if you are

wanting something that is

quite visually quite pretty as well as

very nice on the skin then yeah i really

enjoyed this

i don’t actually know what this video is

i don’t feel like i’m normally my

i don’t feel like i’m my true self today

but hey ho

anyway next up is this beauty formulas

ginger and turmeric superfood facial


i’ve really enjoyed this i’ve used this

a couple of times now i knew i would

love it

i’ve got the video up here for you guys

to watch when i did my cherries haul

but it is a creamy walnut-based

ginger and turmeric scrub it smells

smells it smells really good it’s like a


herbal smell and

it’s creamy and you notice when you use


it polishes the skin but it isn’t so

abrasive that you

feel it you’ve over scrubbed and because

it’s creamy it doesn’t feel like your

skin is stripped

which with how dry my skin is feeling at

the moment

um that’s such a positive thing to like

use something that doesn’t feel like

it’s stripping

and i think it was like one pound ten

pence from cherry

i’ll leave a link down below i do have a

link to the app

and i have a code it’s sarahmua20 and

you get 20

off your first order through my link

down below

and loads of the skincare and the beauty


are just over a pound and they do have

branded household products as well but

this is really really lovely and i will

for it you don’t need a lot as well like

i squirt the first time i use it i

squirted quite a bit out and i was like

i felt like i was like going all over

the place but but it spreads really fast

so this is going to last me absolutely

ages so you’ll probably see this near

the end of the year

in an empties video but i might actually

try this and also for your face but i

might try and put this on my

on my arms as well to see what that’s

like but really really great and it’s

only like one pound

and then what else have we got speaking

of scrubs

got this one here this is by uh bath big


and this is the raspberry donut scrub

now i’ve got their other one which i’ve

just totally forgotten which is

pink and green i think i might have

mentioned this in the last video but i

thought i would

try a different scrub from them because

i’d ordered two and i’ve been using the

other one that smells a bit marzipani

for quite a while i thought i want to

try something different

so when you get it it comes with this

little donut on the top now i haven’t

used this this is a bath

melt so i haven’t used this yet but

that’s what it looks like

so you can see i’ve already scooped

quite a bit out and it’s a very sherbety

sweet smell

it smells like something from the corner

shop from the sweet shop when they’re


i’m still trying to place my finger on

it what it could be

i feel like it would be something out of

a pick and mix but i’m not too sure but


forget about that it is a super thick

paste scrub

i’ll see if i can scoop some out you can

see that it’s

really really thick and it oh my god it


scrubs you so it’s got this is a very

very scrubby scrub so if you like a very


cleanse again as i said this in my empty

video if you like a scrub

that is great for before fake tan

i would definitely look into a bath

bakes love scrub and

because they are super super this one’s

super abrasive and i love it

and it has in it this is a salt scrub

but it has cocoa butter in there as well

so again you’re scrubbing your skin but

it’s not feeling too

like stripped afterwards it’s really

lovely and it smells

so good and nostalgic and just amazing

um again i’ll say this like i said this

in every video

i wish they would do bigger pots as well

but again this is 200

this is 200 mils and i think the pops

look smaller because they’re taller

than wider if you know what i mean but


jumbo pots please just so i can have

some more

please sir can i have some more then

we’ve got a couple of things from lush

i’ll show

you these first we’ve got big body spray

oh my god i love this i’ve been using

this so much

it is so so so

fresh it’s uplifting it’s like

a warm summer breeze it is

everything that you want when you’re


a bit deflated and you’re wanting like a

fragrance to like lift you and pick you


it’s amazing and it’s one of these

perfumes that lush do

that’s light but it stays with you all

day so you could be thinking oh do i

need to top up and then like something

will happen and then you’ll just catch a

little whiff of it you’re like oh

no no i don’t need to and it’s so fresh

i really love it and it’s it’s in a

obviously in the body spray so you can

really liberally apply it but it lingers

all day so i think they discontinue this

now which is such a shame because it’s

such a beautiful smell

if they could do some more things i

would like a bath bomb and maybe a big


or just something else in that smell

like a perfume oh my god they could call

it big surf

i’d be all down for that then we’ve got

glenn coco

face mask oh my god this is this pot is

never ending

i got this in the fresh and flower

subscription box i’ll pop the link up

here somewhere for you guys to watch

i’ve probably got another face here for

you to use

but look at that

uh it smells like chocolate and flowers


really pretty it’s a lot more decadent

than what cupcake was

and i’m very fortunate to have another

one of these ready to go

i hope that they bring this out into the

stores when the shops open back up again

i really really like this and it’s just

yeah never ending it’s so

thick i love it then we’ve got a

foot cream because not only

are my hands crusty but my feet are

crusty for some reason

these trotters that i’ve got feel

sad and you know for someone who’s not

moving around a lot

they look like i am so i’ve been using

the o’keeffe’s

healthy feet foot cream as you can see

i’m really enjoying that

and yeah it’s really good it soaks in

really quickly and

it doesn’t have menthol in it so it

doesn’t leave my feet

feeling cool which is great because i

like to put this on before bed

i love heel genius i like pink

peppermint by lush

but the problem is is that they have

mint in them and sometimes before bed

my feet get so cold that i can’t sleep

and i know that sounds ridiculous you’re

thinking sarah’s just a foot cream

the menthol is so cool and sometimes

that i can’t sleep and i have to put

socks on

and i don’t like sleeping with socks on

but sometimes i have to put socks on

because it’s so saucy

but this is for extremely dry cracked

feet i love the hand cream someone

didn’t recommend that to me

i use it i do prefer the hand cream in

the green tub

over the tube it’s probably the same

stuff but i feel like it works better

out with the tub

it’s easier to use as well and i will be

getting more of this and i

once i finish a couple of hand creams

because i’ve got about a billion of them

i will

um i will get another or keeps hand


we have got one last well two three

three things so we’ve got some makeup so

benefit gimme brow you know i was saying

that i

was being a bit lazy that i couldn’t be

bothered to do anything

and guys this is like the cheap

guide to doing your brows now there’s

plenty of dupes out there

in the drugstore and so you don’t have

to spend i think it’s about 18 20 pounds

for this however this is amazing you

literally run it through one way

you run it through the other way and

you’ve got filled in fluffy brows that

look natural

but also look like you’ve done something

so if you are

feeling a bit like you can’t be a

bothered but you still want to feel

better about yourself and you just want

to like spruce up

amazing if you’re a mom on the go

wanting to go kind of just pop it up

with something on before going to school

or pick up the kids

slam it on like obviously you can do

whatever you want you can literally

i mean i am the queen of like walking

around with like no makeup on because

i’m all about brace yourself but


you just want to feel good whack that on

then i’ve got two things here these are

from avon

i’ve mentioned this before in the

concealer video but this

concealer is amazing i’ve been using

this and just for simple

little looks for touching up on spots

it’s a lot like speaking of benefit

benefit buying

it’s really really simple it’s a cream

concealer it’s awesome it’s like

full price i think is about six pounds

don’t buy

anything like that from avon at full

price wait till there’s a little salon

but if i had to pay a full price but it

is worth six pounds because the benefit

buying is like what twenty odd pounds

eight i’m saying there’s only there’s

only three things left there’s actually


i’m bloody blind and then another thing

this is new

well it’s not new to avon but it’s new

to me and i’ve used this

a couple of times and i absolutely love

it power stave on true power say 24

hours foundation

i was initially put off by this because

i thought it was going to be like super


by the description because obviously

i’ve got dry skin but this

is unreal and they have quite a few

shades i’ll type how many they’ve got

it comes in a beautiful frosted glass

bottle i don’t know if you can hear that

and it comes with a pump which is

awesome really really really

lovely it is my type of foundation

where it is runny i love it it’s a runny


it blends really well onto the skin

i went on a whim and bought this shade

because you know may i always buy the

wrong shades of foundation

and it’s spot on it’s what i’m wearing

today i absolutely love it

and i’m so glad i got it i was gonna

pick up the

urban decay naked skin not naked skin

then use skin foundation i put a picture

here and

i thought he’ll i’ll just get this

because it was like obviously my mom

does avon

and i was like well i’ll just get this

and try it and if it’s not great i’ll

just send it back anyway

and save myself some money and i really

love it so

awesome save myself some money and then

last but not least

out of the makeup we’ve got the be

perfect carnival pro

xl so this is with stacy marie it is


look at these colors

you just do everything with them so good

i love it

simple looks because looks

yes okay so that is all my favorite


this month things that i don’t care for


that have been a big whopping feel that

i’ve that i’ve tried

numerous times and i just i just can’t

get away with this i can’t wait for this

to finish

this is the bean body coffee scrub this

is supposed to be a bit like the frank


scrub it’s a no for me it is with skin

loving coconut oil

vitamin e sea salt it’s i got the

peppermint smell because i thought oh

that’ll be nice and refreshing

doesn’t smell like peppermint it smells

like coffee it

is so messy like

unbelievably messy like over-the-top

messy i don’t mind when i’m in the

shower and i put a scrub on

and it gets all over the place but this

is so bad

also when you use it it like

tints your skin so like i look like i

had fake tan on

and i was like uh is it supposed to be

doing that it’s like have i bought a

self tanning scrub or something it’s

just like a new thing

but then when i use the shower gel just

to wash my body it all washed off

so i am trying to use this up as quick

as possible but

because of the sheer mess the thought of

using it is putting

me off so bad i got it from jtf and it

was only a couple of pounds

but i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate

it i hate it so much

next up we’ve got the avond hyaluronic

argan oil

peony sweet almond rose sugar lip scrub

and i got this in glossy box it’s

rubbish i mean that’s not

rubbish i just i just don’t like it it’s

why is it liquid it’s so stringy and


it’s like a lip gloss i don’t know if

you can see like the strings

it’s like a lip gloss but with a scrub

and it’s just this is supposed to be 50

pounds guys 58 pounds i think it’s

supposed to be

i mean if you want to spend 58 pounds on

a lip scrub

knock yourself out but more fool you

when you could just get one from lush

for six quid you could even get one from

jeffree star

for 13 pounds and have money to spend on

whatever you want but if you want to

spend 58 pound on a lip scrub

and by the way not even a good lip scrub

because it’s like a lip gloss with some

bits in it

then yeah just don’t get it

and then really i think

that is the only things i’ve not really

been getting on with

i think that’s it i told you there

wasn’t very many things i didn’t like

maybe i’ll have more things for march

but yeah i hope um

you like this video if you did let me

know what things you love what things

you didn’t like is there anything that

you’re kind of curious about is there

anything that you would like me to try

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