good morning and welcome my name is

Sussex Sandra and welcome to my channel

so this morning I am going to be doing a

comparison of two products it’s two

primers the primer that’s going to be on

to focus today is the primer we received

in the glossy box Lejeune and it’s the

primer from adult that’s not sure how

you pronounce it and it’s called the fat

pro perfecting collagen primer to


a i don’t know to pronounce it’s

all French it’s 30 mils and the stunning

thing about this primer is that it costs

85 pounds the S you heard me right 85

pounds yes it’s the price that’s set by

everyone themselves because they make

the product so but yes all of the

products made by advance they’re kind of

hefty in price so they’ve got very high

high-end prices and it’s a high-end

quality product I have to admit I’ve

used I use a couple of their products at

the moment particularly for nighttime

the products I use that night time I use

this this is their I was it’s a sheer

butter deluxe hyaluronic acid vivifying

face and I night creams I used this at

night time and this your other one I use

and I use this a night I lost I’ve done

my cleansing and everything I put this

on first and then I put this on so this

product is the RNA radical thermos

anti-aging serum I’ve been looking to

buy another one of this but this one is

practically finished the I’ve got a song

for travel size of this in a fantastic

box maybe last year beginning for last

year sometime and when that ran out I

bought another bottle from a site called

brands alley they do sales on products

from you to look out for them and again

this product costs of the contador

pounds on the effort websites on brands

Ally they did that sells well if about

two days they had it for 29 pounds

I’ve snapped it up so I’m looking at to

buy another bottle of that again because

I just really love using it this

products again this vivifying face cream

against 18 589 pounds again and so I

have managed to buy a replacement of

that a massive bite from someone on eBay

who was selling theirs so that was

really really good so you know I do try

to look out to get these products again

but I ain’t paying for size prices so

we’ve got this for primer as I said it’s

85 pounds on my website and I’m gonna be

comparing it to another high-end primer

I’ve got which I know

works for me it’s a bloody brilliant

it’s from hourglass and it’s called

fail this is only a small bottle so this

is 30 mils this is eight mils and this

atrial bottle will cost how much does it

cost it costs 17 pounds from cops beauty

you can get a 30 mil bottle and I think

the 30ml bottle costs six sort of like

49 pounds for the 30 mils of a quick

look yeah there are 30 mils of this cost

49 pounds and they have a larger size I

think it might be 50 mils over 100 mils

problem I think it’s probably 50 mils

and that costs 68 pounds so even the

larger size of this doesn’t cost as much

as this this product I would buy any

time that I’ve got the spare cash I will

buy it but I tend to buy this little

bottle and I use it for special occasion

if I’m them going out somewhere special

and I need to look decent all day

Michael wedding this is the primer I am

going to put on but as before every day

I tend to put on my Beckett even matte

poreless primer right so it’s back to

this one and what I’m going to do I’m

just gonna put on my moisturizer but

I’ve already put on Molly

I’ve already cleansed and chose my face

I’ve already put there niacinamide on

which is like a sebum control in serum

so I put that on this again we got in

one of the boxes

this one was it looks fantastic we’ve

got this in one of the boxes no it was

in the ASOS beauty box I’ve got this

I’ve already had this so the one I’ve

got in the a sauce box is a backup so I

was really using that so put that one


gonna put on my amour revita balance and

moisturizer again she’s a really nice

moisturizer I find has been great for me

because even though I’ve got really skin

I do still need to moisturize my skin

put this on


and whilst that’s settling down see it’s

moisturizing but it does magic mattify

my face a little bit mask that’s doing

its thing I’ll just read about this

primer on their website right so let’s

bring them up okay so Monday advanced –

skincare con website as I said this

product is 85 pounds for 30 milliliters

it’s the other size they do what they

say about this product is it’s a silky

like to make a universal primer that

instantly perfect that instantly

perfects the look of skin creating the

ideal canvas to enhance and look and

wear of your makeup and what pro

perfecting primer is a silky in like 20

Universal primer that instantly perfects

the look of skin and is blended with

powerful ingredients to create the ideal

canvas to enhance and look and wear of

your makeup

it’s got sexier which is a trademark on

the shoe setting all same soft aims to

balance pH and provide a

multi-dimensional softness sensation and

it’s got I said you can which aims to

cut the skin preventing preventing the

appearance of patchy skin and the

evaporation of water from the skin and

it aims to work as an important building

block for elasticity and helps reduce

the appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles so that’s the benefits the

usage which they say don’t we the same

thing about the usage

then they’ve got stuff about the

ingredients in it so yeah let’s go ahead

and do that

what I’m going to be doing today I’m

gonna put one side of my face with the F

arts primer and one side of face with my

my hourglass fail I’m gonna be going out

to work it’s a warm it’s a warm sunny

day kind of missed it but it’s a warm

day the temperature today so we’re kind

of no one got to be expecting it’s gonna

get up to 23 24 degrees today I think

the postman is arriving excuse me

postman has just arrived back in a

minute okay

so yeah just got the post and I think

what I’ve got here is the nail varnishes

I ordered so if you if you look at my

Instagram I have been really loving a

Nelvana shot got as a sample as a

freebie from a company called manicure


I’ll put the details down below so she’s

got this color called Coco Loco and I

absolutely love it’s a perfect nude for

me which I can get away with wearing to

work so it’s perfect so here it is here

so I went ahead and bought some of the

new colors that she’s launched there we


right so got a new cooker loca was that

kind of it then this color is called

Roselle it’s another nice new color come

out gorgeous

then I got this color which i think is

called minted yep minted and

there’s no one in a new range and this

color is called candy paint and it’s

such good process as well honey five

past 16 right okay let’s move on this is

not about Noah – Oh God – see I get so

hot oh let me dried out

okay so let’s go back to do get so

distracted so easily so let me get back

to reading about this primer serve I’m

afraid about the primer about the primer

so this primer they say this primer is a

silky lightweight Universal primer that

instantly perfects the look of skin

creating the ideal canvas to enhance the

look and wear off your makeup apply prep

effects in primaries are silky

lightweight Universal primary that

instantly perfects the look of skin and

is blended with powerful ingredients to

create the ideal canvas to enhance look

and wear off your makeup they doesn’t

really say anything about oil

controlling so that’s a little bit

worried so see what happens with me

since I start moving around I start to

smell awful I’m definitely premenopausal

don’t care what anyone says I mean I’ve

been told I’m not but I can’t keep

sweating like this and not be

premenopausal this can’t all be just

down to me being over the way it’s got

to be me being premenopausal okay so let

me do hope in my face here with the

advance and I’m gonna do half of my face

with the hourglass I’m gonna put on a

normal foundation do my normal makeup so

foundation I’m gonna use today isn’t a

dubious place I am magic foundation so

let’s go ahead and do this so here we go

here’s the advanced one I haven’t even

used it yet the seals not broken so

let’s put some of this on now I’d see

what it’s like

squeeze a small amount out walls quite

thin and watery see how it’s running

down my finger and let’s just do it

485 pounds I was hoping it would be a

little bit thicker because I want this

thing to last at that price but you know

what it might not even be any good but

we’ll shall see

I’ve already seen that people are

selling this on on eBay so if I do like

it I will buy some more but we shall see

okay so it’s drying down I mean bringing

him I can normally tell if the primers

gonna be good if one it’s tacky and it’s

absorbed into my skin because I think

that in these two it needs to grip your

foundation if you know what I mean so

it’s slightly tacky it’s not mattifying

and it feels like a just a very nice

light moisturizer to be honest sir

neither so we’ll leave that for a bit so

that’s that side okay so left hand side

my left hand side you all right is the

advanced and then on the right hand side

your left is going to be the hourglass

veil so let’s give this a bit of a shake

I don’t know if this stuff’s got an

expiring so I’ve had this for you enough

two years now all right so you can see

this one does give me a bit of a white

cast I think it’s got an SPF and I’m

trying to remember yes it’s got an SPF

of 15 I think

yeah it’s 15 so it does give a slight

not a slight it does give a bluey white

cast on my face

and how this one fills again it’s very

light and creamy it does need a bit of

time to dry it down so I’m gonna let

them dry down through bit and then I

will put my makeup on so I’m gonna be

putting on my devious place makeup it’s

the iron magic and I’ve got the shade

Togo I’m really frustrated with jeebies

place at the moment

Julia’s place the what’s-her-face at the

CEO her behavior recently it’s really

making me think do I want to support

this Browns in a war I love this


I love the eyeshadow palettes and I know

it really should be all about just the

makeup but when I see a brand’s treat

for me it’s about professional behavior

and respecting others and the way have

this woman has conducted her business on

social media and how she’s promoted her

products I I’m not very happy about at

all I’m not happy about at all so I just

need to think about if I’m ever going to

buy any more dubious place products and

when I continue using stuff I’ve got

obviously not gonna throw away and want

you to want that nonsense it’s just a

case of whether I’m going to spend any

more money on the brands or not so think

about that but in the meantime let me

just enjoy this foundation well if I

decide what I’m going to do I think both

sides to try it out so I’m going to do

now I’m just going to apply all with a

sponge this sponge right amazing that

she’s sponge I’ve stopped by Gucci plate

that’s well another company he’s ethic

side to vote like oh dear oh dear but

you know that mean if you if you can’t

stand for anything then you know you’ll

fall for anything you know I mean so I

haven’t got time for Beauty Blender

either so I’m just using other brands

and I see this sponge Real Techniques

sponge but particularly this sponge

really really good I like it prefer it

to be to blend your enemy

so let’s put your stuff on and I’ll come

back to you finish of my makeup I’m

gonna heal I want to try this lipstick

we got in pink parcel if color was

called berry crush it’s a card that I

wouldn’t even wear in autumn but I just

thought you know let me just put this on

since I put it at hand and put it on

today it is very creamy

okay right there we go looks like

doesn’t it okay so here we go all done

my face is looking alright it’s okay

then there isn’t much difference in how

the primers are looking on my face at

the moment I don’t think there’s much

difference I can’t see much difference

I’m I’ve gone a little bit overboard in

a bit of a highlighted today but hey her

so yes here we are right so I will come

back probably in about six seven hours

and we will see how both the primers

have done so just to remind you on this

side of my face is the ever art primer

and on this side of my face is the

hourglass veil okay and that’s how

they’re both looking at the moment they

both look roughly the same I will say I

can’t really see much different not a

noticeable difference anyway so yes

we’ll come back six seven hours time and

we’ll see how it goes from there

all right see you later

okay so I am three hours in we’re in the

foundation if you’re wondering about my

changing clothing I did drive into work

I couldn’t find any parking so I had to

come back home again so I can work from

home so doing that I just changed down

anyway so this so far three hours in

this is the advanced makeup side so you

can see quite a bit of oil coming

through there it is such a very warm and

quite humid town in Sussex and this is

my hourglass Veilside I think we can

already see a bit of a difference yeah

look at the shine on this side yeah and

then look at this side so there is oil

coming through but it’s just not as much

as this side this side is all over and

this side really it’s just my upper

cheek area and the side of my nose to

connect my forehead yeah yes starting to

come through the oils but nowhere near

like over here like so we can already

see that the 85-pound primer is not that

all controlling in comparison to the

forty-nine pound primer over here okay

so I’ll come back to you again probably

in about four hours and then I’ll give

you my final thoughts of how they’re

both doing hi good evening and welcome

back so it’s been about six and a half


yeah yeah just over six hours since I

applied my primer and the foundation and

let’s have a look and see how my face is

performed as you can see my face is

completely utterly oily all the way it’s

just one of those things I haven’t

blotted today at all so that’s why my

face looks the complete oil slick I did

have to come back from the center of

town this morning because I couldn’t

find parking to go into my office so I

did she’s working from home well that’s

what stayed in my bedroom to work

because it’s quiet in my bedroom there’s

no one to disturb me so let’s have a

look and see what is going on here it’s

not great so just to remind you on the

left-hand side of my face this is the

primer I was trying out let me bring you

in it was the primer we got inside the

June of glossy box from Avance and it

was an 85-pound primer so at that price

I am expecting great great things and on

this side of my face was the other

expensive problem that which I have from

hourglass this is called the Ella glass

veil primer this size I’ve got here is

it’s only eight mils and it’s 17 pounds

the equivalent 30 mil one cost 49 pounds

which compared to this one which is 85

pounds so I’m comparing the two so as

you saw in the earlier clip after about

three hours this side of my face was

just which is the hourglass the side was

just started to just show a little bit

of shine on this side of my face whereas

this side which is the advance side was

already looking pretty oily

so three hours later this is where we

are at and it’s not great is it it’s not

great all round to be honest so what I’m

going to do I’m just going to do my my

blotting sheet test just so you can see

how bad each side is in comparison so

I’ve got my blotting sheets let’s have a

look so the thing is though with the

hourglass they do claim that they aren’t

all controlling crimer

whereas the F Antoine doesn’t really say

anything about all controlling at all

and all it says is that it will make

your makeup and look a lot better I

didn’t really see any difference in how

my makeup looks on either side of my

face they both looked pretty good on an

initial application and that’s the thing

with me and my face and how I set my

face my foundation and my face always

looks pretty flawless for the first hour

then after that it all starts to fall

apart with me because again but I have

got a very oily skin so here we are

paise lottery sheet one and I so I’m

gonna do first is the our last size so

if I just do it like that

so we’ve got one half of the sheep and I


so that sheet1 and that’s all my

hourglass side

okay so here we go

so the foundation transfers we know that

already for my review but that’s oil

that’s two sheets of oil on my Alabama

side let’s do the advanced side which i

think is going to be a little bit worse

let’s see


I’m just gonna have to go into a third

sheet here just to do around my just

okay right it’s ridiculous

okay so I’ve done both sides now so on

my hand side I did need three sheets

unfortunately so it’s definitely more

oil on the outside and on the hourglass

side two sheets okay so no neither

neither of a brilliant but I mean again

on a normal day what I would do I would

normally block to my face throughout but

this one don’t boil started to break

through much much quicker than on this

side and that’s literally what I look

for when I look for primer I’m looking

for something that’s gonna hold back my

will as long as possible before the oils

come fruit all is gonna come through


I’ve just got that kind of skin was

gonna come through it’s just a case of

time for me so how long do I have to

wait before that one’s coming through

I’m if the hourglass size I would say it

was about four hours before bit hours

before it will started to come through

and then when I did start to come

through it came through proper and on

this side the oils coming through with

him definitely within a couple of hours

didn’t take long at all well to come

through at all so so yeah so that’s more

my faults basically so as far as the

advanced one this 85 pounds primer it

feels nice it’s like a nice moisturizer

it felt good I’m sure it healed it Hilde

onto the foundation very well and in

there my foundation my makeup looks good

at the know after the application so

that’s great but as far as all control

goes it’s not an all controlling and

primer so don’t buy this if you think

that’s what you’re going to get from it

it’s not an all controlling one at all

whereas the hourglass one it is formal

all controlling so it will hold back at

walls for a certain amount of hours

definitely more than you’re going to get

from your average primer but once your

will start to comfortably

yeah all hell breaks loose really so

they all right so that’s my fault I

wouldn’t I wouldn’t go out and buy this

again I mean I would never paid full

price for it anyway but it if I was to

find this on eBay I wouldn’t go out and

deliberately look for this primer to me

it’s a no-go a stick to my even matte

poreless primer and like hourglass veil

for that there you go that’s my

comparison I hope you enjoyed that if

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