“hi welcome back if you’ve been here

before welcome if you’re new I am

Annette and don’t mind my eye shadow if

it’s appearing very different on both

eyes because I did do slightly different

looks on each side and it’s the end of

the evening and after this video I will

be washing my face for the evening so I

wanted to talk though about Avant and

then just skincare in general and also

comparing a couple of Brands to them


um I got this in my boxy charm for the

month of September and I thought that I

was going to be very excited getting

this from them however

um I was reading the back of the bottle


um there are just some things that were

red flags to me about this and what

upsets me about it actually now I upsets

me in the way that they actually charge

over a hundred dollars 134 dollars to be

exact for this item and please correct

me and leave comments if you know

anything about the topics that I’m going

to be discussing here because I would

love to get some other information

um I’m finding information on uh online

having to look things up to find out uh

the things that I am concerned about but

um so the first thing that I had done

when I got a bond was so this I did not

pay for it came in boxy charm so I did

get this for free it was my chosen item

then I looked up the reviews on it it

didn’t seem bad they were just kind of

hit and miss some people liked it some

people did not

um now

um the thing is is that uh the first

thing that I had noticed after I already

used it was I had totally missed in

that’s my fault for not seeing it this


um and it says carry out a patch test 24

hours before uh before the

I’m sorry I can barely read before the

first use discontinue use if uh redness

or irritation occurs do not ingest okay

now it specifically says do not ingest

for a reason because

um I believe that is due to some of the

ingredients on here so in reading about

that it seems that what is in here that

would cause either skin irritation or

maybe irritation for people that have

eczema is that one of the items in here


um something that they use as like a

preservative for like vaccines now a

vaccine we don’t take vaccines every day

nor do we

um use Skin Care even close to the

amount that we would have vaccine okay

so say that we use an Avant moisturizer

morning and night and say we also use a

cleanser by them and then say we use you

know like a toner or something or a mask

and you know so so imagine that we could

actually be putting these items on our

face numerous times a day and we all all

know or if you don’t know that our skin

is the largest organ on our body and we

absorb it through our skin obviously we

wouldn’t be putting things on it to help

it if we did not so I mean my skin is

actually looking pretty darn decent a

lot of that is due to the stuff that I

put on

um and

um so I have been using this ever since

I got it and

um the thing is is that I will tell you

the things that I’ve noticed from it are


um immediately for the first two weeks I

had to go in with a different nighttime

moisturizer or a stronger moisturizer

the next morning because I was actually

getting I was quite dried out from this

actually I didn’t find that I was

getting a good benefit of um of the uh

moisturizing benefits at all now this

also says to use a pea-sized amount on

the entire face and that you can use it

on the eyes as well so

um I’m gonna get to the part that is

concerning to me okay I promise

everything I am saying here does have a


um well anyway I was reading some of the

ingredients on here and one of the

things that really stuck out to me I

turned and I looked at it and I thought

oh okay well it’s got the uh


phenoxyethanol in it okay so

phenoxyethanol I have my phone here

because I want to tell you what it is


okay it’s a preservative

now I believe this is one that they use

in vaccines and I’m assuming that that

is why

um now I don’t know now that I all this

has really done for me doing this

reading and finding these things out is

it’s actually made me grab

all of my skincare and it’s making me

want to know what’s in all of it because

I am very serious about my skincare

regimen it’s the most important part of

doing makeup and such and um skin care

always comes before makeup I love makeup

but anyway let’s go it’s uh okay

is if you know EXO oxyethanol safeties

on the skin in general it is safe to use

in small concentrations however it can

rarely cause irritation especially for

those eczema and sensitive skin okay I

said that benefits of it it increased

the shelf life of a product inhibits the

growth of bacteria mold and fungus

products and helps keep Cosmetics stable

it does not have any benefits for the

skin okay so no benefits for the skin


um is it safe in skin care

it says that it is safe it says that the

ingredient review when used in

concentration of one percent or less the

in skin care it is safe this is also the

same standard used by a European

Commission on health and food safety


um now uh why was phenyl a oxyethanol

band Beauty Heroes ban the use of the

ingredient from the get-go it’s an X

it’s an ethyl oxalated ingredient which

means it goes through a chemical process

that potentially could result in traces

of 1.4 dioxane a carcinogen being

present in it so it’s a no-go for us

okay now I also looked it up

um is this band in Europe yes

phenoxyethanol is restricted in Japan

and the EU for its use in cosmetics

which made it a clear uh ingredient we

would avoid okay is it a carcinogen it

can contain Trace Amounts again 1.4

dioxane which is a known carcinogen okay

should it be avoided it can be

considered dangerous the use of products

that contain phenome oxyethanol is

linked to reactions that may be

life-threatening if you do use products

containing it as a preservative be aware

of how much you’re using each day

especially around infants okay it also

states that you shouldn’t be using it if

you’re breastfeeding as well so or if

you’re pregnant also

um and it is harmful if swallowed and

healed or absorbed through the skin okay

so what is this this is a lotion that is

to be absorbed through the skin and it

does stay on here do not inhale or

ingest okay so to me

this doesn’t sound safe to me hearing

that it’s in there okay now that’s not

the only ingredient in here

um now I am not aware of the exact

amounts um it’s not saying the amount on

here it’s just saying that there’s some

in there I believe

um I might say a

peg70-75 I don’t know if that’s

something completely separate though I’m

not sure I need to do more reading on

this so there is also something in here

it was um

I know they’re called tocopherols I

believe it is anyway those are also



let me see here

took a real acetate right there

let me type this one in really quick

because I do want to get this in here


okay so too comfortable acetate in skin

care it’s a stable form of vitamin E

most often used in a cosmetic

formulation for is skin care benefits

um it says that it protects cell

membranes from damaged by oxygen free

radicals it can prevent premature aging

of the skin induced by UV irid

irritation and lipid uh uh peroxidation

and then I was also reading it so it

actually does have some antioxidant

things in it now it also says um is it

safe in skin care overall it is safe in

cosmetics and Skin Care

um is it actually good for your face it

is generally not irritating or

sensitizing to the skin

um however they did find out that um

uh it clogs pores and it’s known to be

non-comedogenic there may be a

possibility of forming other substances

during production which mainly do come

on a Genesee with the finished product

so that means that it can turn around

and be chromogenic funny I actually

started breaking out all over this plate

right really bad right here I’ve got

some going on and around here I’m doing

some things to combat that and I do have

makeup on right now but this one’s very

much poking through so I also and I

don’t really break out that often so

um that those two ingredients one and it

also says that it can

it doesn’t just because it’s in there

doesn’t mean it’s actually producing

vitamin E it can actually not even

produce the vitamin E they’re like

hoping it does

um that was another one of the things

that I read so then of course I wanted

to go through and I wanted to look at

some of my other uh things and see what

they could have had in it so my

Neutrogena they did not tell me anything

okay maybe it was on the box

Peter Thomas Roth not on the bottle but

they did give me the information on

another page I just don’t know where it

is so we had to set those two aside for

not knowing really or they didn’t want

to tell us now my Dermalogica it also

contains the phenoxyethanol so

um dermalogic though is a brand that I

have always trusted and believed in they

stand up in court I learned that in

beauty school now they have reformulated

a lot of their products so I can’t speak

of them after the products that I have

and I used because I didn’t purchase any

after that time period but I have used

them before that now

um this little guy that I got at the

Dollar Tree it also has some things in

it that the phenol oxy ethanol in it as

well so there we go what if I’m using

this and then this and then let’s say

um now this one also another one from

Dermalogica has some things that are

really making me want to read into it

because again this is a face mask uh

collidal mask and it just soaks into

your skin extremely fast so concerning

to me if I’m using all of these things

and what it does is it actually causes

like after you have the chemicals on

there it actually causes like tears in

the skin and it starts to break it down

and that’s how it gets into your skin

and then you know it’s cancer causing I

believe that’s what I am from what I

have read and what I am have come to


um looking at my little cheap guy here

from I definitely want to read more


um I’m seeing like some polymers and

things like that and a lot of times then

that’s like acetate and stuff and I

don’t really know how safe that is I’m

goes on your nails but how safe that is

on your skin so there are some things

that I definitely wanted to check out in

here it’s just some weird names that I

just don’t know can’t pronounce now

let’s get to some things Mary Kay didn’t

use it any of these things any of those

okay Clean and Clear didn’t use any of

those ingredients


did not use any of these ingredients

okay so what is this showing me oh and

my favorite okay now this is like my

like hidden Beauty secret that I think

that once people realize how good they

are that these guys are gonna just blow

up and they’re gonna start they’re gonna

end up raising their prices but the best

thing I’ve used on my skin all year

is versed they used to be sold at

Walmart and online now they have signed

a deal and they are working exclusively

with Target so you can buy it only

online or at Target now now when they

moved from Walmart to Target which did

happen uh since Springtime they did go

up from 20 to 25 for this product here


Advanced okay so this is burst recovery

mode Advanced Night Cream 1.7 ounces the

same amount that’s in the Avant okay and

this one is uh I don’t even know where I

set the Avant that’s fine


now this is good for aging skin and

dryness as well but this and you use

this in the in the PM now when I wake up

in the morning my face still feels like

it’s being moisturized this has been the

most amazing thing that I put on my skin

it has helped it so much and I have

really noticed a big difference now I

want to let you know a positive that I

had read while I was going through those

things as well but they said for aging

skin one of the best things for it and

I’m not saying body lotion on your face

but they mentioned the see it was the C

Q 10. and this has got Q10 and I thought

it was the CQ10 that they said but um

it’s actually really good for aging and

this I know is good for firmer skin and

so um and I’ve noticed a difference

using this for firmer skin I use this on

my legs

um on my thighs and I have noticed a

difference I noticed a difference after

just a few days

um of them looking less jiggly shall we


um and more firmware lines are on your

upper thigh so

um basically this is my point now I

really want to go through and I want to

look at all my makeup and see exactly

what’s in it because you know like I

said it’s not like a vaccine it’s

something that you’re putting on your

skin multiple times a day twice a day

and you know each item up to twice a day

you know so and think about how many

times say it’s your dated reset and you

put all these things on in one day or

it’s just your week you know I mean I

wash my face twice a day every day and I

do masks twice a week and I do

exfoliants I do eye creams I do uh

um oils I do uh you know I do a lot of

different things a lot of moisturizers

and things so

um I’m constantly you know working on

anti-aging and like uh and uh working on

uh circles under the eyes and things

like that so um

it just really it made me angry now I

didn’t pay for that item however I was

super excited to get it because I

expected a place that would charge 134

dollars to actually be something that I

could be comfortable and feel safe and

happy knowing that I was using something

that would actually be giving me a

benefit not something that might be that

I need to run a patch test that is

actually going to cause damage because

it is something that I’m going to be

using a lot and it says don’t use these

things a lot on your skin every day so I

don’t know about

um how much is actually in it so I don’t

know how safe it is I do actually I

think I will ask my doctor next time I

see my doctor I’m gonna go in and I’m

gonna ask them about it so um I think

that’s probably the best place to start

oh my eyes look so funny I’m sorry I

keep looking at my eyes because they’re

so different than the camera but um if

you have any knowledge on this topic let

me know this is very important to me now


um have decided that and I decided this

about a month ago that I will not

purchase anything if it’s not clean

there are some apps that you can


um I’ll get the names for those

um but there’s some apps that you can

scan stuff while you’re at the store and

it will tell you then oh yeah it’s a

clean brand or not

um also don’t sleep on verged guys I am

telling you and it’s for all skin types

there it’s gonna blow up I’m telling you

because and I will tell you I’ve only

been using this one product and I love

them they’re it’s my favorite it’s my

Holy Grail and all of my stuff

um when I need my skin at its best or

it’s hurting I grab that and by the next

morning I’m already feeling better so

um skin care is very important to me

I’ve been to beauty school I also love

animals and so I’m really big on cruelty

free but now I’m also big on clean I am

also working on quitting eating meat

because I don’t want to kill animals

because I love them so much it’s not

that I don’t like meat but it’s that I

don’t want to kill animals

um so that’s why I want to make that

change so

um and that’s quite difficult because

you have to really start to be careful

of your protein intake and that you’re

getting your proper uh nutrition so

um that is something that I am working

on here I’m transitioning slowly

um maybe even considering maybe it will

just be something that I only eat a

couple times a week or something

um so so I’ve already at least cut back

on it but I just hate to be contributing

to animals being killed that it means so

much to me that I would be harming a


um so I just I hate that

um but if you know anything about these

things if you’re a nurse or you know a

dermatologist or you just have some

knowledge on this I would love your

comments for a little bit of info on it

myself uh

um what do you think what do you use um

what do you think of what I’ve said here

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though so anyway I hope this was helpful

to you I I hope it makes you more aware

too and thoughtful of what you’re

putting on your skin especially if you

know you’re we have like it runs in our

family or something maybe we really need

to avoid these things because it already

runs in our family maybe skin cancer

runs in your family and you need to take

extra precautions so just you know I I

really like to think and I like to make

people think and I like to think about

the things that are important and how we

can keep ourselves safe and happy happy

and healthy so I hope you have a

wonderful evening tonight

see you next time