“hey folks tom church here from latest


cody uk and i’m answering one of your


the question was how do i find the

cheapest price

for every product so my answer to this

question how do you find the best price

for any product

is comprised of four parts maybe a fifth

bonus part as well

the first part is to be very specific

with what you’re looking for when you’re

looking for an item

if you are vague for example just

nappies smartphones or laptops you’re

gonna have a very hard time

comparing products and finding the best


you need to know exactly what you want

the specific model for example the apple

iphone 12 pro and then you can compare

the prices for the exact

model the next part then once you know

your specific product is to look for

price comparison tools and

one that you can use and there are

others which i’ll mention

in this video the first one is on latest

deals.cody uk

so if you go to latestdeals.co.uk and

you type in the specific

product that you’re looking for in the

search bar

you’ll see that price comparison results

come up on top

this way you can quickly see where it is

to buy for the cheapest price other

tools which you may prefer

include sites such as pricespy.co.uk

pricerunner.com and

idialo.com they’re all very similar in

what they offer none of them are perfect

but you’re definitely going to get a

better picture of what is the best price

if you start using price comparison


now the next part three and four if i

combine them

together if using price comparison sites

is too much of a faff

then just think of these three sites


argos and ebay for me personally

that tends to be the best three options

to quickly have a look and see what the

best prices are

and that’s just a very quick way to

roughly gauge what should be

the best price and the final part

five that i was going to give as a bonus

is never forget to look for a voucher

now the reason i suggest that is not the

simple one of just

it helps you save money is actually

because price comparison sites

don’t tell you the best price with


combined on top so for example they

might say

that x shot amazon is the cheapest for

this product

and argos is the second cheapest however

it may be possible to get a voucher at

argos making it even cheaper

so always look for a voucher after

you’ve done your price comparison

results too

i hope this has helped please subscribe

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and i’ll see you in the next one