well hello there welcome back to another

ps5 tips and tricks video today i’m

going to show you how to get any ps5

game cheaper than recommended retail

price on release day and beyond and this

is going to work for both disc and

digital edition by the end of the video

i’ll you’ll know my food proof method on

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on okay let’s get into it so it’s no big

secret that the cost of video games has

slowly risen over the years as quality

has improved and the development costs

have gone up the ps4 generation

benchmark was 50 pounds in the uk or 60

dollars from us or equivalent in other


now it’s 70 pounds in the uk and 70 in

the us are equivalent which is pretty

damn expensive however there are a lot

of retailers that will sell for less

than this benchmark as they buy games

wholesale they can set their own prices

now let’s look at some examples of a

game we want to buy from multiple

retailers and we’ll look at where to

find these great deals so if we go to

this page on per square dot com

it shows us all of the playstation 5’s

upcoming launch games and their dates

so we’re going to scroll down and we

will find a game that we want to buy

okay i

want to buy pre-order horizon ford and

west by the way when that comes out i’m

going to make a ton of content for it so

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that right so horizon forbidden waste

let’s look at

a couple of the big retailers you know

like amazon

or game.cod uk for the uk so

horizon horizon food and west ps5 there

we go




bid and west ps5


special edition 79.99


there we go ps4 59.99

and game

collectors edition 169.99

79.99 69.99

69.99 there we go you know what we



that’s the benchmark price that i said

now i’m going to go to this website

idload.com uk now this is specific to

the uk but there is always going to be

price comparison sites within your

country if you know the united states

will have its own price comparison sites

as well as other countries so we’ll get

on to another method if you’re not in

the uk in a sec so we’ll go



venom west ps5

there we go look from 61.99 as opposed


69.99 so not a massive saving

on idealo and it’s going to bring up all

of the different

retailers in your country

and their prices so you know we’ve got

shop for world we’ve got

365 games we’ve got very which is the

normal price

and if there’s a delivery fee it shows

you that as well so

we could go

shop for world

but to be honest i think we can do a

little bit better than 61.99 so what

we’re going to do we’re going to go to




west ps5



price by

all key shops so i’m going to open up a

couple of tabs

just to see which ones have the better


oh look

offer games



although they have no link

game collection which has a link has it

for 16.95 so there’s 10 pounds off there

now this is the method that will work

for disc edition it’ll work in any


and it’s a triple a game

on release day for

you know 15 or so less than the rrp

now if you’re a digital edition

you can still get them for less than

rrp you’ll not just change the

playstation store

but what we’re going to do is slightly

different so we’re going to go to google

i’m going to go

horizon for

bidding west ps5 digital


so i can spell

just on the cheapest price

so i’m gonna go to

all key again compare prices

we’ll go to

cd keys for games

just a few top

links that come up will do the trick

it’s loading the offers

okay so

this is what we’re looking for so

obviously that’s disk

gaming dragons a usa code so if you get

a code

and it has a country on it

you need to be in that country if you’re

in the usa if you’re in the uk and you

buy the usa code it won’t work so

stick to codes of your country if we

look at this one

oh wow look

diff mark




that almost doesn’t seem right

let’s click buy now and see

look at that

horizon food rams ps5 count region three

38 pounds 78

that’s so cheap so there you go that is

my top ways of getting release date aaa

games or any game for much less than the

reset recommended retail price


go ahead and get some of these games

you won’t regret it

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