“In this video, I’m gonna
show you how you can create

your very own affiliate
marketing price comparison site.

The site we’re gonna be
building looks like this.

As you can see, it looks
really professional.

I built it all around trainers

or sneakers as you say in America,

but you can build it around
whichever products you like.

The great thing about the theme

and the plugin that we’re gonna be using

with WordPress today
is that it’s very easy

to add your affiliate links.

So, when a visitor comes to your site

and they compare prices on a product,

when they click on the Buy Now button

and go through to the retailer
to make their purchase,

you’ll earn a commission.

Don’t worry if you’ve never
built a website before,

I’m gonna take you
through it step by step.

You’re gonna be able to
look over my shoulder.

I’m gonna hold your hand,

walk you through everything
that you need to do

from setting up your hosting
and installing WordPress

through to signing up with merchants

and getting your affiliate links.

So, you can do it, I’m sure you can,

I’m gonna help you, let’s go.

(gentle melody)

Hello, it’s Alex here from WP Eagle.

Thanks for watching and
I hope you’re all well.

So, for those of you that
are regulars on my channel,

you’ll know that I’ve been talking about

this video for quite some time.

I finally got it finished
and got it uploaded.

I hope you enjoy it.

For those of you that
are new to the channel,

hello, it’s good to see you.

If you’re not already subscribed,
click the button below,

then you’ll know when I upload new videos

which tends to be once a week.

So, I’m gonna hold your hand today

and take you through
creating this website.

It is quite a long video,

so you’re gonna need a bit of time.

I’ve put all the chapters and timings

in the description below,

so if you need to kind of jump forward

or jump backwards to certain
parts in the tutorial,

you’ll find them all in the description.

Now, before we get started,

I just wanna take you through
a few of the costs involved.

Now, I’ve tried to keep
these costs to a minimum,

but you are gonna have to
invest a little bit of money

as all good projects kinda need it.

They always need a little investment

and let me just take you through

what those costs are right now.

The first thing you’re gonna
need is your website hosting

which is basically how you
put your website online.

Hire a little bit of a server

and you can put your website there

and they’ll keep it online for you.

I’ve got a great deal on hosting today

and I’ve been able to
get you a great price.

The hosting I’ve gone
with is with HostGator

who I use a lot for all of my websites

and on annual package with them,

so that’s a full 12 months of web hosting,

the cost is gonna be just $65.

If you can’t afford that,

then there are some
monthly options as well,

but I would always recommend
that you go for an annual one

because it’s better value

and a website can take
a little bit of time

just to get set up and get working.

The next thing you need
is the premium theme.

Basically, we instal that into WordPress,

it gives us the look and feel of the site

and gives us all the kind
of price comparison features

that we need.

The cost for the theme is just $59.

By the way, I’ve got
them written down here,

that’s why I’m looking down.

So, yeah, just $59

and you get the access
to the premium theme,

you get access to support
from the developers,

and you get free updates,

and then the final thing we’re
going to need is our plug-in

and the plug-in allows us to
quickly import our of products

and sets up for our affiliate links

and updates the price for
us as well automatically

and the cost for this
great plugin is just $48.

So, I put all the prices up there for you,

the total comes to,
off top of my head $172

which might sound a lot,

but it really is a small investment

for a site of this quality
and with this functionality,

so hopefully you’ve got
a little bit of money

to invest today and you can
get this project started.

So, in this video,

we’re going to just be
setting up the website

and also setting up Google Analytics,

so that we can track our traffic.

Going forward, I will be uploading videos

on how to get some more traffic

and how to do SEO and social media

and all that kind of stuff.

So, I said be sure to make
sure that you subscribed,

so you don’t miss out on those videos.

I have got some videos
that I’ve done in the past

around those subjects as well,

so if you can’t wait, you’ll
find videos on traffic and SEO

and making money and all that
kind of stuff on the channel,

so be sure to check them out.

Now, I am here for you, so
if you get stuck at any point

or you have a question
or something like that,

then do leave it in the comments below

and I’ll do my best to reply
to you and help you out,

but I think that’s everything covered.

I think you know
everything you need to know

in terms of what you need to get started,

so let’s jump on the computer

and let’s get this website set up.

So, the first thing we need to
do is set up our web hosting.

Web hosting is basically
where your website

lives on the Internet,

so it’s very important,

you can’t have a website without hosting.

The hosting company

that I’m recommending today is HostGator.

I recommend them for a number of reasons.

The first is that they are
very reasonably priced,

some of the cheapest
hosting available online,

but just because they’re
cheap doesn’t mean

that they deliver any poor service.

In fact, the service you
get from them is very good.

I run a number of my affiliate
marketing sites on HostGator

and I’ve never had a problem.

Other reasons why I like HostGator

is because they offer
some really good support.

They’ve got 24/7/365 support

and you can get in touch
with them via live chat,

so you don’t have to pick up
the phone and ring anyone,

you can just log in,
start chatting online,

and they’re generally really quick

in terms of sorting out your problem.

Another reason why I like them

is they’ve got lots of built-in features,

so you can instal WordPress for example

which is what we’re going to be doing

after we’ve set up our hosting,

and they got some other features as well

which are quite nice.

Other thing is they guarantee

is that you can have your
money back after 45 days

or up to 45 days I should say

if you’re not completely
happy with your hosting,

just get in touch and they’ll
give you your money back.

Cancel the hosting and
then you can move on,

try something else.

So, yeah, it’s really kind
of a no-risk set up here.

Another thing they
promise is a 99.9% uptime

which is pretty standard
actually across most hosting,

so basically means that your
website’s going to be online

for the majority of the time which is good

’cause obviously a website that’s down

can’t make you any money
and can’t serve any pages

and all that kind of stuff,

so it’s good that they
offer a 99.9% uptime

In fact, they’re
award-winning which is good.

So, yeah, that’s HostGator.

I’ve got a discount voucher

which I’m going to share with you

as we go through the checkout
and order our hosting today

which will give you a nice
discount off your plan,

so yeah I’ll be sharing that
with you in a few moments.

Just before we go any further,

I will put a link up to HostGator
in a card on this video,

you may have already seen it.

I’ll put a link in the description, too.

If you use any of my links
or my discount codes,

they are affiliate, so
yeah thank you very much.

If you do use them it means
that I’ll get a small commission

and yeah, all I can say is thank you.

Also, if you don’t want to use them,

then that’s entirely up to you,

but yeah it’s a nice way of just kind of

showing your appreciation to me

for making these videos if you want to

and of course, with the code
you get a nice discount,

so why wouldn’t you?

Anyway, let’s get started.

What we’re gonna do is go for web hosting.

You’ll see that there
is WordPress hosting,

but we don’t actually need
that, web hosting is just fine

and we can instal WordPress
onto a standard web hosting.

Now, you’re gonna want to choose

probably between the hatchling
plan or the baby plan,

depending on how many domains
you’re thinking of setting up.

So, how many web sites you’re
gonna have going forward

that you’re gonna want to instal.

So, if this is your first one

and you think you’re just
going to do one for now,

then go for the hatchling plan.

If you’ve got bigger ambitions

and you think you’re gonna be

quickly banging out more websites,

then maybe the baby plan is for you.

You can obviously upgrade between plans

at any time should you need to,

so don’t worry too much about
choosing the right one now

because you can change going forward,

so let’s go for the hatchling
plan, click Sign Up Now,

and the first box that we’ve
got is around our domain.

So, the domain name is dot
come or dot co dot UK, dot net,

you know what domain name is,
it’s whatever dot whatever.

So, in here you can enter a domain name

if you want to register a new one.

So, basically just start typing in here

and whatever you’re gonna go for

and what will happen is once you select

the end that you want.

HostGator will go off and let you know

if it’s available or not.

If it’s not available,

then you’ll have to try something else

or choose a different
extension a bit after the dot,

so you know .club, .club,
.club, that kind of thing.

If you’ve already got any domain name,

so say you registered a
domain name over at GoDaddy

or NameCheap or NameStore,
someone like that,

you would then click on this tab

and just type in your domain name.

So, I’ve already got a domain name,

it’s registered over at GoDaddy

and it’s called trainersaver.co.uk.

And that’s all added, it’s fine,

and it’s then offering me
some other domain names

which I’m not gonna take today.

So, now we get to choose our package type.

In fact, we’ve already chosen it,

we chose the package on the
first page and it’s hatchling.

If we need to change it, we can do now.

We then get to choose our billing cycle.

Now, let me emphasise that
the longer you go for,

the better price you’re gonna get.

In fact, if you have 12 months,

it’s half the price over six
months, three months, one month

and also keep in mind that a website

takes a little while for it
to kind of get some momentum

and get some traffic and
start earning you some money,

you know realistically
six months probably,

so I think make a commitment today,

go for at least a 12 month plan.

I said I’ve got a discount code

which you’re gonna get some
more money off this anyway

and then you’ll get an incredible saving.

If you really can’t commit
and money is really tight,

then you could go for just a one month

and then it just be a rolling kind of deal

and yeah, it goes from there,

you can cancel whenever you like.

If you do choose the one month plan,

my discount code today will give you

that first month for just a penny,

so you know really good price,

then going forward you
pay the the regular 10.95,

but today I’m gonna go for the 12 months

because I say I think
that’s the best value

and you know show some commitment

and I mean you’ll keep
working on your website

and make sure that it does succeed.

If you go for one month,

then you might not renew and just give up.

So, if you possibly can afford it today,

go for the 12 months or even longer.

I mean, if you can go for 36 months,

then you get a fantastic saving, 43%.

The next box is your username,

so this what you’re
gonna be logging in with.

I’m not gonna fill in this form right now,

I’ll do it in a second
when I’m not recording

’cause it’s a bit boring watching me type

and fill in all these fields.

Next box is your security pin,

so, you’re gonna need that

if you want to get in
touch with Hostgator.

If you’ve got a problem,

they may ask you for that security pin.

The next is the standard
kind of billing info,

your email and your name and address

and all that information.

Over here is your payment information,

so you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Section four is all around
additional services,

we don’t need any of
these additional services,

so you can untick them.

We can do backups

and protect ourselves
from hackers using plugins

and I’ve got videos actually
on those things on my channel,

so you don’t need to pay for
those particular services,

you can do them yourself for free.

The next is the coupon code.

Now, it may have already
populated one in this box for you

like this one FREEUPGRADE3.

My code should give you a better discount

and the code that I’ve got is Eagle30.

So, if we put that in,
we can see at the moment

my discount is 36.

Now, let’s see what
happens if I use my code,

it’s gone up to 42

and yeah, everything else
is still as it should be,

so yeah if you use my code,
you will get a bigger discount

and as I said if you go for the one month,

let me just show you the one
month, then we scroll down,

you’ll see that you get the
first month for just a penny

and then going forward, it
will be the standard 10.95,

but I’m gonna switch back to the 12 months

and there we go, we’ve got a discount.

Yeah and thank you so
much if you use my code.

As I said, it is an affiliate code,

I will earn a small
commission if you use it,

but hey you get a good
discount, so why not?

Once you finished, click the I have read

and agree to the terms usual stuff

and then you can click Checkout Now.

One thing just to check before you go,

it hasn’t done it to me today,

but sometimes these kind of
will tick themselves again,

maybe when you put the
code in or get down here,

so just double check that
you’ve got no extras on here,

it’s a little bit sneaky,

but it looks like maybe
they don’t do that anymore

because it hasn’t done it for
me, so you should be okay.

Anyway, let’s click Checkout
Now, but obviously I can’t

’cause I need to fill in the form,

so I will fill in the form
now, I’ll get my hosting set up

and yeah, then we’ll carry
on setting up our website.

So, my order has completed,
it didn’t take very long,

I filled in that form,

I went for a 12 month plan
on the basic hatchling,

filled in all my payment information

and all that kind of stuff

and yeah, the order’s gone through.

I’ve got this screen here,

hopefully you’ve got
something similar, too.

I’ve also just received an email.

Now, this email is very important,

contains all the information I need

to access my new hosting service.

Hopefully, you should
have received an emai

with all your details to keep it safe,

you are gonna need the
information within this email

in order to get set up, get
your website up and running,

so keep it safe, but the
first thing I’m gonna do

is I’m going to repoint my domain name.

Now, this bit only applies to people

that had previously
registered a domain name.

So, when you were
filling in the order form

there on HostGator,

you selected I already own a domain name

and typed in your domain name,

this section is for you guys

because we’re going to
update our name servers,

so that they’re pointing at HostGator.

If you just registered a
domain name with HostGator,

you can skip this bit

and what I’ll do is I’ll put a
little time on the screen now

and if you skip forward
the video to that time,

you’ll be ready to carry on.

So, this section as I say it’s just people

that had a previously registered domain,

maybe you’ve got a domain
name over at GoDaddy

or NameStore or Namecheap,
something like that,

and I’m just going to show you

how to update the name servers,
so let’s do that right now.

My domain is over at GoDaddy

and the two pieces of information we need

for our domain registrar
is these two name servers,

so I’ll just keep this here in this tab.

We’re going to open a new
tab, head over to GoDaddy.

Now, if you’re with someone
else who’s not GoDaddy,

don’t worry the principle
is pretty much the same,

you’re gonna want to log
into your main control panel

and you’re gonna want to look
for your name server settings

or domain name service
settings or DNS settings,

then within there, you should be able

to update your name servers.

So, we have GoDaddy.

I’m just gonna go into my
domains, I’m already logged in.

It’s gonna ask me for a
password again, that’s fine.

So, here’s my domains, I’ve
got quite a few actually,

so let me just do a search for trainer.

I got trainersaver.co.uk
and trainersaver.com,

the site is gonna be a UK-focused site,

so I’m gonna set trainersaver.co.uk
as my main domain name,

so that’s the one I’m gonna
update the name servers on.

Any other domain names,
I’m gonna redirect them.

For instance, trainersaver.com
is gonna be redirected

to trainersaver.co.uk

and again, you do those redirects

on your domain control panel,

so within GoDaddy or whoever
you’re registered with.

I’ve already got it all set up.

You basically pick the primary domain name

that you’re gonna be using

and if you only got
one, it’ll be that one.

So, I’m gonna click on
these three little dots

and I’m gonna go to manage DNS.

And the scroll down

and we got this name server section here.

I’m gonna click Change,
I’m gonna select Custom,

and then I can enter my name servers

which were in that email
that I got from HostGator.

So, the first one is this one.

Copy and paste.

Make sure there’s no spaces
or anything like that,

there isn’t

and then the second one is this one.

And then save.

So, that’s all done.

That could take a few moments.

Could just be a couple of minutes,

could be a few hours,
could even be a whole day.

Generally, it doesn’t take that long

and you’ll know that you’re up and running

and that it’s all working fine

when you head over to your domain name,

so if I open another tab, I
just go to trainersaver.co.uk.

Okay, it says this website
is temporarily unavailable,

so that’s not working just yet,

so it’s gonna take a few moments.

What I’m looking for is the
HostGator page to come up,

then I know that it’s working
and the DNS is updated,

so I’m just gonna give it a few moments.

I’ll do an edit now in the video

and as soon as the domain
has repointed itself,

we’ll carry on and we’ll instal WordPress.

Okay, that’s look a few moments,

but I’ve just refreshed again

and now I’m seeing this HostGator page,

so that means that the DNS

and all that stuff is working correctly

and the domain is pointing
at my new HostGator hosting.

If you’ve just registered a
new domain name with HostGator

when you set up your hosting,

then you might need to wait a few hours

for the registration,
everything to go through

before you see this page.

So, if you’re not seeing it, don’t panic,

just give it a bit more time

and it will appear soon.

Once you do see it, then
you are ready to get started

as I am now.

So, now we’re ready to
move on to the next step

which is to instal WordPress.

So, to do that I’m going
to go back to my email

that I got from HostGator

and I’m gonna go to the control panel,

so that’s this link
here, give that a click,

now it’s going to ask me
for a username and password

and get that from the email.

So, the username is as you’ll notice

actually the one I set up

obviously when I created the account

and then hit the password,

copy that and then paste.

So, that’s just logging in now.

The browsers asking me if I
want to save the password,

can do that.

I don’t want constant contact,

so I’m gonna close that banner

and here we are, this is
our HostGator control panel.

Now, don’t worry, it does
look a little bit complicated,

maybe a little bit
overwhelming, but it’s fine.

We’re just gonna be setting
up WordPress in here.

If in the future you want
to set up an email address,

that kind of thing, you’ll
find that all in here, too.

It’s pretty straightforward

and just look around,
look for the right button

and you should be fine.

Of course, if you get stuck,

then HostGator are
available to help you out.

Okay, so let’s instal WordPress

and we’re gonna click on this W over here,

Build a New WordPress Site,

let’s give that a click.

Okay, and then we’re
ready to instal WordPress.

So, it’s asking us to select
a domain for installation.

I only got the one, trainersaver.

Leave the directory blank
and then click next.

Now, it’s time to give the website a name.

Don’t worry, we can change
all this stuff later.

I’m gonna call it TrainerSaver.

Here, we’re gonna set
up an admin username,

so this is the username

that you’re gonna log into WordPress with,

don’t confuse it with any
of your HostGator passwords

and that kind of stuff,

this is just to log into WordPress.

So, let’s go for wpeagle.

First name WP, last name Eagle.

And then let’s enter an email address.

It needs to be a valid address

because the site will email
you stuff to this address.

You wanna make sure

automatically create a
new database is ticked,

then you need to click the
Terms of Service Agreement

and then click Instal.

It’s gonna take a few moments.

Okay, that’s complete.

So, here are our WordPress details.

You’re gonna need to remember
this username and password.

Make note of it, whatever.

I’m just gonna copy the
password to my clipboard

and then I’m gonna click Login.

And here we go.

So, this is where we log into WordPress.

Generally, it’s your domain
name, dot com, whatever,

slash wp hyphen admin.

It looks a bit like this, let me show you.

So, wp hyphen admin.

Let’s see we’ve got

so anytime you need to access
your WordPress backend,

that’s where you go.

Just like that.

Let’s put in the username

which is the one I just created

and then the password which
is already in my clipboard.

I’m gonna tick Remember Me,

so I don’t have to log in all the time.

And then click Log in.

We can save the password if we need to,

that’s into my browser.

So, here we are, we’re
logged into WordPress.

The first thing it’s gonna ask

is what kind of site are we setting up,

just click I don’t need help

’cause we know what we’re doing,

we’re gonna do it all ourselves.

Okay, so here we are, we’re in WordPress.

We can go and take a look
at the front of the website.

When you go to visit your site,

you might need to do a refresh.

And here it is, just a
standard WordPress instal

and we’re gonna hopefully change all this

to turn it into an affiliate marketing

price comparison site.

Now, the first thing you might wanna do

is change that password to
something that you can remember.

So, to do that, I’m gonna up to top here.

So, when you’re logged into WordPress,

you get this bar across the top.

So, even when you’re looking
at the front of the website,

you can still do stuff.

Logged out users won’t see this,

but as we’re logged in, we do.

And if we go to the top, I
can go to Edit My Profile

and it’s in here that I
can set a new password.

So, I’m just gonna scroll
down, go to New Password.

You can generate another complicated one

or you can type in one
that you might remember.

Like that.

It thinks that’s weak, but fair enough.

I’m gonna click confirm
use of weak password.

Click Update Profile.

And there we go, my passwords updated

to something that I can remember.

Now, before you get started,

I think we need to tidy up a little bit

’cause there’s all these messages
that have kind of appeared

and they’re just gonna get in the way.

So, the first one is, well, actually,

the first one is up here
which is to do some updates,

so let’s do that now, I’m
gonna click please update.

And we got some plugins
that it wants to update

and we got WordPress, so
let’s do the plugins first.

I’m going to just tick the box
there, click Update Plugins.

That’s all done.

As you can see WordPress takes care

of all your updates for you,
it’s fairly straightforward.

You generally just have to click a button

and it does all the downloading

and installing on your behalf.

Let’s return back to the
WordPress updates page,

then just click here to update WordPress.

So, we’re now ready to go
and get the premium theme

which gives us the look
and feel of the site

and is designed for price comparison site,

so it does all the work for us,

and we also need to go and get the plugin.

A premium plugin that will allow us

to put in all our affiliate products

from all our different merchants

and all that kind of stuff,

so that’s what we’re gonna do next.

So, the first thing is
to go and get the theme.

Okay, so I’m over at Envato Market

which is where we’re gonna
be buying our premium theme

and our premium plugin.

The theme you’re gonna be using

is this one here, it’s called REHub,

and it’s designed
specifically for affiliates

and for creating things
like price comparison sites

which is what we’re gonna be doing today,

and you can do some
other stuff with it, too.

It’s got loads of features.

It comes with loads of demo content

which is what we’re gonna be using,

so we can create the site,

so it looks exactly the demos.

I’ll just show you what they look like.

Then all we need to do is
just change the content

and the colours and add our
logo and make it our own,

so that’s why I love this theme

and yeah, it’s easy to
use, full of features,

and just exactly what we need.

It is a premium theme and the
cost for the theme is $59.

I’ll put a link up on the screen now

and I’ll put a link in the
description of this video, too.

The link is an affiliate link,

so if you use it, thank you very much.

I will earn a small commission.

I do only recommend
products that I use myself,

so yeah, the affiliate commission

is just a nice little bonus.

Now, we’re also gonna be buying

the plugin from Envato Market.

We’re gonna be buying that from CodeCanyon

which is part of the Envato Market.

So, if you’re creating an account today

and you’re gonna be depositing some funds,

I recommend that you deposit enough

to cover both the cost of this
theme and the plugin, too,

and the total will come to about 107.

Well, in fact, exactly 107,

so make sure you deposit at least $107,

so that you can cover the
cost of the plugin as well

which we’ll be getting
onto in a few moments.

Not only do you get the
theme for your money,

you also get future updates.

So, when new versions are
released with new features

and that kinda stuff,
you get access to them,

and you also get six month
support from the theme developer,

so if you get stuck with
something and you need some help,

you can just drop them a line
and they’ll sort you out.

Now, I’ve already purchased the theme,

so I am able to download it.

So, to do that, I can
just click on overview

and then download.

Let’s save it somewhere
where I can hopefully find it

on my ever so messy computer.

There we go.

And once I’ve downloaded
it, I get a zip file.

It’s called themeforest
blah blah blah dot zip.

And what you need to do is extract that,

so I can do it just by
double clicking on it.

And then within there, you’ll
find the folder REHubWP-theme

and then within there, there is a zip file

which is what we’re gonna
be uploading to our website,

so let’s do that now.

So, back to the dashboard of the website

and then go to Appearance and Themes.

And then Add New.

And then Upload Theme.

We click Choose File and find
the file on our computer.

Oh, it’s such a mess.

There we go.

So, rehub.zip which I
say is inside the folder

that you extracted.

So, that’s just gonna
upload, take a few moments.

So, that’s installed, we
can now click Activate.

And that will turn the theme on.

And there we go.

Okay, so the first thing you’re
gonna wanna do is register.

Now, I’ve already registered this.

I did it earlier when
I was doing some tests,

for some reason it’s remembering it

and I can’t make it forget it.

So, what you need to do is
enter your Envato username

and the licence key

and you can get the licence
key if you go to the page

on themeforest, the REHub
page, go to support,

and if you scroll down
right down to the bottom,

it’s there under purchase codes.

Just copy that string
of letters and numbers.

Paste it in here, click Submit,

and then you’ll be registered

and you’ll be able to do
what we’re about to do next

which is instal the demo content.

So, let’s do that now.

I’m not going to worry
about these plugins for now,

it’s saying that we need
to instal some plugins,

that kind of stuff.

What we we’re gonna do is do the demos,

so to do that, let’s go to Demo Stacks.

Now, with this theme, the funny
thing is with the demo stuff

is it kind of basically wipes
everything on your site,

it creates a copy of the demo site,

so that means that we’re
gonna have to kind of

set up users again and that kind of stuff.

Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

You’ll also need to make a
note of this login information

because as I say you’re
gonna have to recreate users

and the only way to log into
your site is with this login.

So, it’s rehubdemo and I’m
just gonna make a copy of this

password into my clipboard.

We need to instal the WP Clone
plugin to get this working,

so let’s do that, let’s
go to Plugins and Add New.

Do a search, wp clone plugin.

And there it is, click Instal Now.

And then Activate.

Okay, so that’s all activated,

so we don’t need to go back
and get the relevant link.

So, let’s go back to Rehub
and then Demo Stacks.

Now, remember you are
gonna need to remember

these two bits of information,

the login is rehubdemo and the
password is RehubPass999777.

So, let’s just copy that to my
clipboard, so got it to hand.

In case it’s gone for whatever reason.

So, yeah, that’s in the
clipboard ready to go.

If we scroll down,

we’ve got all the
different demo stacks here.

The one I’m gonna go
for is the Rehub Main.

If you wanna have a quick look at it,

you can click on the preview,

but it’s the demo stack
I’m gonna be using.

If you wanna follow along with this video,

then I suggest you use
the same stack as well,

but of course, there’s no
harm in choosing another one.

Maybe going forward if you
set up a second or third site,

you might wanna check out
a few of these other ones,

but I think just the main one is perfect

for what we wanna do today.

So, let’s get the link.

There’s the link.

Okay, so I’m gonna copy
that to my clipboard.

In terms of the password,

that’s not in my clipboard anymore.

So, I’m gonna have to
save this somewhere else.

Let’s just copy it to a note actually,

that’d be the best thing.

I’ve got my old TextEdit down here.

And I’m just gonna paste it
in there, so I got it to hand.

So, scroll back down, let’s get the link,

copy that to clipboard.


And then we’ll go to WP Clone.

Restore from URL, paste
that in, tick I Agree,

and then we’re gonna
click Restore from URL.

So, this is just gonna wipe everything

that we’ve done so far.

It’s gonna put WordPress on

and it’s gonna set it up,
it’s okay, it’s a demo stack,

and then we’re gonna log in
with that username and password

and then we’re gonna have to
recreate our username again,

but it will save us a lot
of work in the long run

because it will bring all
the pages and everything in,

all the templates,

so all we need to do
is tweak a few things.

So, let’s get it going.

I’m gonna click Restore
from URL and press OK.

It says it might take a
few minutes, that’s fine.

Okay, it’s all done.

It says we can view the site
by clicking here, let’s click.

Let’s see what it’s done.

So, that’s all working fine.

We’re gonna need to log in now

and just re-save our permalinks.

It says here we may need to
do that, so let’s do that.

So, to log on we need to click here.

Then we need to log in
with that demo account.

So, let’s do that.

So, it was rehubdemo, oops.

Rebug, rehub.

Like that.

And then we’re gonna paste
the password in from clipboard

or my TextEdit even, this
one, rehubpass999777.

And here we are.

So, we need to re-save these permalinks.

What I’m gonna set it to is
using the Custom Structure,

I’m just gonna take out
everything that’s in that box,

just highlight all, press delete,

and we’re gonna go for category

and then we’re gonna for
post link, just like that.

So, you just click
category, then post link.

Then click Save.


The next thing I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna create

a username that I can remember

rather than using this demo one.

Obviously for security reasons,

obviously we don’t wanna be using that

’cause everyone knows
what that password is.

I’m gonna click Add New.

Go for wpeagle, put me email in.

I apologise if there’s baby
noise “