“How do you save money at Christmas?
Welcome to my new video series all

about how to save money at Christmas
starting with Christmas presents.

Here are four tips tricks and tools to save.

Number one, make a list of names and budgets.

Mum, Dad, your brother, your friends. Put your
budget next to each person so £25 for Mum,

£1 for your brother. If the total
cost of the list is too much then

rework it. Using this list you can stick
to your budget and in part three of this

video I’ll show you how to find
gift ideas within those prices.

Two, get stocking presents for free.

If you do Christmas stockings try and get as many

gifts as you can for free. Here
are three ways you can do that.

One, go to “”latestfreestuff.co.uk””.
You might remember this site it’s run

by Deepak Taylor who won BBC’s
Dragon’s Den. The website lists

dozens of free samples and products you
can order for free. So free shampoo,

free chocolate, free magazines and they
all make really nice stocking fillers.

Number two, get secondhand stuff for free. So
“”Facebook Marketplace””, “”nextdoor.co.uk”” these

are the best places to get stuff for free, so
people in your local area are always looking to

get rid of stuff so toys, clothes, furniture.
Although I’d love to see a sofa squeezed

into a stocking. Clean it up, write a nice
message and there you go done! Free presents!

So number three, create your own presents.

This is great for anyone with a drop
of creativeness in their blood. If you

join my free arts and crafts on a budget
Facebook group you’ll see there’s over 10

000 members who share their ideas. Knitted
socks, personalized notebooks, homemade candles.

Number three, find presents within the budget.

Okay so what about the main big
presents you have to get. Here’s

how I find presents within my budget. The
first tool I use is “”Amazon Gift Finder””.

If you remember on my list I wrote that
Mum £25 so you go to Amazon Gift Finder

and you can sort by women and then also by
price £25. You can see a nice selection of

gift ideas within budget. Better though
is also to filter by deals. Hurrah! And

now you’re seeing reduced prices letting
you stretch your budget even further!

If your mum has an interest like
cooking but not so much entertaining,

there are more filters to
let you go down even further.

But don’t hit the buy button just yet because

we have to compare prices which
I’ll show you more tools later!

The second tool *shameless plug*
is “”latestdeals.co.uk”” my website.

Here you can find great deals, let’s say your
brother’s interested in technology and you’ve

got a budget of just £10. On the left hand
side you can see a filter option max £10.

Wireless Earbuds £9.99. Wireless
Charger £7.99. Look at that five

pack of chargers only £5.99! Great
deals! If you’re watching this on your

mobile we also have a free app called
“”Latest Deals””. Join it it’s free!

Tip number four is to compare
prices to save even more.

So once I found the deal within
budget I like to compare prices

to make sure it’s the best on the
market. You should do this anyway

whether you’re shopping for presents
or for yourself, online or in store.

There are three tools I use; the first
is called “”Idiallo”” it’s a free price

comparison app. I recommend
this one because I’ve tested

all of them and I found Idiallo
to have the most accurate data.

Say you’re looking to buy this Dior, I
like to call it a Savage I know it’s not

pronounced like that. It shows you all
the best prices including delivery which

is really important. So even if you found a
deal, whack this out and have a quick look!

Second is “”Google Shopping”” it’s
a free tool with more results than

Idiallo but one problem you need to
be aware of that I’ll come back to.

You can see here the Xbox games console and also
for the Ninja Airfryer. Google Shopping also gives

you this price range so you can see roughly what’s
cheap versus expensive across all the stores.

What’s the one problem I mentioned?
You really need to watch out in Google

Shopping for scam websites. If you see
a price that’s too good to be true or

you’ve never heard of the website
before go to “”TrustPilot”” first.

Google’s not good at verifying
the shops so be careful.

Now third is a similar tool on our Latest
Deals app. I’ll be the first to admit it’s

not as fully fledged as Idiallo but it
is the same data. So if you search for

the product Ninja Airfryer you’ll get
price comparison options at the top.

So in this video you have learned; how
to make a Christmas list with a budget,

how to find free stocking presents, two
tools to find gifts within that budget and

three further tools to compare prices to
make sure you are getting the best offer.

In my next video of this Christmas
series I’ll show you how you can

get the cheapest Christmas trees and decorations!

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Deal Hunters, I’ll see you in the next one!