hello and welcome to today’s a live

coaching call and community conversation

today we are going to be talking about

the lumen

the uh new metabolic tracking device

what’s that’s not actually new but it is

kind of like a new little craze going

around the especially the intermittent

fasting and

kind of

metabolism health kind of arena and

we’re going to talk about it here today

i’m gonna give you guys a little bit of

a rundown of what the lumen metabolic

tracker does why it’s important to us as

aging women and i’m gonna share with you

a little bit about how the app works and

also how i

use this device to help keep myself

metabolically flexible as well so

welcome if you are new my name is diane

parham i am a fasting mindset coach so i

help you

manage your decision-making process your

thoughts your emotions your lifestyle

around what it is that you say you want

with intermittent fasting and how it is

we can use it to age successfully and i

am a huge fan of the lumen and yes you

can use the lumen and still intermittent

fast we’re going to talk about that a

little bit today as well so do me a

favor in the comments section let me

know if you’re familiar with the lumen

maybe you’re a user of the lumen or

maybe you have no idea what the lumen is

but you do want to track your metabolic

flexibility or know if you’re

metabolically flexible just leave me a

little comment and kind of let me know

where you stand on this subject so that

way i’ll kind of know how to address a

little bit of the discussion today so

this is going to be an informative

discussion but we’ll open it up at the

end for some conversation as well

if you are using the lumen and you’re

feeling frustrated hopefully this will

help settle some things for you and

clear up some maybe some frustrations

you might have and then again always

feel free to put your questions in the

comment section i will address those at

the end so we are you uh going to have

today’s discussion

as a beginners to the lumen type of

conversation and so what it is how to

get started and some some advice that i

give to women who are wanting to track

their metabolism don’t know where to

start and don’t know what to do with the

numbers that they’re getting from their

lumens so that’s how we’re gonna address

today’s conversation as well okay so i’m

gonna present some slides and i also

have a little video like i said of how

the app works on your phone and how to

breathe and all that kind of stuff i’ll

do that at the end but let’s get started



metabolism is or what metabolic

flexibility is and why it’s important to


especially as aging women right so we

know as we age our metabolism just

naturally slows down on us that’s one of

probably the most frustrating aspects of

going through this perimenopausal

menopausal post-menopausal season and

just aging in general is everything just

seems to start slowing down on us but we

do have the opportunity to be in control

of our metabolism and that does come

through being more metabolically

flexible and that just basically means

that we’re able to utilize the energy

that our body has in storage so we’re

able to pull out energy from the right

resources and be able to switch between

carb utilization and fat utilization

now everyone thinks that metabolism is

just a combination of what you do with

your exercise and what it is that you’re

consuming when you eat so it it kind of

has the

almost the likeness of calories in

calories out but there’s so many other

facets to metabolic flexibility that i

think that we we don’t consider when

we’re really trying to either lose

weight change our body composition or

just be generally overall

more healthful in the state or season

that we’re in so there’s five things

that i really emphasize with metabolic

flexibility that we have to take into


sleep i believe is probably the most

important and probably one of the

biggest influ influences of our

metabolic flexibility especially when

using something like a lumen we have

nutrition we have our fitness hydration

and stress so all five of these areas

will be affected

when you’re using something like a lumen

and you’re really trying to

figure out from the inside out via

information that’s provided to you

what’s going on with your body

internally right so those are the five

things i really like women to look at

and really be honest about in their life

when they’re using especially something

like a lumen that’s going to give them

feedback the other thing that we have to

take into consideration is our current

health status right so if you are


managing a sugar-related disease or

you’re currently managing an autoimmune

disorder those things also affect our

overall internal health and those could


indicators from something that’s going

to provide you feedback like a lumen and

where your numbers are and this is where

i want us to really get back to the

mindset aspect of why it is we would

purchase something that’s going to give

us feedback and we’re going to talk

about that here in just a second so

those are the five areas that i say we

really want to think about right the

other thing we want to consider and i

know this is one of those hot topics

when you’re using something like a lumen

the feedback that you’re going to get

has to do with your macronutrients right

the energies that’s going into your body

and how your body is going to convert

that energy and utilize it is going to

determine what readings you’re getting

on a lumen so macronut macronutrients

quick review are carbohydrates fats and

proteins and each one of those

macronutrients carries a caloric value

right so that takes that would make up

your total caloric intake for the day so

just a quick a quick review of that for

for those of us who are maybe frustrated

with some of the feedback you’re getting

from your lumen we got to go back and

figure out like why is it we’re getting

this feedback right so the two things

that are really manipulated when using a

lumen are carbohydrates and fat because

those are the two things that we’re

getting feedback on when we breathe in

to this device what i’ve noticed for

myself and tracking how my

macronutrients vary from day to day is

my protein suggestion is pretty constant

like that one pretty much stays the same

and i believe that’s based on the the

track that i’m on with my lumen and i’ll

share with you guys how you figure that

out here in just a second but we want to

remember that macronutrients are the is

the energy that’s going in right and

then how our body converts that is how

we utilize energy coming out and that’s

going to be the carbohydrates and the

fats that is red when you blow into your

lumen what i really like to recommend

for women especially for those of us who

don’t like to count macros or manage

macros or don’t want to have to bother

with calorie counting all of those kind

of things is once you get a general idea

and what i have experienced with my

lumen is that my numbers are pretty

consistent they just vary between how

many carbohydrates i take in a day or

how much fat i take in a day based on

the feedback i’m getting when i breathe

into my device and so once you get a

general idea of what the recommendations

are for your metabolic flexibility what

you need to do is just rinse and repeat

those same type of meals throughout your

week so that you don’t have to worry

about measuring and weighing and doing

all those things that we don’t want to

do anymore you just get a general idea

and if you’re pretty close you’re going

to be pretty good about making sure that

you’re utilizing the right energy

sources and you’re becoming more

metabolically flexible so i encourage

rinsing and repeating for sure

so there are three tracks to get

yourself to being metabolically flexible

within the lumen one is are you just

like sustaining or wanting to improve

your overall metabolic health the other

one is weight loss so maybe you’re

wanting to lose some weight and the

other one is fitness performance so are

you maybe an elite athlete or someone

who’s training for something and you

want to make sure that you have the

proper fuel coming in and you’re

utilizing the proper fuel to make sure

that you can stay in the game with what

it is you’re doing with your fitness so

three tracks it’s really important to

make sure that you actually choose the

right track because the recommendations

that the lumen is going to give you is

going to be based on which track you

selected the fitness performance track

does have a variable with protein in it

so depending on whether you want to just

improve endurance or you want to improve

body composition or you’re trying to

build muscle

will make that protein variable and your

macro nutrients different based on again

what it is your desired result is so

make sure you pick the right track if

you’re starting out with lumen so that

it’s giving you the feedback that’s

going to get you to the what it is we

hear we say here in this community all

the times what it is you really want

right so we want to make sure that we

are clear on that

okay so what i did is i tracked today

for you so this is very very current

information and i’m going to break down

what my readings are on a lumen and how

it is i understand what’s going on with

my own body chemistry so mondays for me

i almost always wake up a three on my

lumen and i’ll explain to you in a

minute what that means if you’re new to

the lumen and it’s usually because i get

a shortened amount of sleep from sunday

to monday because my daughter’s usually

up getting ready for school late on

sunday night and we stay up with her and

she gets up early on monday morning to

go to her cross country practice and

last night i happened to get about six

hours of sleep i know because i track my

sleep also that sounds about an hour and

a half short of what i really need to

get a full restorative night of sleep so

i woke up in a three which basically

means that my body is utilizing

carbohydrates and fats as energy and

ideally what we want with the lumen is a

two or a one meaning you’re burning more

or utilizing or converting more of your

carbohydrates into a fat energy so i

know that going in it doesn’t freak me

out as soon as you know tonight rolls

around and we go to bed a little earlier


my body shifts into this to the week

night uh sleep schedule my lumen numbers

come down naturally because sleep like i

said at the very beginning is one of the

most important aspects of really

becoming metabolically flexible because

when you’re sleeping is when your body

does the best converting of energy so

then i worked out right i had an hour of

a low zone 2 low zone or lo zone 2 low

zone 3 training again this is what i

talk about here all the time right that

endurance type of training where you’re

at a lower intensity for a longer period

of time so you utilize the energy that

you have in storage my lumen number came

down so i went to more of a fat

utilization i used up the carbohydrates

that i had available through my exercise

session i had some black coffee and then

about i was like two hours later i

tested on my lumen again and i’m in full

fat utilization so this is where i

really like to encourage my intermittent

fasting ladies to understand how your

own body chemistry works right there are

a lot of people who don’t think that

intermittent fasting is good for

metabolic flexibility and i always like

to encourage you to do it works for you

do uh live a lifestyle that allows you

to empower yourself around food and what

it is you want to live and my body just

does better in a fasted state than it

does in a fed state so i stay fasted

post workout and you can see from those

numbers i naturally came down and now

i’m in full fat burning mode so why

would i want to break that and then eat

something after i just got done working

out right my numbers would have went the

other way they would have gone up to

like a four again

and i’m explaining to you what that

means here in a second as well

so don’t be afraid to practice

intermittent fasting what we want to

make sure that we’re doing with

metabolic flexibility is not going into

extremes on one end or the other right

so we don’t want to become so

extreme with fasting that we don’t allow

enough opportunity to get the

macronutrients back in our body that we

need so we don’t want to drain the tank

so much we don’t have energy to sustain

what it is that we want to sustain but

then we also don’t want to consume so

much right that we have this backup and

we can’t drain the tanks so we have to

find that happy medium now i’ve been

intermittent fasting for about six years

my body just knows what to do in a

fasted state it’s not a stressed out

state for my body so i thrive there and

i can really control how i want to

utilize the energy that i have in

storage okay so let’s talk a little bit

um let me see who i have here

i bought one last month but haven’t set

it up or started using it okay awesome

so we’re gonna go ahead and and go

through how to get started and all that

just bought one had it for two weeks

awesome why considering selling it okay

don’t consider selling it until we’re

done for today okay so the lumen it is

very very scientific right this is high

end science for the everyday person and

that’s where i think a lot of people get

really frustrated right this is

literally like having a nutritionist

in your hand i think the problem and the

frustration that comes from

the community in general of population

is that we don’t do the research and we

don’t treat this like it’s a hobby right

we blow in this device and we think it’s

going to give us a magical number

that we want it to to read but we don’t


why it is we’re getting the readings

that we’re reading i can tell you that i

don’t have perfect metabolic flexibility

and that’s because i don’t live a

perfect life right i have some nights i

don’t get enough sleep i have some

nights i’m i’m you know stressed out i

have some days i don’t feel well and

those numbers are always

indicating how my body is feeling so i



come in at about a 12 to a 15 on my

metabolic flexibility and i’ll show you

what the ranges are in a second so i

highly recommend letting go of

perfection or trying to have the best

most perfect consistent metabolic

readings with your lumen i highly

recommend using this as feedback as to

what is going on with your body and then

adjust accordingly so this is very very

high-end science type of stuff that is

in the everyday person’s hand so it

starts with a breath right so you wake

up in the morning and you breathe into

your lumina it’s going to give you

feedback as to what happened from the

last time you ate until you decided to

breathe in your lumen in the morning and

that is the energy conversion or the

metabolic flexibility that’s probably

the most important for us right we want

to know how our body is converting

energy when we’re sleeping again

sleep amount right and the uh the

quality of sleep that you’re getting is

going to be a big influencer in the

number that you get in the morning it is

not just about what you ate it is also

about how your body is resting and

recovering so make sure you’re tracking

your sleep as well especially if you’re

feeling frustrated with your lumen


okay one of the things that i don’t like

about the advertising

that is used uh to the general

population is that um this is advertised

as something that will hack your

metabolism and what i want to tell

everyone is that this will do nothing to

your metabolism this is going to give

you feedback