well today i would love to discuss about

the versatile monitor that can be used

for color grading

video editing and gaming with 100 heads

refresh rate so with that said hey


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to do let’s get

jump and talk about the hp envy 34 inch

quad display monitor this awesome

monitor can gives you a hundred percent

rates actually refrigerate for smooth

display for gaming video editing and

extra with a usb type-c

simultaneously you can charge your

laptop and give a fresh rate

display to your monitor so without

further to do let’s have a look

and review and unbox this awesome

product from our


okay as you can see the box of this

awesome monitor is very cool with black


and the shape of the monitor itself

which is curve

and it’s written every deals and specs

in front of

this box



so let’s grab out the monitor from the

box and

one thing i love to mention here please

don’t take

this monitor from the two side as you

can see it is a

full monitor display it might be crack


skin as it also mentioned in the box and


paper as a warning as you can see it

right now

so please don’t make mistake like me and

take it from the bottom of this awesome

monitor for carrying

a new viewer


i have placed the monitor on my desk as

you can see here a quick setup of

this awesome monitor in the first step

you can use from

hdmi to connect this computer or display

port or maybe usb type-c

or usb 3.0 which will be compatible with


windows pcs and also we have the edusync

and also we have the power and there we



let’s open the accessory box and check

the cables that we are

getting with this awesome monitor so the

first cable is here as you can see it’s


full size with the hdmi you can use it

with your pc

and in the second part we have also

this awesome displayport cable which can

be used for

like desktop computers to display out

your full hd or ultra hd

display to this awesome monitor along

with this we have here usb type-c that

can work with this macbook

and currently i am going to use with

this macbook this usb type-c

and the benefit of this usb type-c cable

with the macbook is

that simultaneously i can charge my pc

and also display

my video in the this awesome nv



in the last but not least we have here

the usb type-c which can be used

with the windows pcs


we have here a awesome palette that

calls a visa

mount plate that can use this monitor on

any stand

or you can place it on the wall easily

and it has

displayed the meteor in the backside of

this awesome place as you can see it

right now so it will be helpful for you

if you’re using this monitor on a wall


any stand in your studio often





since this awesome monitor can power

your laptop

and itself it has a this cool adapter

which will be used for this awesome


along with this specification it also


have usbc power delivery which is

very cool that can power your any laptop


macbook from microsoft and other easily

with the video display as well so also

it has a

amd graphic freesync

which will give you 100 fresh red

display that can help you to smoothly

play your

video games and editing so let’s move on


and at the meantime it has a skype

calling future

which is available in this monitor with

the built-in

webcam i love it very much well i am in

love with the shape of this

awesome ultrawide quite high definition


that can give you 60 watt power along

with the usb type

c display and alternatively you can use

hdmi all display part to pip the

screen in four or five displays so if

you have any comment regarding this

awesome monitor you can write down in

the below comment section

and tell me the similar model that from

the another brand

that can compare this awesome monitor

with the same budget

so i will see you in the next