okay hey you guys welcome back to my

channel today’s video is gonna be a

little different I’m doing my skincare

routine on how I cleared my dark spots

for good as you can see I don’t have

really any right now where is the

lighting like weird I’m so sorry I

barely have any right now

the initial erasure of my dark spots

took place within the first month so I’m

gonna show you guys um

footage of the first month the before so

I’m using it and then a month later so

using it and I actually you can see it

in my YouTube videos because I would not

have makeup on and then start doing my

makeup so I’m going to show you guys

some footage from my ol YouTube videos

which are a month and span and yes show

you guys the big difference because it

really is a big difference there guys

that right now and then we’re gonna get

into the logistics okay so yes I did

record this journey in advance cuz I

knew I want to put it on my youtube

channel so yeah all of this footage is

unedited raw taking out these exact

dates I put the memory dates from my

snapchat on there just so you guys can

see so yeah this was my birthday around

February 28th March 1st I was in Puerto

Rico and as you can see my skin just

looks horrible I didn’t have any bumps

but I had scars from bumps that I had

had before and on this video as well I

had those same scars a little bit less

defined but they were still there and I

was still breaking out on my forehead as

well so yeah those scars were just gonna

keep coming I did start trying to use

aloe vera which worked a little bit but

not as much as I wanted it didn’t really

clear the major scars I started doing

like head and shoulders face masks cuz I

thought I had fungal acne but I would

still like break out and still get scars

I started drinking a gallon of water a


nothing was just nothing was working so

this this picture on May 6 was a week

after I started the treatment but the

picture that’s shown here was before I

started so I just wanted to show you

guys that I start

on May 1st or what is it April 20 31st

but I started May 1st April 31st so yeah

this is how my skin looked after that

first week it was completely smoother I

had no bumps and then as you can see May

10th my scar started fading excuse these

embarrassing pictures but May 14 my

scars were fighting a lot more and then

as you can see like the my makeup even

started to sit dear friend my skin

looked when your skin is good your

makeup looks even better so yeah and you

can see 2 weeks later my scars had

almost completely faded me 19 May 21st

my skin is just glowing so I did a one

month update use that same video footage

compared it to a video that I have

filmed the day before on May 21st so

yeah doesn’t see my skin is like glowing

and then I ran out because it is sort of

expensive and I couldn’t really afford

it back then so I ran out and that’s the

thing about this product when you run

out it it you kids doesn’t work because

you don’t have it so of course my skin

started breaking out again I started

getting scars again these two new scars

I really get on my nerves because

they’re only here because I ran out

so now I have to deal with this one but

the thing about it was that the scars

really wouldn’t last as deep as they

would if I hadn’t used the product

before so I noticed that the scars would

be there for like a week and then they

would start to fade whereas before my

scars would be there and they would stay

there so that was a good thing but yeah

I recommend not running out of this

stuff ever because if you do your scars

will come back I will your bumps will

come back and they will create scars so

yeah this is just how my skin looks once

I ran out I hadn’t I had read up in my

products until about a month ago so my

skin had been looking like this all

summer and just now like what you’re

about to see when I do my skincare

routine this was a month later from that

so yeah because this is August 21st and

today’s what September 26th so yeah so

here I am doing my shower routine of

course you want your shower water to be

steamy because that will open your pores

when you do your skincare routine I want

to show you guys my feminine wash that I

use it is amazing and it smells great

and it’s super gentle on your special

areas it does not have any of those

harsh chemicals that those big-name

brands can’t have it is from house of

holistic sand I’ll leave their link to

this in my bio and of course on my body

I’m just using some dials so because I

feel like it I like to get clean I don’t

really care about all that other

frou-frou stuff like as long as my soap

makes me clean because I hate like

gender stuff and we’re good so yeah

before I do my skincare I’m gonna brush

my teeth I hate watching people brush

their teeth I’m not gonna put that on

this video to cleanse my skin I’m gonna

be using my Duval spin brush I will

leave the link to this brush in the

description box it came with four

different brush heads and a really big

one too that you can use on your body as


a cleanser that I use and have been

using for some time now is from urban

Skinner eggs I love this brand because

it caters to women of color I use the

clear skin cleansing bar which you can

get at Target as well as their website

it is a three on one treatment and

controls oil blemishes and deep cleanses

pores which was perfect because I had

really really deep pores so what I do is

I dip my spin brush in there turn it on

start to lather it a bit and then I go

in circular motions all over my face and

I do this for about mm about 45 seconds




my esthetician told me to always rinse

your face in cold water and that is

probably the best advice I’ve ever

gotten because I used to have huge pores

and ever since I started rinsing in cold

water my pores have minimized greatly

drying my face but I’m not wiping it I’m

just patting dry so that I don’t drag my


so here is the magic here is here are

the magic products they are from a brand

called perfect tone which is located in

the Bahamas they ship straight to the

Bahamas but shipping does not take long

at all so they do have systems on their

website for different things

I just bought three products that I

thought I needed I got the clarifying

gel the spa treatment and the

resurfacing cream which is basically

what you need for the blemish control

system but instead of the spot I think

they have a serum instead of the spa

treatment and I figured I could just get

my own serum so I got the spa treatment

instead so the first step that I do is

the clarifying gel this gel banishes

breakouts and nuts away impurities with

leave on treatment and helps move dirt

and oil that clogs pores that is what it

says on the bottle right there and

basically this gel is basically just an

extra cleanser but it stays on your face

all day so it’s really cleaning 24 hours

it is super lightweight it doesn’t burn

or anything the main ingredients are the

triglyceride polysorbate tawny tricked

em volgy R wheat germ oil lemon fruit

oil and some other hard to pronounce

words if you would like to look at the

ingredient list I will link all the

products in the description box next

I’ll be using my zoom face oil that I

got actually from the grocery store one

day I was just like huh interesting

so yeah I decided to try it I think they

are a black-owned brand but I’m not sure

this oil has not caused my skin to be

clogged at all it actually is really

nice and smells like it smells clean so

I like that about it

so I’ve been using this oil ever since I

started back in what was it April and

it’s last me this long that one bottle

and I’ve spilled it like twice but yeah

this oil the serum is great recommended

to nursing

second step is a spa treatment usually

the resurfacing cream would come next

but since it is the daytime I’m doing

the spa treatment next so you will you

put the spa treatment on all of your

spots it says on the bottle that you

should only put it on up to five spots

or less but of course I had more than

that and it still did it still faded my

spots so I will put it on all the spots

that I had this I feel like is the key

product that got those dark spots away

and as you can see I’m like barely have

any spots now so I really just put it

wherever gradients and this one aren’t

on the bottle but they are on the

website it does tell you that it’s

filled with vitamin A fortified and it

helps eliminate severe dark spots and I

can tell you that this is the truth like

this stuff really even when I put it on

spots on my body they fade almost

immediately it’s it’s actually crazy so

the third step which you are supposed to

only do at night but I’m doing it now

for demonstration purposes is the

resurfacing cream this stuff is like a

chemical peel in a bottle but it doesn’t

make your skin peel like I don’t know

how they do it but you get new skin

without having peeling skin and I think

the key is a serum because they tell you

to always have a serum on your face when

you do this step so that your skin

doesn’t hurt and pill as you after you

apply the revitalizing serum which is

the serum that I did not get you’re

supposed to rub a quarter sized amount

of this cream onto your face in the

evening and then used for 14 days cycles

with two day breaks of course I would do

it every day I did not care because it

didn’t I didn’t get like an allergic

reaction nothing so I was just like I’m

keep going so yeah I kept going and it

worked it didn’t dry my skin out at all

it didn’t give me any type of allergic

reaction and I have really sensitive

skin so yeah this was a plus okay you

guys so that is all the steps in my

skincare routine and my shower team I

want to include my shower routine

because I know that the steam part is

very beneficial for my skin it opens my

pores so that when they’re closed or the


from the products are entrapped in there

um and yeah these are my results I

didn’t use nothing else and I I’ve tried

using other things for years and nothing

would ever work and I saw advertisement

for this stuff on Facebook years ago and

like back when I was a kid and I still

had dark spots but I was too broke to

afford it so when I like glowed up a

little bit I was like okay let me just

splurge and maybe it’d be worth it and

it was 100% what I have got to give it

to them this video was not sponsored in

any way like I said before I was amazed

the first week I started seeing results

thank you guys for watching this video

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will be my actual skincare routine on my

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