though it’s not a device for me the

lumen could be great for you find out to

hear all about my experiences with this


hey guys alex here from

and today i’ve got a review of the lumen

metabolism device i guess that’s what

you call it um i’ve been using this for

a bit over two weeks now and i have to

be straight up it wasn’t something that

excited me personally

now i don’t want my negativity to come

across as this being a bad product

because it’s not it’s just that

in my situation and my understanding

about health and wellness and what i do

and how i eat and how we live i don’t

really need this in fact it was more of

a burden than anything i mean yeah it

was interesting getting some of the data

but i think there’s better ways to get

that data and uh some of the the

features that you know

that really drive this uh device

i just didn’t i just didn’t need them i

just didn’t find it much use in them and

um it was becoming more of a chore than

anything to use this device which is not

good right uh you know you don’t want

something to be a chore especially if

you’ve paid for it

okay so first things first what is the

lumen well if you head over to lumen dot

me you’ll see some uh you’ll see a video

and some good um overviews of what

exactly this device does and how it

works but in a nutshell

it’s a device that measures your

metabolism it shows whether you’re

burning carbs or fats or a bit of both

and it does this by measuring your

breath you simply breathe in and out on

this device a few times sync it with

your iphone and the algorithm works its

magic and gives you a score it doesn’t

give you an exact breakdown or a

percentage or anything like that which

would be really cool and in fact that’s

one of the

criticisms i have with this device it

just gives you a score between one and

five one being

car burning fat oh sorry i think one is

more fat burning and five being carbs uh

which all sounds really good uh and like

i said if you head over to the website

here i’ll read out some of these

statements the first device the heck of

metabolism enhancing how much fat

burning lose weight boost energy


it utilizes advanced technology once

only available to top athletes and

metabolic testing clinics

now it’s you know available in your

pocket and it’s got all your reviews uh

the gold standard of personal metabolism

tracking scientifically proven to meet

the gold standards gold standard and

multiple validation studies and see

that’s an on that topic that’s another

reason um i wasn’t the biggest fan of it

because i often did back-to-back

readings and my score changed and i

hadn’t really

done anything like i’d stayed in the

same spot so as soon as you’ve seen that

you start wondering how accurate is it

um tracking metabolism daily so you can

see how things like your diet sleep

training exercise uh all impact your

metabolism and then it gets into the

whole uh customizing your nutrition

getting meal plans and meal

recommendations to be honest i mean you

read all that and you think wow this is

awesome and that’s what i thought now

after using it for two weeks though i


i don’t know i found it was lacking i

found it was more general

recommendations and general feedback um

i don’t know i guess there’s someone who

sees myself more as an advanced

biohacker i’m you know he’s happy to do

multiple blood tests and

all these experiments and there i wanted

more out of this and after using the app

for a while i feel like one of the main

drivers behind the app is to help people

like lose weight which is not a problem

for me or a goal for me and really it

has a big emphasis on the nutrition side

which of course is this it’s tracking

your metabolism right so that’s what you

want to do but it’s all about you know

carb intake and how many portions of

carbs did you have and all that

now personally if you’ve been following

my blog or maybe you’ve done one of my

health coaching programs over the years

you’ll know that

i i don’t like that approach to diet and

living in general i don’t like tracking

calories i’ve got a really good article

on um you know calories and and why i

don’t believe in tracking calories so

check that out um i i think it’s too

restrictive i think it’s

i think there’s been a way better ways

of dieting and improving your health and

well-being and all that and that’s how i

live right and for me if we go off on a

quick tangent here for me it’s all about

basics but doing them consistently and

making sure that rock solid so for

instance prioritizing sleep um getting

some exercise once or twice a week or

three times a week getting outside as

much as possible

eating good quality food so

i don’t care if i have you know

a treat or a dessert or something but um

i make sure that it’s you know homemade

with organic sugar and like

raw milk and good quality ingredients

right versus like just go to the

supermarket and get in the frozen

pie from from the freezer section so

that’s how i personally live and that’s

what i find to be sustainable and easy

to do and i i found it works really well

with clients now i really wanted

this to be like more scientific i guess

so a good comparison here is right now

i’m testing levels health

app which is synced with my



continuous glucose monitoring device now

that’s given me hard numbers right it’s

showing me uh it’s giving me exact

readings and of my glucose levels i can

plot when i eat

food and see the reaction it’s telling

me over two hour period you know was my

blood glucose all over the place or not

and it’s really cool i um if i train it

shows me what’s happening with my my

training effect on my blood glucose if i

get stressed i was running late the

other day and my blood glucose went

through the roof you know i get hard

numbers right and it’s really

interesting to see that data

this is all a little bit

yeah just you know really high level

sort of

generic general sort of stuff which is


not really what i want okay so i’ve

opened the lumen app here so first

things first you say good afternoon a

bit of niceties in there but straight

away you see that nutrition plan at the

top let’s have a look at that a bit more

detail so why this plan your body at the

moment so i’ve been getting a lot of

higher carb readings right and i have

been need a lot of carbs lately um

that’s just the diet i’m eating at the

moment uh so my body’s eating a lot of

carbs limiting carbs will help you shift

to a body of fever okay cool um today’s

measurement so today i’ve only done one

measurement it was in the morning uh 8

30 i had a four out of five which is not

great uh and then as i scroll down a

little bit more i can see my commitment

this week monday was a three today was a

four so that’s what you see on the main

screen um if i go into tools it’s just

it’s lots of information stuff right you

know heaps of meals to fit your plan um

finding meals with the right carb intake

uh there’s some videos you know how to

do your morning measurement how to use

it all the time

some insights about what’s going on in

my body uh when your body attach sensors

like you can click all these and get

some interesting tidbits and stuff which

all right but i don’t i don’t 100 agree

with them like like this as long as

there are cards in your system your body

will will use them first

i mean we know that’s not it’s not so

black and white like that only when you

use up your cup stores your body shifts

to its fat stores for fuel and that’s

that’s just

like that’s just not true because um you

know we all know well

if you’ve been in the bodybuilding space

you know a lot of people do really high

carb low fat diets and they drop down to

ultra low levels of body fat right so

anyway so things like that i’m just like

it doesn’t really sit with well with me

um and then down the bottom practice

breathing a little breath yeah cool so


we go go over to the me section of the

screen and this is really where you can

see finally start seeing some data but

there’s not really that much in there so

the first thing is that lumen fix flex

data at the top that has taken me two

weeks of daily readings to get that

score so i actually only got that score

i think today or yesterday so previously

it just had a locked icon so we’ll come

back to that so so then beneath that you

can see my morning scores which are

typically around that three reading

which is not ideal two would be one or

two according to the lumens of one or

two would be best i find that quite

interesting because i always do about a

12 hour fast each night um at least like

you know if i have dinner at seven i

don’t typically eat breakfast until

seven sometimes later 8 a.m um so i’m

quite surprised that some of those

readings are like quite high four and

fives remember higher readings show that

i’m using more more carbs and the other

thing is like sometimes at night i don’t

eat many carbs anyway so yeah i find

that quite interesting but then this

also shows that i sort of have some

doubts about the readings because

like i said i have got it up i’ve done

my reading in the morning like you meant


and then i’ve done a reading not long

after without having any food without

doing the exercise and i’ve got an

entirely different number so then i

think well what’s going on here um

so yeah that’s that’s one concern i have

with with those numbers and of course if

the numbers are incorrect or inaccurate

then the whole thing’s inaccurate anyway

as you scroll down here you see my

levels over time and there’s no real

pattern there we can click on week month

three months i’ve only been using it for

a fortnight so yeah and then we can

click up here on morning and i can

change it to before eating after eating

before training i think i’ve only ever

done one pre and post training reading

so you could see your print post


yeah and it stayed at two for both

things so you know that is kind of cool

the downside though is like

i thought i’d take heaps of readings

right i just thought oh before every

meal and after every meal i’ll do it

before every training session after

every training i’d use it but i only did

that for like a day or two and then i

stopped and um this was before like i

started realizing that hey this device

wasn’t really for me

this was just simply out of

with practical reasons it was just it’s

quite time consuming to do this so i

thought it would be a simple blow in

uh inhale exhale job done but no what

you have to do is you have to sit you

have to sit with your feet on the floor

relax okay cool

then you have to do a deep inhale

through here


you hold your breath for 10 seconds

then you do a big exhale now um there’s

a little guide on the screen on the yet

and that helps you uh stay

nice and you know keep your breath the

right flow and all that sort of dress


about three quarters of the time

it goes through fine but there’s a

quarter or maybe even a third of my

readings i don’t get good numbers it

says i have to do it again which is very

frustrating because you’re like am i

going to sit there and do another one

you know maybe i exhaled too fast or i

stopped inhaling too soon so anyway you

do the first reading then you gotta wait

15 seconds just sitting there and then

you do the second reading and again you

hope and by the second reading i mean

the second breath and by then you you

hope that you get the second one right

so the whole process could take

it’s probably like one or two minutes

right but if you stuff it up you add an

extra 30 seconds or so now i know you’re

probably thinking hey alex that’s

nothing but

yeah it’s nothing for a morning reading

but to be honest it is a bit if you’re

wanting to do it before every meal and

after every meal let you sit down and

dinner oh okay well now i’m gonna do

you’re ready for your stuffed up one you

gotta do it again you’re waiting you’re

waiting your wife’s sitting there or

your kids sitting there thinking what

are you doing i’ll actually eat your

food you know uh and then you do that

and then you’re gonna do a follow-up one


like i said it gets a bit old especially

me as a dad you know like i’ve got lots

going on in my life i’m not just you

know the same biohacker i was five years

ago where i dedicate tons of times to

some of this stuff but soon it just got

to the point where i was like i just

can’t be bothered taking a reading and

that’s why i stopped doing you know

before and after trainings i think i did

some befores but then i forgot to do the

afters and you’re just like oh i won’t

even bother taking it to the gym anymore


it’s a shame because um if it was so

much easier to use like yeah i probably

would like if it was just one quick

in-out breath you probably would just

use it all the time hey what’s my levels

done okay but it’s not it’s a couple

minutes and if it goes wrong it’s an

extra minute or two so that’s why uh

when you look in my levels on the yapiya

um there’s actually not that much

reading down again you’ve got my weight

section i only plotted my weight when it

asked me at the start i don’t care about

my weight i just leave it why care about

it but i’m not tracking it right like

i’m just at peace with uh my health and

diet and body composition so

that’s it but that’s it like that’s

really all you have on the app um and as

you can see i i really feel like the

fact that it’s got my weight down there

um i think it really is focused more

towards like

fat loss clients right like people who

really want to uh optimize their diet to

burn fat um which is what all the cues

and recommendations and all that you

know the pop-ups like hey try and cut

back on your carbs and get more into fat

burning mode like i really think that’s

what it’s geared towards which is not

which is not me and it may not be you

either if you’re more you know an

athlete buy a hacker um watching this it

probably doesn’t interest you either

instead you might want to look more at a

you know continuous glucose monitoring

device which we’ll get to soon so let’s

go back up to the top the lumen flex

score now this is why i was putting the

effort into

the effort in each morning to um

consistently you know take that reading

because it said i needed two weeks

reading to get my aluminum flex score

now um it gave me a score out of

7.5 i think it was out of 20 so that’s

quite bad right that means i’m a

shocking uh card burner which is you

know hey it’s not great um my background

i have done all sorts of diets and yes

i’ve done

very very strict ketosis for about nine

months i think it just wasn’t for me um

i’ve done a lot of cyclical ketosis

which is a diet that i actually really

like and do recommend but at the moment

i you know here in new zealand

wintertime i had porridge for breakfast

with some maple syrup and some raw cream

uh lunchtime i had


home killed sausages

with um

some potatoes i think and a little bit

of a homemade chutney so you got carbs

sugars fats and that um dinner tonight

we’re having roast pork with some apples

sauce pumpkin

peas beans you know like it’s just a

well-rounded diet it’s all good quality

ingredients everything’s from our farm

or you know really organic stuff but

there’s lots of sugars in it i guess i i

often have juice um

i drink a lot of milk um yeah so so

that’s probably reflecting why my score

on here is bad now is it bad though like

well according to that yeah it should be

so much better but i i get the

impression that to get it really really


i have to be in ketosis or close to it i

i’m it’s just the

it’s just a theory um obviously i can’t

prove it but just based on the feedback

i get you know like it’s all about cards

and all that um carbs and fats and that

i i just i feel like that’s what it is

um sort of focused on which is you know

hey that’s all good but it’s just not

really what uh i’m doing so a few things

i should mention about the product

itself battery life was great like you

can probably get

15 readings out of this on one charge um

so that’s good to know you’re meant to

keep it in a travel case when you take

it away like if you put your gym bag in

there and i i think i did that once and

i just keep forgetting about it it’s

just it’s more things you got to do and


more of a hassle right so i was actually

just taking it like this which isn’t

great um charging dock and the design is

really cool as well it all works really

nice but i do get a bit concerned about

like the cleanliness of it like because

you’re blowing into this inhaling and

exhaling all the time right like maybe

multiple times a day um

you can clean the outside but you can’t

get into the inside here

so you can clean all around here but you

can’t get right in there to clean um

and you know like you’re breathing

through it right i’m sure there’s

moisture and also what’s going to be in

fact one day i had it lifts in there and

my boy my toddler picked it up and he’s

like playing around and blowing and

stuff and it was just covered in like

saliva and stuff and i’m just i mean

it’s it’s my boy right like he’s all

good but i thought to myself well i

actually can’t clean that out like this

there’s no way i can do it like if

another kid came up and picked that up

oh gosh

so i don’t really know how that works uh

from a cleanliness point of view like in

a year’s time is this going to be super

gross i’m not too sure and the last

thing is before i do wrap up um

i have mentioned the levels health app

and that is something that i am

experimenting with at the moment and um

i will be doing a review on that now i

think if you’re someone like me who is a

little bit more i want to say advanced

but i don’t mean that in a in a negative

way like for people who aren’t advanced

i just more into the more advanced sort

of stuff with their health and whatnot


you know if you have to choose between

the two definitely go with one of these

because these things are really cool i

mean i’m seeing some awesome data so

i’ve found out for instance that um corn

chips like just

send my blood glucose levels sky high

and then i get some serious rebound

hypoglycemia it’s happened twice now i’m

like wow okay that’s weird and it’s

weird because i have it with a lot of

cheese and south cream and avocado right

but every time i have these corn chips

it’s just

rocketing um and i can see that in grass

and stuff and you get two weeks worth of

data out of one of these and i’m

starting to see some really interesting

patterns and trends and correlations

emerge and that’s hard numbers but it’s

giving you like a number you can go off

and compare to

um you know peer reviewed pubmed studies

whereas this the lumen is just giving

you a scale of one to five it doesn’t

say you’re doing x percent but uh fair

and carbs and that so i don’t know it’s

if you’re into more of the advanced sort

of stuff a bit more serious about the

biohacking side of things and health

then yeah maybe consider one of these

instead of the lumen if you’re just

looking for some assistance to lose

weight and you’ve tried all sorts of

things and pts and follow diet plans

nothing works then hey try the living it

could be perfect for you and i’m sure

it’s perfect for a lot of people it’s

just not perfect for me all right guys

i’m going to leave it there i hope

you’ve enjoyed this video if you have

give me a thumbs up uh be sure to

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lumens uh the levels health review which

will be coming in a few weeks time um

otherwise i will see you later