Take three normal breaths through the nose,

then inhale deeply through your Lumen.

(inhales deeply)

– Did I get it?

Alright, I am unlocked.

My verdict?

“Incredible work, Ella Dove,
you’re improving your metabolic

flexibility by getting a Lumen
level 1 or 2 in the morning.”

Which means I’m a number
2 on a Lumen scale,

we’ll get into what that
means later on the episode.

(lively music)

Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove and
this is What the Wellness.

Today, we’re talking all
about this little guy,

the Lumen.

It’s a metabolic tracker.

So what that means is it
reads your breath to tell you

how your metabolism is doing.

(lively music)

Every morning, you wake up,

breath into your Lumen to unlock your day.

It’ll tell you, when
you wake up first thing

in the morning, or before
you had your first meal,

whether you’re burning
fats or carbs for energy.

The goal would be that
first morning breath,

that unlocking breath,

shows that you’re burning fats for energy.

With that morning breath,
you unlock your day,

and record what you ate yesterday.

So how many grams of carbs and
fats you ate the day before.

Together, it combines it’s
ratings from yesterday

it’s ratings from this morning to give you

a meal plan for the day ahead.

That meal plan isn’t like,

“Have salmon and asparagus for lunch.”

It’s like, “Why don’t
you try to have around

eight grams of carbs today,
and 12 grams of fat today.”

So in order to use the Lumen successfully,

it’s really important that
you track your macros.

I use an app called My Plate
that gave me macro tracking,

so that I can record all
the things that I eat

and at the end of the day,
or throughout the day,

it spits out and tells me where I’m at

from a macro perspective.

Which is really important
because I wasn’t really

about tracking,

just like the individual
things I was eating,

but looking at the big
picture of how all the food

I ate together in a day,
came out to my macros.

Through out the day, you
breath into this little guy

you do before meals and
after meals and it tells you

if you’re using mainly
fat or carbs for energy.

You continue to follow the
meal plan prescribed by Lumen

throughout the day, throughout
the week, and eventually,

you get a reading on your
metabolic flexibility.

So after about four weeks,
the Lumen gets to know you

really well and gives you
a metabolic flex score

which basically tells
how efficiently your body

is going back and forth between

burning fats and carbs for energy.

Metabolic flexibility is not
a thinly-veiled reference

at weight loss.

Sure, I’m sure if you have
a more flexible metabolism,

it’s easy to maintain weight,

but also just tells you
how efficiently your body

is able to use food for energy.

Food is fuel, it’s
suppose to energize you.

(lively music)

– My name is Michal and with me is Merav.

We founded Lumen eight years ago,

and today we’re leading the
science and the research

in the company.

Our background is we did our
Master PhD in Physiology,

to be me more specific, so in Cardiology.

– [Ella] Can you describe, to
those who never heard of it,

what it is?

– The Lumen comes to answer
on a very basic questions

that our users have in their mind.

“How my body is functioning?

How the things that I did in the past,

how those things affected me?”

And, “What should I do
today, what should I eat

in order to achieve my goals?”

In order to answer those questions,

the user wake up in the morning,

take a measurement by
breathing into Lumen device,

and he gets three things, one,

whether his body is using mainly carbs,

mainly fats or some ratio in between

in order to produce energy.

A body that functions
at its best would rely

on fat source after an overnight fast.

The second thing is what we
call the morning insight,

which is how the thing
that you already did,

how those things affected you.

In order to answer this,
Lumen is also track after

other data points such as

sleep, workout, steps, menstrual cycle,

all the things that might
affect our metabolism.

We also answer questions around workout,

“Do I have enough energy
in order to perform?”

And, “How did the workout affected me?”

Last thing is, what you ate.

And in order to answer
these, Lumen provide you

with a personal daily nutrition plan,

which contains the amount of protein,

carbs and fat you should eat.

In order to help you to
apply the recommendation,

we also provide you with meal inspiration

that you can filter
based on your preference,

based on your allergy.

– Good morning, I’m going to squeeze in

a little bit of a trampoline workout.

There is no trampoline
selection on the Lumen,

so I have put it down as dancing.

Feels right, kind of feels like dancing

when I’m on my re-bounder in my basement.

Let’s go, let’s see where I’m at,

let’s see if I need to fuel
before I jump my heart out.

It’s analyzing.

Burning mainly fat.

So going into higher a
pretty intense cardio workout

that’s probably not where I wanna be,

so I’m gonna have a little bit of a snack.

So since I know I need
to have a little snack

before my workout,

so I have more energy to burn,

I decided to have a little
Daily Harvest smoothie,

before I hit the tramp.

– [Michal] The daily
personal nutrition plan

is obviously based on your measurement.

But the main thing is that
the more you are in the system

the more the nutrition
plan become personal.

The goal of the nutrition
plan is to help you

improve your metabolism,

in order to help you improve your health.

The advantages of healthy metabolism

are endless.

Is not dropping energy after lunch time,

it’s better sleep,

it’s not feeling the need
to snack all the time,

it’s a better immune system,

avoiding diabetes,

avoiding high blood pressure,

easier achieving weight loss,

easier building body mass,

I mean, all of these are
advantages that accompany

to a healthy metabolism.

(lively music)

– We are actually measure your metabolism.

Our body to produce energy
needs to use carbs or fat

or some ratio in between.

If your body is using
carbs to produce energy,

so in this process,

your body will release
more CO2 in your breath,

than if it would have used fat.

The technology for measuring metabolism,

this is not new.

This is something that already exists

since the 60’s.

It’s been used in all
hospitals, in top clinics,

now any one of us can use it,

anywhere, anytime and you’ll
receive the same results

as if you had been taken this measurement

in one of the top clinics or hospitals.

– [Ella] Who is this for?

So who do you feel is the most
able to put the information

from Lumen into use and
who do you feel like

should be using it, and maybe won’t?

– Lumen is for everyone.

I think it’s for everyone
that understand that this,

our body, is actually a tool

that we first need it to
function at it’s best.

– Recording a post.

High carb lunch because I
had banana bread for lunch,

so let’s see how this goes.

– [Woman] Three normal
breaths through the nose,

then inhale deeply through your Lumen.

(inhales deeply)

Hold your breath.

Exhale in three



– Did I get it?

I got it.

I’m burning both carbs and
fat, according to my Lumen.

(lively music)

Pre-lunch recording.

Here we go.

– [Woman] Breaths through
your nose, then inhale deeply.

(lively music)

– I’m burning mainly fat right now.

(lively music)

Post-lunch Lumen.

Here I go.

– [Woman] Inhale deeply
through your Lumen.

(inhales deeply)


(lively music)

I’m ready to unlock my day.

Wow 13, boost day, so that means I eat

kind of more carbs than most days today.

You know, great.

This is exactly one of
the moments when I realize

that my body is magical and
can just do all the things

I needed it to do without
me doing anything.

I think a lot of people
hear about the Lumen

and assume it means it’s
like for people who are keto

and try to cut carbs completely,

’cause when you hear about carbs and fats,

carbs are kinda of the enemy, these days,

but, news flash, we need carbs,

and so days like today, my boost day,

I take in more carbs than
in a normal recommended day,

to kind of help my
metabolism more flexibly,

and make sure I can switch
back, or train my body

to switch back easily
from burning carbs to fat.

(lively music)

Right now, this little
device retails for $299.

So basically, it’s a kind
of expensive way to find

out if your body is using
carbs or fat as a fuel source.

I’m shocked by how positive
my reaction is to the product.

When I first heard about the
Lumen, I decided it was worth

giving a try ’cause it’s
some pretty cool new science

in the wellness world and I
like to stay up on science.

I think emerging technology
in wellness is one of the most

fascinating areas of the wellness world.

Basically, what you get
with the Lumen is a really,

really clear picture of
how amazing your body is.

I’m reminded that everything I am eating

is nourishing my body.

It’s made me think a lot more
about what kind of nutrients

I’m getting from the food I’m eating.

Having such a clear picture
of my body’s ability

to like burn carbs, then burn fat,

and do that all on it’s on
without me doing anything,

has really showed me how
powerful my own body is,

and how I can enjoy an ice cream sandwich,

and then I can have a salad,

and my body can handle
both, and metabolize both

in the exact same way.

It’s really helped me think about macros,

which I feel like I
might be the last person

to the macro party, but
macros are really interesting

because they just give you a
general idea of the big picture

of what you’re putting into your body,

and they sort of take away
the healthy halo from food,

because instead of focusing on calories,

you’re really focusing
on the core nutrients

that food has for you.

Lumen is definitely a great
choice for someone who’s

training for a big race
and wants to make sure

they’re metabolizing properly

to really build muscle or
build endurance or go further.