bye hey hi hello guys today we are gonna


the idealo app review


with a boldly a lowercase eye on its


this app is offered to android and app

store users at a free price

basically it is specialized in online

price comparisons

it is offered at a free price and a ad

free environment

with a neat little ui this app lets you

scan a barcode of a product you see on

the retail shelves or even it lets you

search for a specific product inside the

app itself

offering various

almost all of the categories you could

find on an online shopping website or

from a retailer this particular app even

lets you to check out other variants of

the same product

it compares prices of the top online

shopping websites and also this one


lets you check out the specs of the

desired product and its pricing history

with so much of features already this

app is a kind of one

as there are already a lot of apps and

websites which offer price comparison

between various famous websites this app

even lets you compare prices with online

shopping websites which you might not

even know that they existed

so obviously it acts as a great

promotional platform for such websites

offering so much of features on this

little tiny app

this is a definite must for all of the

all-time online shoppers and also for

the ones who look forward to check out

the prize of a product and make sure

they are not being cheated by the


well coming to the verdict

definitely go for these this app is a

very handy one for almost everyone

who owns a smartphone

see you guys in the next video