“hello and welcome to this short video


jaguar xk8 and kelsey media’s 25th

anniversary collector’s edition

um of the its guide to the jaguar xk8r

this is video 79 in my series of xk8


in this video i’m going to give you a

quick look at this um

magazine that kelsey media have put out

in their british icon

series on the xk8 and r

kelsey media then they’ve put out this


these are the people that uh bring you

jaguar world and classic jaguar and

series of other

magazines the basic creator series

called british icons

and the jaguars kate is featured in that

the particular magazine it’s a one-off

magazine it’s

98 pages long built up

out of 12 sections and i’m literally

going to flick

through the magazine to give you a feel

for what’s the contents

and uh to encourage you to buy it to be

honest because if you’re an xk8

enthusiast like myself

love reading about the car and the

history etc

this is all just more power to your


if you’re watching this video you’re

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below the video

okay so literally i’m going to flick

through the the whole magazine

there’s lots of glossy pages um

starting at the contents page you can

see the 12

sections or articles whatever you like

to say

detailing various aspects of the xk and

comparisons with different models

the first section then is x caked design


uh former jaguar designer nick hall

looks at xk’s design gestation from

early drawings

through to its later updates then we

have an early xk8

and supposedly was a paris show but a

bit dodgy that to be honest

then we have the comparison with the uh

the earlier xjs that uh

it basically um replaced

then we have a comparison at the end of


of the different performance

this article then compares the what it

calls the four different models

available basically two engine options

four liters four point two and


and coupe although there’s actually six

if not an infinite number of

different jaguar xkhz then we have blood

brothers basically the

comparison between the aston martin db7

3.2 which is uh out just before it

next section that is our article is

silver star basically that’s the

details of jaguar silverstone all the

specs and the history

then this future perfect is actually

section basically detailing a guy

so take it basically

what do you believe the car would have

been if it carried on manufacturer after


it’s a very nice looking car though very

interesting um

engine strut there the later

xj allies on that car which make it look

quite unusual

then it has an article called size

matters which compares it with the


which is interesting basically

i think the not as much room is the

basic conclusion of that article then we


rode king which basically uh somebody

taking his

xk out and the brecon beacons why not

lovely scenery

lovely roads then orange appeal

is basically a track or a race

xk8 that actually takes part in the uh

club saloon and gt championships then

towards the end there’s the xk8 survival

guy which is particularly interesting if

you’ve got an xk

or you’re looking to buy one and

interested in you’re cost of replacing

various items when you do have problems

if you’re unlucky enough to have

problems but bear in mind that these

cars are 20 25 years old so you’re gonna

get them

what was interesting was the common


uh the top six common repairs that one

uh neem jag specialists but bro


corrosion front subframe mouse

and you basically if you tick all six

you’re doing well i could i think

oh my god then finally we’ve got step

forward which then reviews the

outgoing xk to the new x150

alum aluminium

xk as you were so lots of

lovely photographs very nice magazine

very glossy good quality

there you go that’s the magazine

basically flick through colour to cover

to cover

i’ll say that’s the um

the book number but i will show you how


get yourself a copy of the magazine at

the end

so there you go a bit of a summary you

it’s uh

it’s a really good guide got the design

history the range detail

concise buying guide limited editions

and modified specials

covers all the bases you know there’s

quite quite lots of interesting reading

if you want to get yourself a copy this

is the way i did

basically logged on to www.kelsey.com.uk

you can buy a subscription for british


for the series of magazines of different


of different models but i was only

interested in jaguar xkr

r and that was 8.99 uh

including postage i believe so very good


um basically 10 pence a page roughly

so yeah it’s a excellent value

there you go hopefully if you’re looking

to buy the magazine

it will encourage you to do so you’ll

know exactly what you’re getting

uh you what you’re gonna find in it lots


good reading for the xk enthusiast thank

you very much for watching

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