“hi guys welcome back to my channel

if you are new here don’t forget to


oops i got my january boxy charm

the base box they’re only 25 a month so

go get yours

so the theme of this month is

boxy charm fresh start

and the first thing i see is this

avant skin skincare um

rejuvenating micellar water

so that’s the first thing i see the

price for this one



oh my god the price for that avant

skin care it’s 90

that is crazy i didn’t know i’m actually

excited for this i want to try it

next one i see is this

glow lip mask

from seraphine from surfing botanicals

yeah so that’s that

i don’t usually open these or the apple

embalm the glow lip mask

goes in for

25 25 for this

daily the pharmacy daily greens

so this one that one is

for 38


and it’s a full size

it’s a full-size oil-free gel


oil-free moisturizer

i think i’m gonna use this tonight

the next one i see is this

dragon duo queen studio

it’s a eyeliner a liquid

a liquid eyeliner and a dragon liner wax


and then this one is a liquid

i’m crazy i’m curious about this but

look at

all that designs no

look at all that design

on there it is going for 28

wow how awesome

and last i got this violet voss

all of you forever

how cool so this is a

eye shadow oh we got a little mirror

and the color on these

i wish i could swatch them for you but


i might give it away i don’t know

i have i have some

makeup palettes that are still sitting


and i haven’t touched like this i got

this from boxycharm

and i swatched them that’s it

but i haven’t used them but yeah those

are what i got from

january boxycharm baseball so i only

paid 25 dollars a month

and make sure to get yours

so it’s so exciting i like

i love what i got but i can’t wait to

try this

and that the pharmacy green

pharmacy green pharmacy daily green

i don’t know i might give this away i


i just say i might i’m always saying

i’m gonna give it away once i get more


i’ll do giveaways and i’m not gonna try


because it’s late

but i shall see you next time and don’t

forget to

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this video i shall see you next time