“oh hello hi everyone we’re playing with

my hair i got some frizz d

frizzer and i’m like cindy does it look

too frizzy

i’m cindy i’m debbie we’re sisters and


sisters in real life and if you’re new

here welcome to our sisterhood hi

so i have one we have two more beauty

boxes to do now this is from laura

geller i

love her makeup this is not a

subscription box this is a mystery box

and they’ll put them up on the website

every now and then i

i was on an email list and found out

that they were doing this

so we’ll open up this one first

that’s how it comes all right

take this out and there is

all the makeup inside

all right so

and i get a lot of i’m sure you guys do

too we get a lot of laura geller stuff

and boxycharm and ipsy and other beauty

boxes so

this was a really good deal i don’t

remember the exact price but i’ll put it


all right so this is the laura geller

baked eye pie

sorry about the lighting when i came to

debbie’s house i forgot she doesn’t have

really bright lights and i don’t know

he would be bringing her a ring lighting

and that was the one thing she forgot

the one thing we need here

here is here’s how it comes yeah

like that

oh that’s cool it’s like a big bubble

oh that feels good

oh eyeshadow feels good

i like that they have a mirror on the

inside of there yeah

it’s clear and it’s okay well it’s

really hard to see

you can really only see the dark color

so it’s got a chocolate brown like a a

brownish gray

and then a pink so i’m sure that this is

like your

all-over lid and then the inside lid and

then the outer corner

so that’s nice okay hey you want to help

me open up a couple of these

sure here’s here’s the thing to wipe

thank you that is the laura geller baked

gelato swirl illuminator

pretty name baked gelato

it’s not actually an oxymoron because

you can’t bake gelato

oh this is pretty so is this a oh and

it’s illuminator

so like you just put it on places that

you want to attract

light like a lot of people it’s very

creamy like a creamy powdery

but a lot of people put it like up in


to attract some light to be your nose if

you’ve got a nice nose

so that’s nice i like that a lot

especially in the summer the next thing

is a soft

matte baked blush it’s like a really

pinky color

you better have some color on your

cheeks to be able to wear this

but i’ll give it a whirl

that’s pretty

that’s a lot of color it’s very


you don’t need a lot there you go

all right all right well you can really

see it

i’ve been on the sun all day i must’ve

got too much sun yeah

where were you this weekend nowhere the

laura geller counter

oh this is a baked radiant setting


i love setting powders in the summertime

because it keeps that

shiny sorry

i just swallowed down the wrong it keeps

that shininess off your face i use

setting powders every day

because after i put on them it just it


i have laura geller’s i wear her blush

that comes in a the same type but uh

like a metal

case i love her blush that’s a setting

powder yeah





oh dear

so that’s just me laura we love you

your containers blow

we can’t get into it all right so here’s

the setting powder

all right i can’t tell you how it works

because we can’t get into it so

gotta open up down here because that’s

where her name is

oh got it setting powder okay

here we go

i should be using a bigger brush for


okay so it must be like a color

correcting that it’s got all those

colors in there

i don’t know good i need color

correcting i put a flashlight

there we go okay then also in this

mystery box was the laura geller

speckled tinted makeup primer which i

like using

what is a makeup primer you put it on

before your foundation and it kind of

just smooths out your skin

and hides all the oh and hides all the

um it’s supposed to yeah

like uh age spots well not hides them no

it’s not a it just kind of fills in

wrinkles it kind of smooths out

smalls your skin for when you put on

your moisturizer

or your foundation

alright so this is what oops

so this is what the primer looks like

didn’t realize it was in so much of a


boy you can see my under eye circles

much but

as you can see it kind of just blends

into your skin with just a little bit of

color so that’s really nice especially

with me in the

all right that i’m going to enjoy very


wow there’s still more stuff in here

very nice

okay so we have the laura geller

make it a double eyeshadow stick and


all right let’s see what this puppy

looks like

all right so here is what the stick

looks like

it’s a ice shadow

and you see it’s right there

that’s nice very nice

and then oh


oh and then on the other end is

i’ll put it below so it’s just kind of a

subtle i can’t really see it the

lighting’s so bad

yeah it’s just a lighter version

so it’s a dual stick that’s nice here

let me see

oh gosh

can you see the heart i can yes i don’t


fake ian but i can alright so this is


what else we got i opened it for you


well love me do some more lipstick love

love me too

come on put it on you look good in dark

makeup though or a dark lipstick

yeah i do

that doesn’t go on very dark

you want dark go to jeffree star yeah no


that’s surprisingly look at how dark it

is it looks

almost chocolatey and look nothing

yeah that’s nice it’s a nice color

all right goes on really nice she’s got

nice slip pencils love

love maybe then you’ve got the lash ball

the lash

boss bold it’s a volumizing brush

bubba volume for mega lashes

oh nice brush

i can’t put it on because i already have

it on so i wouldn’t be able and i have

it on but i don’t want to test her

it’s waterproof and i don’t wear

waterproof yeah i don’t i do

only in the summer if i know i’m going

to be around water so

the next thing she has is a waterproof


eyeliner pencil oh well i got blue on

already what color is this

i don’t know how they call that an

eyeliner it’s

like white oh

there that’s not eyeliner who would wear

that no but you know what it’s good for

it’s good for in the corners and on the


lid remember when we were in seventh or

eighth grade and remember we did it like


remember this watch all right

oh i’m hardly i’m

hardly pressing she just ruled the tip

of it

remember when we used to do this you

guys you have light blue above it in

that big

white line right above your eye

no you can really see that heart

okay well that’s an okay color like you

said you could use it

in the corner of your eyes or to

highlight in your brow area you know

where you can put

the light halfway through the middle the

darker on the end

okay so now what we have is the

um the cohorter box this is the uk

box that is 51.99 euros and i’m only

going to tell you in euros because you’d

have to do the translation and it’s


all the translation the um

the conversion rate it’s different all

the time so i’m going to tell you what

it is in euros and then you can always

find the conversion rate but these are

like premium top of the line brand

beauty products

that are like best sellers everywhere

all over the world and every month they

have a different theme like

last month’s theme the um

the box was all beauty award winners for


product so let’s see what this one is

all right let’s show them the box it’s a

really nice sturdy box

i guess it has to be if it’s shipping

from over in the uk

thank you

okay so we’re going to go in order this

time they give you this big huge book

and then that way i don’t have to look

all over the place

all right so the first thing we have is

the avant

i love the avant stuff it’s expensive

and i bought like from ipsy they had a

little moisturizer for twelve dollars i

bought two of them because they’re so

darn expensive

okay so let’s find the avant three in


hyaluron filler collagen eye formula

this whole box is avant you guys i can’t

even tell you how expensive this stuff

is and how good this stuff is oh my gosh


so excited do you see the eye filler

okay all right sorry about this black

stuff with a black too i didn’t even see

it you guys will be

amazed at the price of this stuff

it’s just like a like a little gel like

a white translucent gel and this goes


99 euros so this little too

yes avon is very expensive and

you apply with light pressure on the

corners of your eyes with your ring

finger after applying cream

will tone and reinforce the eye area so

it’ll just

put some collagen it’ll plump it up and

it’ll make it

less wrinkly it’s got hyaluronic acid to

penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate

it instantly helps improve the


of fine lines and wrinkles gosh i can’t

even tell you how excited i am this

whole box is of on stuff

okay so that’s 99 euros so let’s look

at the



pro intense hyaluronic acid illuminating

day cream

okay this is the best seller and it goes

for 98 euros for this size now these are

all full size

products this pro intense from the box

that thing this pro intense hyaluronic

acid illuminating day cream is an

age radiance cream that is aimed to

illuminate your skin and consequently

your whole day oh i’m getting lipstick

on it

apply the moisturizer to your jaw your

cheeks your forehead

there’s a really clean scent to it too

yeah a lot of their stuff has the

so two products is worth 200 euros

wow this whole box was 51.99

euros so that’s really nice

i’m so excited what is the harmonious

rose quartz revitalizing and firming


um does it appeal off or is it a

wash off i don’t know

it helps tighten and clear congested

pores and contributes to brightening

tones as it draws out the

impurity it’s a pretty pink color i

don’t know if you can see it

yeah and that goes for 79 euros

and it leaves your skin there’s not

really much sense

all their products smell the same yeah

it really does it’s the same thing with

oh there’s another line that i use of


okay so that’s nice very nice love it

okay and then we have a collagen intense


activator serum for 91 euros

it’s a collagen intense

and when cleansing your face before

applying the serum

use tepid water hot water could make

your skin perspire which

inhibits absorption and cold water will


pores so they say to make sure that it’s

just warm

that’s nice it’s infused with a

brightening and illuminating signature

ingredients contributing towards visibly

radiant and healthy skin

apply a few drops of serum to damp skin

after cleansing it press the serum into

your skin with an open

palm instead of fingertips

to release the active ingredients i

don’t know

so when you use your palm


wait two to three minutes to allow it to

wow and that

is 91. or 91 euros

wow so it’s like the whole skincare line

that they gave us

very nice and then the last thing

is the collagen eye restoring pads

wake up to brighter eyes with this

revolutionary eye set

saturated with a complex of active

ingredients aimed to smooth intensely


and minimize the appearance of fine

lines so how does it say how to use it

you know how to use them no i know how

to use them but it says wake up to

brighter eyes so do you wear them all


it’s got aloe vera in it and it helps

with crow’s feet

fine lines and wrinkles apply each

hydrate pad to the underside

of each eye leave on for 10 to 15


and gently massage massage any residue

and it gets rid of the fine lines crow’s

feet dark circles and the puffiness and

it goes for 34

and there’s three pads wow you guys i


i’ve had two of these boxes before and

each one gets better and better and this

i’m very excited about the avant box so

again that was 51.99 euros there is a 10

shipping fee from europe

so this this was close to

at least 400 euros and he paid 51 so not


okay so those were both around the same


um and so one was laura geller the other

one was

my cohorted which is my newly favorite

beauty box

so is that monthly that’s monthly mm-hmm

and each one the first one i got was a

spa box the last month was

i don’t remember um wait because we we

use a lot of the products in our spa

night yeah yeah

a lot of skincare i remember well it was

all about the

green the green stuff if they’re all in

green tubes that’s where i got the face

polishing stuff

yeah and so that last month’s box was

all the beauty

award winners in their categories and

then this month was the avant skin care

box so

very very excited i got it so i know

we’ve been going on in gabon and gavin


it was two great beauty boxes so

all right what’d you think the laura

geller again is the mystery box this

cohort it is the monthly box from the uk


let us know what you think of it and see

if you do if you guys use avant let me

know because i

absolutely love that stuff but we got

avant in one of our beauty boxes last

month and

because i have a couple of tubes of it

too and it really does go for a lot of


it’s sitting on the shelf i use their


all the time i love it so all right

i think we’re gabbing a lot so we’re

going to get going and we’ll

see you in the next video bye bye