“hey there you guys welcome back to my

channel so

in today’s video i am actually

introducing a new project pan now

since my makeup project pan went to

because the office was closed i actually

picked up all of my products so

next month’s shop my sash is going to be


all of my project products but anyway

the new project pan that i’m introducing

introducing is actually a skincare

project pan so

i have all of my products here uh so

yeah if this is something that interests


then just keep on watching so in

no particular order i am just going to

show you all of the

products that i’m going to that i’m

going to try to plan

basically first thing that i’m

introducing is the good

molecules overnight exfoliating

treatment so

this is what it looks like and i’ve

actually marked it this is how much

we have i’m gonna put a picture he’s

messing around so if you hear him i’m


i’m gonna put put a picture up here of

um you know kind of a close-up of the

product so you actually see how much

product we have

for what i can see we are about halfway

this is

really really lovely i use this about

once or twice a week

max after i wash my face at night

i usually just put it on and sleep in it

um and it helps

to kind of get rid of any spots that i

have on my face i find it

very very effective next up i have

another good molecules product good

molecules is

my favorite skincare brand their

products are top

notch and they’re so affordable it’s not

even funny they are really really good

so i just want to

i want to use their products that’s why

they’re in this

project pan anyway uh this is the good


hyaluronic acid serum so this is

what it looks like and this is how much

we have um i’ve used it a couple of


and this is one of my favorite uh

hyaluronic acid serums i had used the

ordinary one

did not like it it was shite really

not for my skin whatsoever it would peel


no matter if i had uh moistured my

or if i had you know put water on my

face before applying it

or if i had locked it in it would just

peel up immediately

not good this one however doesn’t do


and i can put it on dry face and then

you know kind of lock it in with a cream

and it doesn’t peel up and it’s just

it’s really really good so i really

enjoy it

and this is how much we have next up i

have the balance me pha

clarifying mist and this is

how much we have this is

a solid kind of container so i can’t

really see

but when i shake it i can see that i

have maybe one

or two uses honestly i don’t have that

much left so this is really a give me


but uh you know i want to use it up this

is really good for

spots as well i you most of these

skincare products here i use

at night as much as my nighttime

skincare routine

uh so what i would do is i would cleanse

my face and then just spray this on

my face and then the next morning i can

see that my face is

visibly clear it it’s really a miracle

worker honestly

by the way if i haven’t mentioned and i

don’t think i

had this is going to be a rolling style

project plan

and i am i don’t have a limit a time

limit on

when this is going to be finished i just

want to keep rolling products and i’m

rolling them

out one for one um next up is

it’s a nail care product this is the


berry um cuticle oil

so this is how much we have i had

used it a couple of times i really

really enjoyed it it’s

it’s not super greasy thank god because

i really do not enjoy

greasy um cuticle oils because you know


i’m that kind of person that you know i

would do my nails but the cuticle oil

and i want it to

sink in almost immediately so that i can

go in and do

i don’t know dishes and you know do

other things and i don’t like when

you know my nails are kind of greasy so

uh yeah and plus the reason that this is

in a project pan

is because i have another one so i need


i need to rotate through them so yeah

that’s that next up is another good


a product and this is the clarify and

cleanse a bar

this is a soap free cleansing bar so uh

i use this to remove my makeup

uh at night and to cleanse my face

in the morning so basically it feels


a soap bar that’s you know

it but it’s part of the face so this is

what it looks like there was an


i think here on this side you know like

a good molecules logo

but i had already rubbed that off uh so

yeah i don’t know how i’m going to uh i

think i’m just going to have pictures to

see how you know how big

or how small it gets throughout the the


but yeah i do enjoy it uh

it’s a you know non-conventional kind of

way of

you know uh for a face cleanser

but i don’t mind it um i do prefer a you

know a

gel kind of uh cleanser

but this is not bad and you know it

cleanses my makeup

off uh perfectly so you know

there’s nothing to complain i i enjoy

that product it’s just

it’s just different next up i have the

avant gentle

rose beautifying face exfoliant and

this is what the product looks like if

it’s going to

focus maybe anyway this is how much

product we have left so we are about


through the through this tube uh it’s a

very fine kind of exfoliant which i can

appreciate it doesn’t have you know

massive beads it’s this is

actually a rice as far as i can remember


is a rice face exfoliant so it’s you

know it’s all natural

thank goodness um yeah this one is nice

and it smells kind of like roses because

it has a

rose extract in it next up i have the

mona skin

line smoothing night renewal complex and


is an overnight mask

so this is what it looks like and this

is how much

we have left now i’m not necessarily a

fan of that and i think

this breaks me out but i can’t put my

finger on it

i can’t can’t seem to be able to figure

out if it actually does

um break me out or it doesn’t so

because there is so little left i

may have like three four

max five uses i just want to use it up

and be

rid of it and you know rolling a new

mask in its place

um yeah not my favorite i don’t really


it working very well but

you know it’s there kind of moisturizes

my skin i guess

and the next thing is the dr papa


um bam this is my favorite

lip balm ever this is how much we have


are halfway through the tube this is

going to take

ages to use up i know because i have

been working on the big size for

about a year now i think i remember

having it in my empties

ages ago and you know it’s just

it’s so efficient that you don’t really

need a lot

on your lips for it to work and

i only use it for my lips because i just

love the way that it makes my lips feel

it hydrates them and you know it’s just

it’s just perfect so

we’re gonna be working on that next up i


my codaly premiere crew the eye cream so

this is an

eye cream from cody lee and this is how


we have left now you might think that


isn’t much but in all fairness

actually um you only need so little of

it underneath your eyes because it’s

really good and hydrating that i think

this is gonna take

ages to finish up but we’re just gonna

we’re just gonna go with the flow and

see and see how long it takes

but yeah this is the eye cream that i

want to use up

next up i have the prey platinum firm


lift cream so basically this is a


this is what it looks like and let me

open it up

this is full this is

basically full um you’ll see a picture

up here of a close-up

i have used it twice already

it’s a very thick and very rich

moisturizer which i can appreciate

especially for

the night time but yeah i

really enjoy it do i see the lifting and

firming um

effects of it no because i’ve only used

it twice but

it is in like i said a nice rich

moisturizing cream and

the last thing that i’m going to put in

my project pan is the silkier queen

so sweet and natural lip scrub so

these ears are what it looks like and

it has a blueberry scent and oh my god

it is so fruity

so beautiful so so good so this is how

much we have left

i had used this lip scrub

about three or four times already

i really enjoy what it does to my lips

it exfoliates them very

very well and it leaves them plumper

it leaves them a little bit bigger and

it leaves them

hydrated so what else can you ask for um

okay so

let me just count up one two three four

five six seven eight nine ten eleven

we’re working on eleven products

and i would love to try and keep it at

you know

eleven always uh because this is

you know this is kind of my nighttime

routine and

we’ll see how it goes but uh yeah so

like i said this is going to be a


project skincare project plan and um

the updates are going to be that’s a

hole in the wall there

and the updates are going to be every


and um and that’s it

i think yeah rolling project pan and

updates every month and unlimited time

basically so i’m just going to keep

rolling in

and rolling up products um as i use them


but yeah that is it for today’s video if

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but yeah thank you very much and i will

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