lumen one year later

what do i think now

so let me start this off by saying i

really like the lumen and i really enjoy

all the benefits i’ve been able to take

away from having it and with that being

said i probably think it’s a great

option for just about everybody right

actually i think this is probably not a

good option for most people i’ll circle

back to that but first after one year

let’s break this thing down

first in case you’re new to the lumen

what is it well it’s the tool that’s

known to help you hack your metabolism

and what it does is it uses a flow

control and co2 meter to use that to

understand if you’re burning carbs or

fat for fuel from there it provides

guidance to help make your ability to

switch between burning fats and carbs

more efficient therefore making your

weight loss or health journey easier and

more successful because you can get away

from being carb dependent in short it’s

a learning and training tool to help

recalibrate your body for long-term

health success

ease of use when you get this are you

going to jump right in and take

advantage of it are you going to run

into some problems well there is a

little bit of a learning curve it’s not

a big deal don’t worry but you have to

learn how hard to start breathing into

it when you start how hard to breathe

throughout the duration of the breathe

out how much to breathe in and it guides

you through all this but it needs it to

be in certain ranges so it can measure

accurately and at first you don’t really

know what those amounts are you kind of

breathe into it too hard at the

beginning and then kind of fall out of

the range it wants and it tells you to

start over and this can be a little

frustrating but after a very short while

you learn these tricks and you become an

expert at it and then you never run into

it again just because you know what to

do so small learning curve at the

beginning not that big of a deal and

then it’s just smooth sailing after that

so ease of use i’m going to say is very

high just a small learning curve


accuracy for me i felt it’s been pretty

accurate now i do intermittent fasting

so even if i had a bad meal the day

before by time i do a lumen reading in

the morning it’s been quite a while

since i’ve had any calories and i’ve

burned up quite a bit of my carb stores

and as a result i almost always get it

too now if i was really bad the night

before i might get a three and i have

seen those i can also get ones they’re

rare but when i was really sticking to

my diet really keeping my carbs low not

cheating or having my intermittent

fasting window go too late into the

night i could earn a one i had to work

for it that was motivational and i could

reach that but it was harder to get to i

generally see a lot of twos but what i

would get did seem to reflect my day so

it did seem to be pretty accurate and

something i wish i’d done a little more

is take readings throughout the day i’m

big on intermittent fasting so i really

want to see myself starting today with a

two or one and that reflects on my

previous day but also understanding what

my meals are doing to me more in real

time you know testing after meal or

after a workout you can take

measurements throughout the day and

better understand the immediate impact

and that can help teach you a lot about

what you can do and the changes you can

make with your diet and exercise and

portions and all those different things

so there is more than just a morning

reading but as far as accuracy goes it

has seemed to be pretty darn accurate

for me

now what would i like to see the

aluminum proof on well i mentioned that

i start a lot of the days at a two and

this is great it means i’m burning more

fast than carbs so i’m in a pretty good

state but is this a high side of two

closer to a three or the low side closer

to a one i have no idea and that would

be a huge difference because if i’m

closer to a one that’s where i wanna be

i’m starting off my day burning mostly

fats i know my diet choices are working

for me but if it’s close to that three

i’m not really burning that much more

fat and i’m not really starting the day

in the state i want so a more granular

view maybe a zero to 100 where it really

gets you accurate information and you

know hey i’m really right where i want

to be or i’m at the high range of what

used to be a 2 and i still have some

work to do i need to make some changes i

need to work harder on my diet or hold

myself more accountable but these are

the things you’d be able to get out of

that more granular information so i

would love to see that and at its core

the lumen is a learning tool it helps

you understand the impact of your

previous decisions what is working for

you and what’s not and to have a better

reading a more accurate reading that

really gives you that granular

information is going to help you make

such better decisions so for me

personally if they did that improvement

it would just take it to the next level

so i’m hoping that something we see over


regardless of my concerns with the

granularity of the readout the lumen is

still a very motivational and

informational tool i enjoy tweaking

everything about my lifestyle to try to

get the results that i want and learning

from that and that can be the things

i’ve already mentioned portion control

what you eat how fast you eat the type

of exercise you’re doing and how much

exercise you get and even the quantity

and quality of sleep you get all these

could play a huge role in your metabolic

flexibility and the lumen helps you

understand the impacts of all these

decisions so it becomes very enjoyable

to understand the impacts of these

things and continue improving on these

so you can put yourself in a state that

best works for you because not everybody

responds to the same is the same so it

becomes kind of a game of sorts to see

what you can get out of this get the

best numbers possible and see the

changes you want because of what you’ve

been doing and this isn’t just what you

wake up to let’s say after a meal you

might get a five and you just spiked

your sugar really hard well maybe you

learned to make changes to that meal you

change how you built that same meal

whether it’s portion control or removing

a couple ingredients and now suddenly

after that same meal you’re only at a

three or four you realize you’ve made

drastic improvements that help you reach

your health goals and the lumen is what

helps you understand and realize these


so i’ll admit i mostly use the lumen for

the readouts you get from this thing and

then i go on my own and do what i want

to do and make changes that i want to

make in my diet but inside the lumen app

there is a wealth of information so

there are a lot of things even things

that might seem backwards so for an

example let’s say you’ve had a string of

great days where you’ve had low readings

they might actually tell you to go have

a high carb day to mix it up on your

body and keep your metabolic flexibility

high which is important they know some

of these tricks you can do to put your

body in a state where it can bounce

between that burning of fat and carbs

more efficiently and put yourself in a

better state so there are things they

offer they also have meal planning

history of all your readings and a lot

of different things that will just help

you learn and make better decisions so

it’s worth checking out honestly i don’t

use it enough but it’s out there and you

should look into it

so i mostly had good things to say about

the lumen so why the heck would i start

this video by saying i don’t think most

people should get it well i don’t want

to waste your money the lumen is a great

tool but it offers a rather specific

service and i think this is more of a

final piece on your health journey than

just getting started so if you’re at

this point where you’re like i need to

take back my health i don’t think this

is where i start this is not the tool i

go like if i get this i’m gonna be able

to reach all my health goals this is the

one thing i need there are things that

you need to do on your own first things

that don’t cost any money things are

just educating yourself and making

better decisions and those things i

already mentioned understanding your

diet making better decisions with how

much you eat the meals you choose how

you build out those meals and the

ingredients that you use making sure

that you hold yourself accountable and

stop eating considering things like

intermittent fasting making sure your

hydration is high and that you get good

sleep and you’re implementing a regular

exercise routine these are all the

foundations for better health and weight

loss if that’s your goal and once you’ve

implemented all those things you prove

to yourself that you’re gonna do the

things it takes to have your health

journey go in the direction that you


lumen could be that tool that takes you

to the next level it could be that thing

that says okay i’ve got my diet in a

good place but now let me learn what

really works me and what doesn’t and how

i can just get to that next stage in my

health journey to make better decisions

and know this does work for me this

doesn’t now i’m more informed so this is

not a slam on lumen at all it’s more

about getting yourself right and proving

to yourself that you’re gonna put the

work in that’s needed so that way if you

do get the lumen you can actually take

advantage of it so if you took anything

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and technology world and until next time

here’s to a healthier you and have a

good one