i’ve been using the lumen for a little over
three months now and i thought i’ve kind of

got all the information i need now from the lumen
so it’s time to do a three-month follow-up review

so that’s what i’m talking about on this video
hey it’s kurt welcome to my channel where i

review fitness products do a cost analysis on
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whether they are worth purchasing or not i buy
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if that’s the case i’ll always let you know at the

beginning of the video there’s a lot of different
fitness devices out there to read metabolism

or for weight loss etc but one of the most
interesting for me was this right here the lumen

so i went ahead and bought one the lumen device
was started by twin sisters marave and mikhail

moore two ultra marathoners who were looking for a
way to get immediate feedback on their metabolism

without having to go through long thorough testing
in a lab they also figured if they could create a

device like that there might be other people who
might want it too since they were both iron man

winners and phd’s in physiology they had the
right background to start something like this

what exactly is metabolic flexibility anyways
well according to the national library of medicine

metabolic flexibility describes the ability of
an organism to respond or adapt according to

changes in metabolic or energy demand as well as
the prevailing conditions or activity exercise

is another physiological condition requiring
metabolic flexibility in order to match fuel

availability with the metabolic machinery to meet
enormous increases in energy demands with that

energy coming from carbs or fats so by breathing
into this little device right here you’ll get

readings on when you’re burning carbs when you’re
burning fat your metabolic flexibility and also if

you need to cut down on your carb intake for the
day or not ideally the lumen app says it’s best

if you’re burning fat in the morning and you’re
burning carbs towards the end of the day does it

work yeah it does work but i do want to go through
a few things about it with you so you can decide

for yourself if you want to try it or not first
what did the lumen do for me lumen definitely gave

me insights as to what my body was doing as it
pertained to was i burning carbs or was i burning

fats before i got the lumen i had no idea what
my body was doing i had no idea what metabolic

flexibility was so it was a great little tool to
learn something new every morning when i got up

i had to go straight to this device and blow into
it and answer a few health related questions like

did i work out for how long how long did i sleep
how long i’ll be fasting until my next meal

and things like that so that information can be
processed in the app you can see from the charts

right here how my metabolism was working for
example if i blew a 1 or a 2 that was good because

that meant i was burning fat in the morning if i
blew a 3 that meant i was burying fats and carbs

which was okay but not ideal and then if i blew a
four or a five that meant i was burning carbs in

the morning which was not good how did this
make me react well when i saw i was blowing

four or fives in the morning i was a little bit
stunned because right away the lumen was telling

me you’re eating too many carbs so i looked at
the carb intake that it recommended for the day

and i would follow along with that and i was just
cutting carbs and cutting carbs i was getting very

obsessed with carb cutting something i hadn’t
even thought about for many many years and it

made me a bit anxious which is not good luckily
i kind of got used to it and stopped obsessing

after a few weeks did it read other vitals for
me as well yes it did you could actually connect

your apple health app to it so it will get any
readings that your apple health app gets but i

haven’t been wearing my apple watch which was
a bit of a problem because that meant the lumen

doesn’t get those readings i’ve been testing this
woof 4.0 which i’m almost done testing with so

wearing this and an apple watch was just too much
if i want to know the progress of my weight i had

to put that in manually i also had to put in my
calorie count manually as well oh yeah sorry to

do this but i do have to tell you if you feel like
you are learning something from this video so far

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really appreciate it what else does the app do

there’s a lot of helpful information on the app
that explains how to train your metabolism to burn

fat how to shift back to fat burn after a high
carb day and how your body taps into its reserves

to burn energy and every morning you blow into
the device you’ll get a little advice like this

don’t aim for the body to burn fat all day
switching between fat and carbon is best do i feel

like i’ve learned a lot more about my body after
using it i know i definitely learned a lot more

about my metabolism and after a while i did figure
out this little hack now here’s what happened when

i first started blowing into lumen every morning i
was getting readings of threes fours and sometimes

fives it was extremely frustrating so even
though i read all the articles on the app

and was trying to cut my carbs down and that
kind of stuff i kind of just went out on a limb

and said you know what i’m just going to go into a
caloric deficit so first i stopped eating as much

and instead of eating like 2100 calories a day
i was eating 1900 calories a day and i didn’t

notice my lumen levels went from four or fives
to like three and then i kind of went completely

rogue and i said you know what i’m gonna fast
for like five days straight and see what happens

well i fasted for 16 hours on the first day and
guess what the next morning i blew a two so i was

burning fat in the morning so i decided i’m gonna
do that again so i fasted every single day of the

week for 16 hours every day and i blew twos every
single day and i think i actually even blew one

one day so one of the things that kind of got me
was is this lumen fancy technology just telling us

all what we all know anyways maybe our metabolic
flexibility is just based on calories in calories

out maybe i just need to eat less calories to get
to fat burn in the morning i don’t know if that’s

true but that’s how it worked for me were there
any upgrades to the app while you were using it

yes like i said before at first the lumen did
not have a way to count your calories but now

you can put all that information into the lumen
itself and maybe i miss it the first time but i

did notice that the app has a whole bunch of
healthy recipes that you can make at home and

finally i noticed they are now offering healthy
meal plans that you can have shipped straight to

your home they start at around 139 and they look
really good and there’s been a lot of good reviews

on their site but i never use that service so i
can’t be sure how many times a day did i have to

blow into the lumen i first started blowing into
the lumen device five times a day i would blow

once when i woke up once after breakfast once
before lunch once after lunch and once right

before i went to bed and that got a bit annoying
that’s a lot of times that blow into that thing

and i actually got so annoyed that after two weeks
i thought i don’t think i’m going to continue this

review anymore because this is a pain but but then
i thought to myself i have to finish this review

so what’s going to make me happy and i thought
what’s gonna make me happy blowing into it

two times a day so i blew it into it in the
morning and then right before i went to bed

and that worked out fine was the lumen worth
buying i have to say i’m glad i got the shortest

membership to the lumen which is a six month
membership because it’s been about three months

now and i think i have all the information i need
what are my final thoughts my final thoughts are

this the lumen is a good tool and i learned a lot
from it it also taught me how powerful eating at

a caloric deficit and fasting was but there
are things that are a bit annoying about it

the first thing was having to wake up and go
to your lumen device and turn on your phone

and turn this on and blow into it and get your
reading it kind of put me in an aggravated mood

i don’t really like to look at my phone until i’ve
had my personal quiet time for about two hours

after i wake up instead it forces you to look at
electronic devices in the morning which kind of

got into my head for a while i did get used to it
but still another thing that was a little annoying

but i know is a necessary evil is if you blow into
the device in the morning and you get a reading of

four or five which means you’re at a high carb
count and you’re burning carbs and you want to

get down to fat burning mode it’ll give you a meal
plan a meal plan basically says hey you got to cut

your carbs to only this many during the day what
happened to me well of course i obsessed about it

and was thinking about food all day long it just
made me feel hungry all day long because i just

thought about food all day long so i kind of did
the opposite and i gained a little bit of weight

for a while until i had stopped obsessing about
it and relaxed and stopped paying attention to

that meal plan i know it sounds funny i’m not
sure if you guys would react the same way but

that’s how i reacted i think the lumen is a
great device if you’re training for a specific

event like a marathon or maybe even an
ultra marathon but for somebody like me

who works out three to four times a week
and surfs and plays tennis and plays golf

i don’t think i need this device what’s your
final score for this thing before i get to the

score i want to show you how i arrived at it i did
learn invaluable information about my metabolism

and how to switch between fat burning and
carb burning modes i don’t think everybody

needs a six month or year membership in order
to get metabolic information that i feel can

be figured out in the first three months of using
the product my suggestion to lumen is they adopt

a month-to-month plan for veteran users this way
they can get a monthly check up whenever they want

without having to sign up for another six months
minimum so on a scale of one to ten with 10 being

best mainly because of the rigid plans that they
offer i’m going to give the lumen a 6.95 okay i’m

going to end this video here thank you so much for
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