hi everyone my name is Sydney and I’m

one of the team members here at lumen

today I’m really excited to show you how

to use the lumen device so let’s get

started first thing we’re gonna do is

press the power button and turn the

device on after that we’re gonna remove

the cap put it aside and get started

with our breath I’ve already opened the

application so I’m going to explain to

you what we’re about to do I’m going to

inhale a certain amount of air in I’m

going to hold my breath for 10 seconds

I’m going to exhale and then we’re going

to receive the morning results so let’s



exhale in three two one

well done excellent so now we’re just

waiting on the results lumens analyzing

my breath and okay so I didn’t reach my

goal that’s alright it happens sometimes

so I’m burning mostly carbs right now so

let’s see from there I also can see

where I’m at in my stage my goal is

still at level two so it means I need to

eat low carbs luma is gonna give me a

plan for that so let’s see the plan for

the day just a few more questions do you

plan on working out today I do plan to

so I’m gonna say yes are you currently

no and we’re going to move on today’s

focus is to maximize fat burn with low

carb food wonderful and let’s start the

day I have a plan for three carb

servings what you’re gonna see and get a

little bit more information here for all

the meals alright so that’s it for today

if you have any other questions you can

message us at hello or at hello at lumen

dot me or you can write on our wall

we’re really excited to welcome you to

the lemon community and we hope that

you’ll back us today on IndieGoGo thank

you and have a great day