In this Article, I will Review Lumen.

Lumen is a Metabolic Device that is advertised
as Nutritionist In My Pocket”.

It claims to know if your body is using fats
or carbs for fuel and helps you optimize your

nutrition and fitness.

By the way, if you’re new to my channel,
I’m a nutritionist and a health coach, who’s

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health and weight loss advice.

So, How does lumen work?

Lumen aims to give people more information
about how they process food in order to achieve

fitness and weight loss goals by “hacking”
their metabolism.

Each time you breathe into it, the device
analyzes your breath, giving you a score on

a scale of 1 to 5 to tell you whether your
body is running on energy from your fat or


The stores indicating that you are in a fat
burning state are 1 and 2.Then, it says that

you run on the carbohydrates you’ve consumed
if your scores are between 4 or 5, or that

you’re using a combination of both, if your
score is 3.

And it follows with a recommended meal plan
that tells you how many carb, fat, and protein

servings you should have, with the ultimate
goal of it being to improve your metabolism.

So how does lumen know all this?

Lumen uses a CO2 sensor and flow meter to
determine the CO2 concentration in a single


This indicates the type of fuel your body
is using to produce energy.

If you run on carbs, it’s gonna show a higher
co2 concentration.

And if you run of fat, it will show you lower
co2 concentration.

CO2 is Carbon dioxide by the way.

It’s what we breathe out.

Since carbs are richer in oxygen than fat,
they consume less water in their metabolism

and release more carbon dioxide.

How does lumen help you to achieve your health
and fitness goals?

Lumen measures your metabolism in a single
breath and helps you lose weight and optimize

your workouts.

From metabolic tracking to personalized nutrition
plans, Lumen is an effortless metabolic tracking

and wellness coach all in the palm of your

Each morning, Lumen determines the source
of your body’s fuel — carbs or fats.

So now, as a health professional, what is
my view on Lumen?

I’m a nutritionist and I’ll have to disagree
that this product is an equivalent to what

I do.

This device gives you some sort of health
advice from your breath, I do in depth analysis

of a person’s diet, activity levels, symptoms,
food preferences, food intolerances, various

struggles they’re facing, and I create personalised
coaching programs.

I create beautiful meal plans, with easy to
follow, detailed recipes, that keep you full

and satisfied and help you to achieve your

Where I’m there to answer all the questions,
track progress, make sure you are not bored

of your food and you always have the variety.

Lumen doesn’t do any of that.

This device tells you what fuel are you running

While you actually know this yourself.

If you use carbs as your main source of fuel,
you have elevated blood glucose and insulin,

you burn carbs and you inhibit fat burning.

Insulin is the main fat storage hormone.

So if you run on carbs and you exercise a
lot, you’re burning your glycogen for energy

and have very minimal fat loss if any at all.

And on the other hand, if you follow a low
carbohydrate ketogenic diet, you run on ketones.

Ketones that are created by breaking down
the fat that you eat and your own body fat.

Your blood glucose and insulin are low, which
allows you to easily burn body fat.

Now, I’m not sure what is this device all
about, but it doesn’t seem to take this into


Ant then, is Lumen suitable for everyone?

I believe it’s made for the younger generation
that is not insulin resistant yet, and doesn’t

gain weight by eating carbs.

But for the rest of people, let’s say by
the age of 30-40, most people are insulin

resistant, they get stubborn fat that doesn’t
come off easily, especially if you keep eating

carbs that cause you insulin resistance.

Having high carb days will not help you to
reverse insulin resistance and lose that stubborn


The best diet to reverse insulin resistance
is the low carb high fat ketogenic diet.

And the best diet for weight loss is also
a low carb high fat ketogenic diet.

Just look at the combined results from several
weight loss studies, only the results from

randomised controlled trials, with correctly
defined keto diet.

You can see the results comparing the low
fat high carb diet with the low carb keto


People who follow the keto diet always lose
more weight.

I will leave the links to several systematic
reviews and meta-analysis (which is the highest

quality type of evidence), proving that keto
is the most effective diet for weight loss,

and improving your health, in the description
of this video.

Even on the low carb days, lumen tells you
to follow a low carb low fat diet.

That’s not gonna keep you full and not gonna
help you to enter ketosis.

And as mentioned earlier, ketosis is where
you burn the highest amount of body fat.

You need to consume no more than 50g of carbs
a day, to get into ketosis.

Then, they also tell you before your workout.

Don’t exercise right now, your energy is
too low, go to snack before your workout.

You know what’s gonna happen then?

You’ll be burning your snack during your
workout and you will not burn any body fat.

What’s the best way to achieve fat loss?

Work out on an empty stomach.

When you work out while fasted, your body
uses your stored body fat for energy.

When you snack before your workout, it uses
the energy from the snack and your glycogen


And How much does lumen cost?

The current price, at the time of filming
this video is $299 dollars or £279 in the


And how much does a nutritionist or a health
coach cost you?

It depends, but I personally charge £50 for
a health evaluation, 7 day meal plan with

health advice and a follow up.

And for someone who needs more help, I also
offer more intense coaching, where I provide

health evaluation, personalised meal plan
for a month, email support to have all of

your questions answered, weekly follow up,
for £450 a month.

So, can you call lumen a pocket nutritionist?

I don’t think so.

And I don’t think it’s suitable for everyone.

That was my honest review about lumen, I personally
don’t need any device to tell me if I’m

burning fat or carbs, because I’m on keto.

And when you’re on keto, you have much more
energy, more mental clarity, you’re in great

shape, you’re full and satisfied after your
meals, you lose weight easily.

So, personally would recommend anyone interested
in some serious weight loss and health improvements,

to try keto.

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