in this video i’m going to be reviewing

lumen which is a new device that is

there to help you hack your metabolism

so if you’ve been wondering if the lumen

works then stick around because i’m

going to give you my experience in


welcome back i’m tammy from fit healthy

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healthy life

all right so i was recently introduced

to lumen and i had actually never heard

of this before but as soon as i

took a look and saw kind of what lumen

is and what it is

supposed to do i was very intrigued so

lumen is a small

breathalyzer type device that is meant

to help you hack your metabolism which

basically means it’s there to analyze

how your metabolism currently works

and that means how your body’s burning

fat and carbs and then help you try to

optimize it so that you’re burning the

proper fuel at the right time and you

get the most out of your body and your

metabolism so for those who have been

kind of on that weight loss train

struggling to lose weight you feel like

your body’s kind of working against you

a tool like lumen might be what you need

to really truly understand your body how

it works and how that you can how you

can optimize your diet and nutrition to

make it work for you and not against you

so real quickly i just want to show you

um what lumen is so it came in this nice

little box here um the brand was

actually founded by two uh they’re twin

sisters they have phds and some very

other impressive athletic stats

and they were just genuinely wanting to

create a product that helped people

understand their metabolisms without

having to go through a very expensive

very timely process to do it

so they created this prototype and came

up with this small pocket-sized device

that you can take with you on the go and

it makes it super easy and accessible to

be able to track and understand your


so this is the lumen very simple

it is

there isn’t you know to look at it you

would think it almost looks like um just

some kind of like pocket-sized vape

honestly um you turn it on it lights up

everything is attached to their app so

they have a very intuitive very easy to

use app

and that’s one of the best parts about

lumen is they actually show you

how to do the entire process so you

don’t have to worry you’re not on your

own trying to figure it out they do

come with some information in this

packet i’ll be honest i never even

opened this and read the directions

because the app is so comprehensive it

literally tells you step by step what to

do how to track next steps it’s all

there inside the app for you

it also comes with a charging cable and

then this little charging stand so when

it’s time to charge it and it’ll

actually tell you you can get an alert

on your phone or every time you turn

this on and sync it with your app it’ll

tell you what uh your charge is and it

stays charged for a super long time so

this isn’t something you’re going to

have to plug in every day but it just

kind of sits in the sand you plug it in

easy to charge there’s also a handy

little case with it so you can pop it in

this case toss it in your purse throw it

in your pocket

easy to take with you on the go

is it super convenient to carry

something all the time probably not um

but this isn’t something you have to use

your whole lifetime i think once you

really truly start to understand your

body and how it’s supposed to work and

then you’re eating in a way that helps

you maintain that you probably don’t

need to use this forever but i find that

the data and the insights that you get

from it are incredibly insightful and

can be super helpful so if you’re

someone who really appreciates data and

numbers and really understanding your

body you’re gonna absolutely love the


so i’ll show you a little bit about the

app so this is the lumen app

so you open that up and uh

pair this to your phone just by turning

it on

and it’ll automatically pair with your

phone and the basic um

the general idea here without going into

too much depth is

um you’re going to take your lumen

measurement multiple times a day with

your morning measurement being the most

important so basically you want to wait


fasting all night and sleeping all night

you want to wake up and you want your

body to be in a mode where you’re

burning fat because you shouldn’t have

much left in your body

overnight during a fast so you should be

in fat burning mode so when you wake up

that’s the best time to make sure you’re

measuring on your lumen

from there it’ll take that data tell you

where you’re burning um there’s a whole


whether you’re burning fat carbs or a

combo of both they give you kind of a

numbered scale so you can see where

you’re at and then based on that they

help you build your nutrition for the

day so each day might be a little bit

different and the more times throughout

the day that you take your lumen

measurement the better the insights and

the data will be so women will actually

create a whole nutrition plan for you

for that day um

like this is telling me how many carbs

fats and proteins i should be eating

today based on what my readings are

coming back as so i kind of like that

they break it down by macros i’m very

familiar with macros it’s something that

i already track so it’s been kind of

interesting to see what lumen’s telling

me as compared to what i’ve been


so that’s been really fun it also does

things like if you’re a female it tracks

your menstrual cycle which i think is

incredibly insightful again because

it’ll tell you what phase in your cycle

you’re at and then what to expect as far

as hormone changes and how you should be

eating to kind of

optimize your cycle and your body based

on that i love that

you do get to make a breath signature it

says it takes like two weeks for it to

become complete so again the more you

continue to do the measurements the more

you’re gonna get your breath signature

um and the better that you’re gonna be

able to optimize your lumen um so that’s

basically the gist of it there’s a lot

to say about lumen and i actually wrote

it all out in a full blog post so i will

link that just in the description box

for you but i will just show you real

quick what it looks like to take your

lumen measurement so you know what to

expect it’s super simple it just takes a

minute and the first couple times you

might um

you know need some practice and this

will guide you through the whole thing

but once you get the hang of it it’s

super simple only takes a second and you

get some really great insights so i will

go ahead and

uh click breathe now so it tells me to

sit relax and turn on my lumen

so we’re already on

i hit the let’s go button

now wants me to tag my breath because

this isn’t my uh first breath of the day

i already did one when i first woke up

so it’s asking me is this post a high

carb dinner post a medium or low carb

dinner or post a high carb lunch so i

did just eat i’m gonna choose uh post

high carb lunch

okay so sit back relax turn on your

lumen we’re all good to go so click

let’s go i’m gonna choose again the post

high carb lunch

breathe out in three



so as you can see you try to keep that

green ball in the middle of the circle

and then it comes back

with your reading so at this point i’m

burning mostly fat according to this on

my lumen level as you can see there’s a

scale this would be burning just fat and

then it goes um into

you’re burning mostly fat number three

is burning half fat half carbs this is

and then the four and five are more uh

burning carbs so i would expect that um

if i had truly just eaten a high carb

lunch i would expect that i would be

burning carbs however i didn’t just eat

a high carb lunch

it’s actually been a few hours since

breakfast and i’ll be eating lunch soon

so this actually makes a lot of sense

right now i’m burning mostly fat

so after that it kind of uh

gives you like here’s today’s

measurements here’s my morning


and my afternoon measurement

other great times to take your

measurements include after you have a

workout um before bed there’s various

times throughout the day there really is

no wrong time because all the data can

be incredibly useful

so overall i’m incredibly impressed with

lumen does it really work for hacking

your metabolism well that depends on how

much you are dedicated to using it and

then taking that nutritional advice and

that education

and putting in the work to actually

change your body change your meals and

change the way that

your body works so i’m a big fan of it

actually i do love data and numbers so

i’m going to continue using lumen it’s

super easy to use

i think it’s a really fun insightful

tool and i’m excited that they’re making

kind of getting more info into your

metabolism so accessible so that’s all i

have for this video i do have a discount

code for you so i’ll put that in the

description box and again be sure to

check my full blog post because i do

have so much more detail in there and

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